Capital One No Hassle Rewards Program Review

Capital One No Hassle Rewards Program Review

Who Is Capital One No Hassle Rewards Good For?

Like the Barclaycard Arrival program, Capital One No Hassle Rewards is ideal for people who are not only NOT loyal to a particular airline or hotel, they don’t want to be and they don’t want to spend time sifting through award inventory or waiting for award seats to open up.

People who want to get the flight, hotel or car they want for whatever price they’re comfortable with and whatever dates they want, can really benefit from the extreme flexibility that Capital One’s No Hassle Rewards allows.

The cards that feed into this program have been named repeatedly as some of the top travel rewards cards by Time and CBS News, which in 2012 reported the Capital One Venture Card as the highest-rated card in a survey of  which cards are most generous with their rewards.









No Hassle Rewards has a completely fixed scheme for its rewards, so you’re always getting a consistent 1-cent-per-point value. Other programs can give you a better return in many cases, particularly high-value awards like first class airfare, but that doesn’t factor in the time and effort it takes to find those reward seats.

This rewards program is a great option for people who to use their points on any flight they want, but are not interested in becoming a serious travel hacker.

It’s also a good additional card for people with other miles and points accounts who would like to travel to places where they can’t get the flights they need through their traditional airline or transfer programs.

How Can You Use Capital One No Hassle Rewards?

One thing that turns a lot of people off the No Hassle Rewards program is that until you get a Capital One reward card and sign up, it can be very hard to see exactly what you can do with the program.

But it really is as simple as it seems: You can use your miles for any travel expense you want, at a fixed 1-cent-per-point redemption rate. Or, as Capital One puts it, you just  add two zeros to the price of your travel purchase, then trade in that number of miles to pay for it.

The Capital One purchase eraser allows you to cancel the cost of any travel transaction with miles from your phone or online account within 90 days of purchase.

You also have the option of booking travel through the No Hassle Rewards portal and paying with miles at the time of the purchase. The competitive Barclaycard Arrival program does not allow you to book directly so this is a nice option for travel using Capital One miles.

If you want to redeem Capital One miles for gift cards, which are available for some travel brands, such as Ritz Carlton, you’ll find much better redemptions than most loyalty programs, with gift cards and certificates starting as low as $10, always at a consistent 1-cent-per-point value across all brands.

Program Perks:

  • Book travel through any website you want a discount site or directly through a provider and still use your miles to pay for it
  • Accrue reward points and miles in other programs, even if you pay for your travel with No Hassle Reward miles
  • Mobile app allows you to purchase and “erase” travel while on the road
  • No foreign currency conversion fee

Booking Quirks:

  • If you got your card before 2011, a different, less favorable No Hassle Rewards structure is in place

Best Value Awards:

Your best value with No Hassle Rewards will be for flights, hotels and other travel expenses that you would never be able to get for free through another program, like non-chain hotels you got for a great deal on, or flights with a regional airline overseas that don’t partner with any major carriers and probably wouldn’t be worth the miles even if they did.

Worst Value Awards:

The whole upside to No Hassle Rewards, particularly if you use the Venture card to accrue two miles per dollar spent, is that you have a known and good redemption rate on everything you redeem your miles for.

That’s great when you can’t use other points or miles to get that much value out of what you have spent on your  credit card, but not so great for very expensive travel like first class flights, or even long-haul flights in economy.

Flights such as summer travel to Europe, or any travel to Asia and Australia, which regular creep northward of $1,500, can be redeemed with a little mileage planning for significantly more than a 2 cent value, even in economy class.

Associated Credit Cards

The two cards that currently feed into the program are the Venture Rewards Credit Card and VentureOne Rewards Credit Card.

Venture® Rewards Credit Card
Venture® Rewards Credit Card
Earn 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months

Despite the longer name, the VentureOne card is actually the lower-value product, offering 1.25 miles per dollar spent and only carrying a sign-on bonus of 20,000 miles with a $1,000 spend in the first three months.

VentureOne® from Capital One®
VentureOne® from Capital One®
Earn 20,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 3 months

The Venture card carries a powerful bonus with a clear benefit: 40,000 miles, which translates directly into $400 on travel after a $3,000 spend in the first three months. You’ll also earn two miles for each dollar you spend on the card.

As far as annual fees for high-value rewards cards, the Venture card is actually on the lower end of the scale with a $59 annual fee after the first year. Both cards carry Visa Signature benefits, including travel concierge service, roadside assistance, and auto rental and travel accident insurance.