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Gazelle Breathes New Life Into Consumer Electronics

ecoATM and Gazelle

If you’re ready to upgrade your consumer electronics, hit the pause button. Gazelle offers a great way to make money on your old device, while also saving you money on a new one. The process is seamless, transparent and completely user-friendly.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Chase Freeman, the Public Relations Manager at ecoATM Gazelle, to discuss how they are breathing new life into consumer electronics.

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The Workhorse Electric Vehicles Are Revolutionizing An Industry


Although consumers are only recently embracing electric vehicles, Workhorse has been perfecting this technology for over a decade. Workhorse started out converting gasoline-powered vehicles into electric cars. Soon they applied this technology to the commercial sector and discovered an opportunity to transform an industry.

I recently had an opportunity to Jeff Bennett, Aerospace Project Manager at Workhorse. We discussed how their battery technology is transforming multiple industries.

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Save Money Shopping Online Or In-Store With GiftCardGranny

GiftCardGranny featured image is a shopper’s best friend. Everyone loves a bargain and nobody likes paying full price. When you buy discounted gift cards from GiftCardGranny, even when your dream item isn’t on sale, you’ll still save money. And you won’t need to worry about hackers draining your balance because they offer a lifetime guarantee on every gift card that they sell.

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Capital One Savor vs SavorOne: Which Cash Back Credit Card Is Best?

SavorOne vs Savor Card

Capital One made a huge splash this summer with the release of the Capital One Savor Card. For the first time, consumers were able to earn an unlimited 4% cash back rewards for dining and entertainment. The first year’s annual fee is waived, but should you keep the credit card in year two? Or does it make more sense to downgrade to the Capital One SavorOne Card? In this guide, we perform a detailed review of the Capital One Savor vs SavorOne. Our goal is to help you decide which Savor card is the best Capital One credit card for your wallet.

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Get in the Life Insurance Fast Lane with Haven Life

Haven Life main picture

There’s no question that life insurance is critical for protecting families. And there’s also no question that there are numerous life insurance companies out there that each promise the best rate, the most coverage, the most beneficial terms, etc. All this typically leads to a very time consuming and confusing process. But as technology advances, there are some companies that are hoping to get life insurance up to speed. One of those companies is Haven Life, a startup that’s trying to take guesswork out of the life insurance process.

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RedPoint Global Enhances the Customer Experience to Increase Engagement


Consumers today desire an experience that is tailored to their unique interests and experience with brands. As companies better understand customer preferences, they can dedicate resources towards more profitable transactions that also increase brand loyalty. RedPoint Global offers a customer engagement hub that offers a single point of control over data and customer journeys to deliver seamless, hyper-personalized interactions.

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Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card Even More Valuable With 15+ Transfer Partners

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Venture Rewards Card has been a favorite credit card of for a long time. It has a great sign-up bonus and cardholders earn 2 miles for every dollar that they spend. And the miles allow you to book any flight or make any hotel reservation without fear of blackout dates. Now, Capital One is making this awesome credit card even better by adding 15+ transfer partners!

This article will cover

What are the Benefits of the Capital One Venture Rewards Card?

Aside from the 2 miles per dollar spent on the Capital One Venture Rewards Card, there are many other benefits available. This is why the Venture Rewards Card is one of our favorite cards to create a balanced wallet of points, miles, and cash back.

  • 5X miles on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel
  • Up to $100 reimbursement for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
  • Extended Warranty
  • Capital One Lounge

And now the miles you earn are even more valuable with the addition of 15+ transfer partners.

Who are the 15 Transfer Partners?

Spending on the Capital One Venture Rewards Card earns 2 miles per dollar spent. No matter where you are spending or what you are buying. When you book hotels and rental cars through Capital One Travel, you’ll earn 5X miles on those bookings.

Instead of buying travel at $0.01 per point, now you can transfer your points to one of 15+ travel loyalty programs to get even more value!

Most transfers to 15+ travel loyalty programs are at a 1:1 transfer ratio.

Here are the 15+ Capital One Transfer Partners

Transfer PartnerVenture MilesTarget Loyalty Program
ALL - Accor Live Limitless1000500
Aeromexico Club Premier 10001000
Air Canada Aeroplan® 10001000
Avianca LifeMiles 10001000
Cathay Pacific - Asia Miles 10001000
Etihad Guest 10001000
EVA Air - Infinity MileageLands 1000750
Finnair Plus 10001000
Flying Blue (Air France KLM) 10001000
Qantas Frequent Flyer 10001000
British Airways Avios10001000
Choice Privileges®10001000
Emirates Skywards10001000
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer10001000
TAP Air Portugal Miles&Go10001000
Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles10001000
Virgin Red Virgin Points10001000
Wyndham Rewards10001000

Miles earned from the Capital One VentureOne, Capital One Spark Miles for Business, and the Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business can also be transferred to these 15+ Capital One miles transfer partners.

What is the Miles Transfer Ratio?

