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Dynamic Yield Offers Data in Real Time

People are smart, but machines can do so much more. And they’re here to help, when we let them.

That’s where the services of Dynamic Yield come into play. They use personalization technology to help marketers increase revenue by automatically customizing their customers’ online experiences.

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Checkr is the Master of Background Checks

Checkr Communications Director David Patterson said his company’s mission is “to build a fairer future by improving understanding of our past.”

The background screening platform makes it easy for thousands of customers to hire millions of people every year, staying up to date with the fast flow of the gig economy.

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Providing Clients with a Return on Investment

In today’s world, it’s often the consumers themselves that influence other consumers’ purchasing choices, rather than the companies and businesses who provide the actual products and services.

With this consumer-to-consumer environment, also known as C2C, marketers are finding it difficult to reach target markets with messages that relay trust and relevance, which in turn affects results at scale.

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The Scientific Social Network

Have you ever wondered where the world’s super-smart people go to share ideas and learn about new possibilities? Is there a secret coffee shop that only brainiacs know the location of? While this may exist somewhere, there is also a website that is designed for this very purpose.

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Protect Your Home & Peace of Mind

From hurricanes to flooding and wildfires, last year was the costliest year on record for natural disasters. Damages totaled at least $306 billion from 16 separate natural disasters, although other estimates are closer to $400 billion.

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Magnetic: Attracting the Right Customers Through Effective Digital Advertising

In today’s world, it’s harder than ever to grab the attention of buyers with so much information already at their fingertips. Lots of businesses are spending untold amounts of dollars on marketing efforts, but not getting the results they want due to fierce competitiveness and distractions by so many other ads.

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Choose Cincinnati as your Next Destination for…Anything

Organizations do not have to spend a fortune to hold a first-class convention or major gathering. Nor do they need to head to major cities like New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Cities like Cincinnati, Ohio provide companies with choice and convenience.

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Need to Give a Gift? Give a Gift Card

Ask your average consumer what gift he or she would most like to receive and the answer is simple: a gift card. According to one recent survey, in fact, gift cards remained the most popular item on last year’s holiday wish lists, requested by 61 percent of the survey’s respondents.

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TTEC Gives Back Using Marketing Power to Transform Lives

Global outreach is not only a preference in the business world, but more of a necessity.

Companies like TTEC, formerly known as TeleTech Holdings, offer global customer experiences through the vein of omni-channel customer service, done by captivating designs and operations on behalf of the world’s most innovative brands.

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Barilliance Offers Exclusive One-On-One Experiences in the Digital World

As the internet gets smarter, human beings have to follow suit. Companies like Barilliance improve on that process, helping e-commerce sites of all shapes and sizes increase sales and conversion rates by providing visitors with personalized shopping experiences.

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New Study Shows Technology Could be to Blame for Missed or Late Mortgage Payments

A study released on February 7, 2018, revealed that bad billing and payment experiences accounted for 34% of late mortgage payments. This is due largely because most mortgage companies don’t allow borrowers to pay using a debit card, which is the preferred method of payment according to those surveyed.

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Save Money on Electricity by Investing in SunPower

These days there’s a lot of talk about switching to solar power and saving money. But how do you go from thinking about it, to actually taking the plunge and ditching the traditional electric company for good? And how much money can you actually save? That’s where companies like SunPower come in.

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IdentityForce Helps You Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Identity theft can cause havoc on a victim’s finances. It can cost thousands of dollars to restore reputation and financial health, not to mention time lost and the untold toll of physical stress. But the best defense against identity theft may be a good offense, and that’s where companies like IdentityForce find their niche.

“The chances of consumers being victimized decreases when they make the conscious decision to be proactive and become vigilant about protecting their personal information,” said CEO Steven Bearak, who spoke to RewardExpert about the business of protecting customers from identity theft.

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Canada Drives and USA Drives Help Car Buyers Get the Financing They Need

If you’ve ever purchased an automobile, you know all too well that the experience can be cumbersome, time consuming, and frustrating — even if you have perfect credit. Cody Green, founder and co-CEO of Canada Drives, a Canadian fintech company, witnessed this struggle thousands of times first-hand. He saw the pain caused by the traditionally archaic car financing process while working at a dealership in Western Canada. Together with his co-CEO Michael Galpin, Green set out to revolutionize the industry with an automated tool to connect car buyers with dealerships and financing programs.

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Prosper: Personal Loans Made Easy

Do you have high interest credit card debt you’d like to consolidate? Do you want to make a few home improvements to increase your home’s value? Are you starting a business, planning a wedding, or having a baby? A personal loan can provide the cash you need to make any dream a reality, and Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending platform, can make applying for and obtaining that loan easy.

Read more Helps Canadians Save Money on Mortgages, Car Loans, Credit Cards and Insurance

Take a moment to think about your monthly budget. Where does your money go? If you’re like many consumers, you probably spend the greatest percentage of your income on necessities like your mortgage, car loan, and insurance coverage, as well as chipping away at credit card debt. Now think about what you could do if those expenses were reduced. Whether your daydream includes taking a vacation, saving for retirement, or just enjoying the fruits of your labor more, lowering your interest rates and premiums could make it a reality—and can help you to do so.

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Volusion Aims to be a One-Stop-Shop for SMBs

The recent rise in ecommerce shops has created a huge demand for ecommerce business solutions. Digitally, an online store has many needs in order to run a successful operation. They need a safe and secure website to protect their business transactions and their customers’ information, and a payment processor that can securely handle numerous transactions. Successful ecommerce shops need a user-friendly website builder to design their website, company logos and graphics. Finally, it’s also necessary to have a team of marketing and customer service professionals.

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Open Invention Network: A Collaborative Enterprise

Open Invention Network, a collaborative enterprise that enables innovation in open source and an increasingly vibrant ecosystem in Linux, is the largest patent non-aggressive community in history.

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Be My Eyes is Changing the Way Visually Impaired People Use Their Smart Phones

One mobile phone application is helping the blind and visually impaired community like nobody has before. Be My Eyes, an app that is operated via a simple press of a button, is transforming lives around the world — and it’s not just for those who use the service for their own benefit.

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Cengage to Offer Affordable, Unlimited On-Demand Access to Digital Course Materials

These days, paying for college is not an easy feat. While the cost of tuition and fees continues to rise, household income has actually declined—forcing most students to take out loans in order to complete their education. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, nearly half of student loan borrowers leave school at least $20,000 in debt. Thirty percent of borrowers are unable to make a dent in their loan balance after five years of repayment, and more than 60 percent of borrowers not reducing their balances are delinquent.

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