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Gazelle Breathes New Life Into Consumer Electronics

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ecoATM and Gazelle

If you’re ready to upgrade your consumer electronics, hit the pause button. Gazelle offers a great way to make money on your old device, while also saving you money on a new one. The process is seamless, transparent and completely user-friendly.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Chase Freeman, the Public Relations Manager at ecoATM Gazelle, to discuss how they are breathing new life into consumer electronics.

Who is ecoATM Gazelle?

ecoATM Gazelle is transforming the way consumers and businesses are buying electronics. Originally, they were two separate companies, but ecoATM acquired Gazelle in 2015 based on the synergies of their business models.

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ecoATM operates automated kiosks that make it easy and convenient for people to sell unwanted tables and smartphones. Gazelle is the leading re-commerce that sells pre-owned consumer electronics.

How Are They Disrupting Consumer Electronics?

Rather than discarding an old device or accepting a subpar offer from traditional retailers, ecoATM Gazelle provides a viable alternative. Their goal is to reward people for smart consumption with solutions that defend our planet and future generations.

How Do I Sell My Devices?

When it is time to move past your current device, go online or a local kiosk to get a quote based on the condition of your device. Both ecoATM and Gazelle buy popular consumer electronics, but their process is different.

With ecoATM, sellers can receive a quote online or at a kiosk. When it is time to sell, turn in your device at a kiosk located inside local malls and retailers to receive cash right on the spot. There are over 3,000 kiosks available located in 47 states.

Gazelle has a more thorough process which includes mailing your device to Louisville, Kentucky for inspection. After inspection, you’ll receive your payment via a check by mail, PayPal transfer, or an Amazon gift card. Amazon gift cards currently receive a 3% bump in value meaning that you’ll receive $1.03 in Amazon credits for every $1 in value. The average time from mailing in your device to receiving your payment is 10 to 14 days.

Give a new life to used devices
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Based on a few scenarios that I entered into both sites, the prices offered by ecoATM tend to be lower than Gazelle. This is because ecoATM pays immediately, whereas Gazelle requires a manual inspection of the device.

How Do I Buy A Device?

Now that you’ve sold your old device, it may be time for a new one. Instead of paying full retail price, buy a certified pre-owned device for a fraction of the cost. Gazelle is so confident in their service that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. In the near future, Gazelle will offer the ability to purchase an enhanced warranty program to protect your new device.

Gazelle is the place you’ll want to search for your next phone, tablet, or laptop. Out of curiosity, I searched for the latest iPhone that came out two months ago. I was surprised to find that the phone I paid over $1,000 for was available at a big discount to the retail price.

Simply perform a search for the device you want and buy it just like any other online store. Your Gazelle certified pre-owned device will arrive in the mail within a few days.

What Are The Impacts To The Environment?

As a father who is concerned about the environment, I love that ecoATM Gazelle is helping the planet in two ways. First, they are finding a second life for devices that would otherwise end up in a landfill somewhere. Second, by selling someone a pre-owned device, they are eliminating the packaging waste that goes along with a new device. With all of the electronics that consumers buy, that adds up quickly.

Gazelle estimates that they have helped divert over 17 million devices from landfills across the country. According to the EPA, e-waste is the fastest growing municipal waste stream in America with nd less than 20% of unwanted cell phones recycled each year.

How Are Customers Benefiting From These Services?

Customers benefit multiple ways from working with ecoATM Gazelle whether they are buying or selling.

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On the sell side, they can earn some additional cash from devices that are collecting dust in their drawers. And they have the opportunity to receive a better trade-in value by working using the ecoATM or Gazelle platforms than if they went with their phone carrier.

When buying devices, customers can receive significant savings by buying a certified pre-owned device. And, unless you need to be the among your friends to own a device, there’s a good chance you can buy the latest technology at a great discount just a few months after release.

What Protections Are There In Place?

Unfortunately, criminals sometimes try to take advantage of opportunities to sell stolen electronics. ecoATM and Gazelle have safeguards in place to protect consumers and catch the bad guys. Before a phone will be purchased, ecoATM Gazelle employees verify that the seller information matches the device ID. Additionally, they search the device ID to ensure that it hasn’t been reported stolen.

To protect your personal information, ecoATM Gazelle requires that a device for sale is restored to its original factory condition and that no passwords are locking the device. This ensures that a seller’s personal information is not at risk. And it protects the buyer from any potential spyware or malware that could have been left behind.

Can You Earn Rewards?

Customers that buy and sell with ecoATM Gazelle love the convenience and opportunity to save and earn money. The company wanted to reward return customers, so it created a loyalty program. The rewards earned provide a boost in value for your next trade-in.

The loyalty program offers points when you sell a device, refer a friend, or simply visit the website. The points are worth two cents each and can be redeemed for at little as $5. Click this link for complete loyalty program details.

Follow these links to learn more about earning money with ecoATM and saving money with Gazelle.

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