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Keep Points Balances Full With Mileage Promotions and Travel News

balance points

Keep those miles and points balances full with these latest and greatest mileage promotions and travel news.

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Quick Ways to Boost Your Miles

boost miles

Not long ago, I was planning a trip to visit some friends in Colorado. I had some extra Delta miles, so I checked out the availability for a long weekend in October. Round-trip tickets cost 10,000 miles or $275 in cash.

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8 Ways to Redeem Avios with British Airways for Maximum Value


The British Airways loyalty program, Executive Club, offers some unique value propositions. Partnerships with American Airlines and Alaska Airlines in the United States, as well as the rest of the oneworld alliance, provide ample opportunity to put it to good use. The airline also has a U.S. credit card, and you can transfer additional points from Chase Ultimate Rewards and American Express Membership rewards. Thus, flying on British Airways isn’t necessary to earn or redeem Avios points.

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Chase Ink Plus Business vs Amex EveryDay Preferred: Which Card Is Right for You?

chase and amex cards

If you’re looking for a credit card that’s part of a major rewards program that gives you the flexibility to transfer points to several different airlines, you should consider the Chase Ink Plus Business and American Express EveryDay Preferred cards.

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Business and First Class Awards on Delta SkyTeam

first class delta

The Delta SkyTeam network covers every corner of the world, at least those where you might want to go. While Delta has a very good business class product called Delta One, there can be very compelling reasons to use SkyMiles on Delta’s partner airlines instead due to availability or scheduling convenience.

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Air Serbia Lands at JFK

Last month a new airline arrived at JFK Airport giving you another means of crossing the Atlantic from New York and possibly using your miles. The new airline is Air Serbia currently operating five times a week except Sundays and Wednesdays.

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Which Premium Business Credit Card Is Right for You: Delta Reserve for Business vs Amex Business Platinum?

premium credit cards

Are you a small business owner or independent contractor who’s looking for a premium travel credit card? American Express has two excellent offerings that are packed full of perks: the Delta Reserve for Business and the Amex Business Platinum.

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10 Ways to Redeem Miles on Delta Air Lines for Maximum Value

redeem delta miles

You can redeem your frequent flyer miles for some amazing trips, but just how much value are you getting? This post examines ten great ways to redeem miles through the Delta SkyMiles loyalty program.

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Transferring Amex Membership Rewards to Hawaiian Airlines

transfer amex points

If you’re amassing American Express Membership Rewards points, it’s because you know how valuable it is to have flexible points that can be transferred to a number of different airlines and hotel chains, or even used to pay down the cost of a trip booked through American Express’ travel portal. If you’ve got Membership Rewards points and you want to book a getaway to Hawaii, look no further than transferring those points to Hawaiian Airlines’ loyalty program: HawaiianMiles.

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10 Ways to Redeem Miles on United Airlines for Maximum Value

redeem miles

How much value are you able to find when redeeming your frequent flyer miles? Quite a lot, it turns out. Here we takes a close look at ten ways to redeem miles through the United MileagePlus program to get an incredible deal.

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Delta Business Class Review

delta business class

When it comes to the quality of premium cabins, food, and service, U.S. airlines are often compared unfavorably with their overseas competitors. This is hardly fair. 

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Discover It Cash vs. Discover It Miles

The Discover It Cash and Discover It Miles cards are two different products that have very similar, yet distinct features. First, understand that neither one earns you actual miles or points transferrable to frequent flyer programs. But that doesn’t mean you’re not getting a great deal. It only means that you are not getting miles. What you get is cash back and your redemption rate is always fixed at one cent per dollar. But the upside is that you will also get real miles and points when you book your flight or hotel.

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Best Rewards Credit Cards for International Travel

credit cards to travel abroad

If you’re thinking about getting a rewards credit card for your next trip abroad, there are two questions you should ask yourself: Can you use the card while you’re traveling in another country, and which card earns points or miles that can get you where you want to go?

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10 Ways to Redeem Miles on American Airlines for Maximum Value

redeem aadvantage miles

Everyone talks about the amazing trips you can take by redeeming frequent flyer miles, but just how much value do they really provide? This article takes a closer look at ten great ways to redeem miles through the AAdvantage program operated by American Airlines.

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How To Book Round-the-World Fares on the Major Alliances

book round the world ticket

Have you ever considered taking a trip around the world? It’s a fantastic journey flying a minimum of 23,000 miles from your starting point.
But how do you do it? How do you ensure that you accomplish your travel goals and minimize the amount of money you spend? The three main airline alliances all allow you to book around-the-world fares. Some make it easier than others. Let’s take a look.

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How Much Are Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Worth?

chase ultimate rewards points

Chase Ultimate Rewards points are worth an average of two cents each. That takes into account three very different redemption options, including exchanging them for gift cards or travel credit or transferring them directly to an airline or hotel partner. At a minimum you should receive one cent per point.

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Personal Credit Cards With Sign-Up Bonuses of up to 50,000 Miles

personal credit cards

Are you saving up for a dream vacation and looking for a big sign-up bonus to boost your miles or points balance? There are a lot of travel rewards credit cards out there, making it hard to know which one can get you where you want to go the fastest.

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How Much Are Amex Membership Rewards Points Worth?

amex rewards

American Express Membership Rewards points are worth an average of 1.8 cents each. That takes into account the wide variety of redemption options available to you, whether transferring them directly to airline and hotel partners or using them as a credit when booking through the Membership Rewards Travel portal.

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Airline and Business Credit Cards With 50,000-Mile Sign-Up Bonuses

airline credit cards

You don’t have to get a personal credit card that’s part of a major rewards program to get a big sign-up bonus. There are a number of co-branded airline cards and business rewards cards out there that offer 50,000 miles or more to first-time cardholders.

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How to Find Discounted Mileage Awards

discounted awards

Thought you were short on miles and points for your next trip? Think again. Many airlines and hotels offer discounted redemptions at different times of the year or even shave down the cost for members that hold certain types of credit cards. Could you be one of the lucky ones? Read more to find out!

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