For every 1,000 miles that you transfer to one of these 15+ transfer partners, you will receive 1,000 miles or points with most partners. The minimum transfer amount is 1,000 Capital One miles. You will also need to register for an account with the loyalty program if you don’t already have one.

This basically means that you will be getting the same 2 airline miles or points for every dollar that you spend on all categories. Most airline cards only earn 1 mile per dollar that you spend (aside from a couple of categories). This means that the Capital One Venture Rewards Card can be a better card to earn miles for those partners than their own credit card for everyday spend.

And you’ll still maintain the option to use the Capital One Venture Rewards Card miles as cash to purchase flights when transferring miles doesn’t make sense or if there are no award flights available. This is truly the best of both worlds.

When can You Start Transferring Miles to Travel Partners?

You can transfer miles as soon as you have accumulated a minimum of 1,000 miles. To transfer your Capital One miles, you need to sign in to your account on the Capital One wesite or through the Capital One Mobile app. Then you need to navigate to the rewards page and follow the prompts. Once you receive a confirmation code, save it for your records.

Please note that once you’ve transferred your Capital One miles, they can’t be transferred back to your Capital One rewards account.

Why is This Important?

I love having options and the Capital One Venture Rewards Card is full of options. And the options have just expanded with the addition of 15+ transfer partners!

Capital One Venture Card

Here are just a few of the many ways you can use your Capital One Venture Rewards Card points to travel for free:

  • Book any flight without blackout dates
  • Reserve any hotel room without blackout dates
  • Transfer miles to airline miles to top off account for award flight redemption
  • Transfer miles to airline miles to book flight for better value

Which is Better? Cash or Miles to Book a Flight?

We’ve found that most travelers are better off paying cash (ok, actually using points as cash) for domestic flights because airlines have increased the miles required for economy flights. It used to be that 25,000 miles was the standard for a domestic round-trip economy flight redemption.
Not any more.

With flights at or near capacity, airlines have continued to increase the number of miles required to book an economy flight. I’ve seen some economy flights priced at 50,000 miles. Umm, no thanks.

I like to redeem miles from credit cards like the Capital One Venture Rewards Card that I can use like cash to book domestic flights. This allows me to save my miles for international flights to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and South America where you can receive incredible value for your miles.

For example, I booked flights to St Kitt’s in the Caribbean for my family and me that would have been over $900 each.

booked flights

Instead, I redeemed 30,000 American Airline miles and paid less than $60 in taxes per ticket.

Instead, I redeemed 30,000 American Airline miles and paid less than $60 in taxes per ticket.

This is a great example of why using airline miles instead of cash can be a great idea. With miles, we booked tickets that would have cost over $3600. If we redeemed 120,000 Capital One miles for cash, we could have only bought $1,200 worth of airfare.

Should You Apply for the Capital One Venture Card?

The addition of 15 transfer partners to the Capital One Venture Card is a huge win for consumers. So many banks are implementing rules to restrict applying for or earning sign-up bonuses, that we need more options.

Chase has their 5/24 Rule. American Express has a once per lifetime rule. Citibank has a two-year rule. And Bank of America has a 2/3/4 Rule. So much to keep track of!

Fortunately, Capital One has not implemented specific rules limiting new cardholders. So, if you’ve been locked out getting a new credit card because other banks don’t want you, maybe it is time to consider Capital One.

Are You Ready to Apply for the Capital One Venture Rewards Card?

With the addition of 15+ transfer partners, the Capital One Venture Rewards Card is going to be the talk of the travel world. Combing the benefits of card that earns 2x miles everywhere with no blackout dates on redemptions with the ability to convert those miles to airline miles at a reasonable transfer ratio is a huge win. I literally just applied for the Capital One Venture Rewards Card as soon as I heard about this new benefit.

If travel isn’t your major focus, the Capital One Savor Card might be a better bet for you. It offers 4% cash back on dining and entertainment and 3% cash back on groceries. It’s the perfect card for foodies and people who go out a lot.

Have you applied for the Capital One Venture Rewards Card before?

What’s your favorite benefit of this credit card?

Let us know in the comments below.

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How Young + Scrappy Crafts the Right Money Mindset to Plan for Prosperity


Having the right approach makes all of the difference in the world. When investors work with a fiduciary advisor to develop a personalized strategy, success is just around the corner.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Michelle Waymire of Young + Scrappy, an investment advisory firm located in Decatur, Georgia to discuss money mindsets and how her firm helps investors plan for prosperity.

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How to have Three Vacations at One Destination in Tuolumne County

When picking a destination with family and friends, it can be hard to choose where to go. One person wants to be one with nature. Someone else is a foodie. And a third loves history. What do you do in this situation? I have the perfect suggestion for you… Tuolumne County in Northern California.

Most people think California is all beaches and big cities, but there’s so much more to California for visitors to explore and enjoy. We had a chance to speak with Katie Kirkland, the Communications and Tourism Manager for the Tuolumne County Visitor’s Bureau, to find out what makes Tuolumne County such a popular destination.

