How to Book an Award with Capital One Venture Miles

How to Book an Award with Capital One Venture Miles

Capital One Venture is a program that’s easy to use, allowing you to redeem miles earned with credit card purchases for travel. You can purchase award travel through their shopping portal, or erase travel purchases from your statement.

Although Capital One Venture miles can’t be transferred to any airline or hotel programs, the strength of the Capital One rewards program is its flexibility. You can redeem miles to pay for nearly any travel purchases made anywhere.

For every 100 miles you earn, you can erase $1 in travel expenses, for a 100:1 redemption rate. Since Capital One rewards card cardholders earn 2 miles per dollar spent, that works out to 2% rewards on all purchases. Using the Capital One Venture card is a great way to rack up a lot of miles without spending your time in the air.

Venture® Rewards Credit Card
Venture® Rewards Credit Card
Earn 50,000 bonus miles once you spend $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening.
Earn unlimited 2X miles—that's 2 miles for every dollar you spend on purchases. 100 miles is equal to $1 in travel rewards.
Use your Venture® card to make travel purchases on any website or app—any airline, any hotel, rental cars and more.

When Should You Use Capital One Venture Redemptions?

Although you will usually be better off booking an award flight using frequent flyer miles with the airline of your choice, there are some situations when using Capital One Venture miles is a great option:

  • On any relatively inexpensive flight that doesn’t have the lowest redemption award available
  • When you don’t have miles with the airline you’re flying, including flights on foreign or smaller airlines with less popular programs
  • When you don’t have enough cash for a ticket

Partner Transfers:

  • None

How to Book

Using Capital One miles is very straightforward. You have two options when it comes to using your miles. You can redeem miles after you make travel purchases, or you can book directly through Capital One travel portal or calling 800-228-3001.

When you log on to your account, you are greeted by a screen showing your reward balance.

No Hassle Miles

Click “redeem now” to move on to the next screen:


Under “travel” you have two options: “redeem for new travel reservations” and “redeem for past travel purchases.” Choose the first option by clicking on the “book travel” button. You’ll be taken to Capital One’s travel shopping portal.


Capital One uses Orbitz for their shopping portal, so their rates are not inflated. If making purchases through Orbitz works for your travel plans, using the Capital One website is a good option for booking travel. Just find the flight, hotel, car rental or vacation package you want, and use your miles to buy it.

How to Redeem with Capital One Purchase Eraser

You can buy travel anywhere if you redeem miles after you make a purchase. The purchases must be eligible travel expenses, including airfare, hotels and car rentals, to get the travel redemption rate.

To redeem miles for purchases you’ve made not using Capital One’s travel shopping portal, you’ll use the Capital One Purchase Eraser.

Best Travel Credit Cards

What is the Purchase Eraser from Capital One? This tool purpose is to help you redeem earned miles towards qualifying travel purchases made with your Venture Capital One credit card.
How does Capital One Purchase Eraser work? It filters only “travel-related” goods and services you bought and allows you to refinance them with miles.

After you log on to your account, select “Purchase Eraser” under “travel” on the redemption options page. The qualifying travel purchases you’ve made in the last 90 days will appear on the next page, and you’ll be given the option to redeem miles for them at a 100:1 ratio. In other words, you can redeem 10,000 miles for a $100 purchase.

Although there haven’t been any travel-related charges for last three months in the example below, all valid purchases would show up on this page:


If there were travel purchases, you’d simply click on “redeem now” next to the item and your Capital One Venture Purchase Eraser will use your miles to pay for selected purchases. Note that you cannot pay for part of a purchase in miles, so you will need to have enough miles in your account to cover the full cost.

Remember that you must charge your travel expenses on your Capital One Venture card in order for them to be eligible.

Important Miles Redemption Considerations

  • Redemption rates for travel are much better than for cash or merchandise
  • Partial redemptions are not allowed
  • You can redeem miles for any purchase coded as “travel,” including taxi fares, Uber rides, cruises and hotels

Time to Get That Free Ticket

To find the best value for your Capital One miles, register for our free service, which helps travelers navigate frequent flyer programs and credit card rewards. We’ll tell you if the destination you want to go to is a good use of your Capital One travel rewards miles or if another miles or points program is the best option. You can track all your miles and see where they can take you!

  • RewardExpert

    You can purchase a Frontier Airlines ticket anywhere you like and then redeem your miles for it. The only condition is that your ticket should be bought with the Venture card. If the cost of the ticket includes fees and taxes, you will be able to ‘erase’ them as well. However, if these costs are itemized separately, they may not be combined for a single redemption.