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How Placed Uses Location Analytics To Improve Ad Effectiveness

As entertainment channels become increasingly fragmented, advertisers require a better way to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. In today’s world, advertising campaigns must adjust on the fly to reach the right customers. Technology is evolving to meet those needs.

RewardExpert recently had the pleasure of speaking with David Shim, Founder and CEO of Placed, to learn how they are focused on making the physical world as measurable as the digital.

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How to Build Credit the Easy Way


Everyone tells you that you need a good credit score. But how many of those people can actually tell you how to build credit? This comprehensive guide will show you the best way to build credit and improve your credit score. No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or are just starting out, we have actionable tips for you that will show you how to build credit fast and improve your credit score.

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How many credit cards should I have? Is there a perfect number?

Cartoon man wonders how many credit cards he should have

The average consumer may have 3 credit cards, but if you’re really into travel rewards like I am, you may have applied for more than 3 credit cards just in the last 90 days. When people ask me “how many credit cards should I have,” I reply that it depends on your situation. Let’s look at the pros and cons of having multiple credit cards to help you determine the right number of credit cards for you.

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How to Earn Over 20% Cash Back on Dining

Shows people dining and message How to Earn 20% when Eating out

Whether you are staying home or out traveling the world, one thing is constant. You will spend money eating out. Here’s an awesome way to earn more than 20% cash back when eating out.

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See the World in Style with THIRDHOME

Image of luxury house with a swimming pool

The most luxurious destinations and accommodations in the world can be yours for a fair price. And we’re not talking traditional hotels. A startup called THIRDHOME is shaking up the luxury travel industry with its business model. THIRDHOME is a luxury property and travel club offering home exchanges, rentals and even adventures. “Originally a luxury home exchange, it has evolved into the only travel brand that brings together a collective group of trusted homeowners, renters and adventurers who share a passion for discovery and demand an elevated experience,” said Senior Vice President of Operations at THIRDHOME, Sean Judge. He spoke to RewardExpert about the advantages of traveling the THIRDHOME way.

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How To Pay Off Debt: Average US Credit Card Debt Reaches $15K!

Pay off your debt

Credit card debt can be a huge obstacle to your financial goals. Recent studies show that the average credit card debt is now over $15,000 per household. With the average American credit card debt rising beyond levels last seen leading up to the 2008 Great Recession, this could spell trouble for the economy and consumer finances. There is no single best way to pay off credit card debt – there are several to choose from. The path that you take is a personal choice, but the most important thing is that learn how to pay off credit card debt so you can become debt free.

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Pay Yourself First with Helcim


Who doesn’t want to save money? When it comes to processing all those credit card payments, a startup called Helcim is helping merchants across Canada and the United States save big-time, allowing businesses to pass on lower prices to the consumer. Helcim Founder and CEO Nicolas Beique spoke to RewardExpert about the advantages of using his company, which now processes over $2.5 billion in payments each year. “We dedicated ourselves to providing affordable pricing and educating small business owners, so they could avoid the common pitfalls that were now obvious to us but may not be to a business owner,” he said.

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Eagle’s Flight: Powering Employee Development

there are two girls using Eagle app

In an economy where the unemployment rate is holding steady at less than 4 percent and voluntary separations (or quits) are increasing, an appealing company culture is essential if your business wants to keep the employees you have as well as attract new job candidates. Leadership is a vital component of culture – both in its development and maintenance. If your organization has strong leaders, you’ll enjoy high productivity and low turnover. Poor leaders will yield the opposite.

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Make Smarter Software and Service Purchasing Decisions with G2 Crowd

there is a group of people who discuss some issues

If you’ve ever purchased CRM, ERP, HR or other software for your business – or hired a branding agency, solution consultant or other business service provider – you know that researching your options is a time-consuming process. You also know that no matter how thorough you are in that review, your success is not guaranteed – especially when you’re forced to rely on biased information provided by the software developers or service providers themselves.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition with NICE

Nice company logo

With competition for the consumer fiercer than ever before, companies are constantly looking for an edge anywhere they can get it. NICE Systems believes its software offerings can give companies the advantage necessary to get ahead and stay there even in the most transformational of times. “NICE is all about empowering organizations to create exceptional customer experiences, using advanced omnichannel analytics, automation, artificial intelligence and cloud capabilities,” said Aviad Abiri, vice president of Portfolio Sales Enablement at NICE. Abiri spoke to RewardExpert about the advantages of becoming a NICE client.

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The Fidelity Cares Teacher Financial Literacy Training Program

Fidelity workers with teachers

In a world where banking news is often grim – from Citigroup’s robo-signing settlement and Danske Bank’s money laundering inquiry to Wells Fargo’s latest scandal – positive efforts by financial institutions to benefit more than their shareholders are a welcome relief. One such program is Fidelity Investment’s  Fidelity Cares Teacher Financial Literacy Training Program.

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