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How Young + Scrappy Crafts the Right Money Mindset to Plan for Prosperity

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Having the right approach makes all of the difference in the world. When investors work with a fiduciary advisor to develop a personalized strategy, success is just around the corner.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Michelle Waymire of Young + Scrappy, an investment advisory firm located in Decatur, Georgia to discuss money mindsets and how her firm helps investors plan for prosperity.

What is a fiduciary advisor?

A fiduciary advisor is someone who is legally obliged to act in your best interest. Every financial advisor will tell you that they are looking out for you, but only a fiduciary is legally obligated to do so.

How we help
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What sets Young + Scrappy apart from other firms?

When Michelle began her career consulting with advisors, she recognized that a “wide audience was being left out of a lot of the traditional conversations about money.” That is unfortunate because people who are just starting out are often the people who need financial advice and coaching the most.

Starting Young + Scrappy was an opportunity for Michelle to “come in and serve somebody who is being underserved and do so in such a way that it actually fits with our shared values.”

Fiduciary Advisor

Young + Scrappy proudly serves as a fiduciary for all of their clients. Not only do they want to take care of you, but they are also legally obligated to put your best interests ahead of their own.

Fee-only Advisor

Instead of receiving commissions for investments or insurance product sales, Young + Scrappy is paid directly by its clients. This transparency removes a lot of the concerns about being steered in one direction of another based on the size of the commission that the advisor may receive. This practice aligns with the fiduciary responsibilities of the firm.

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A holistic approach to personal finance

Many traditional financial planning firms are focused on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and insurance policies. However, many of us need financial help beyond those subjects, such as debt, budgeting, and how to start a small business.

Young + Scrappy takes a holistic approach to each client’s total financial picture. Because they are not focused on products that they can earn a commission, they help with the entirety of a client’s personal finance situation.

The psychology of money management

We all know what we should be better with our money. But money management is more than just knowing that we should spend less than we make and invest the rest. There is a lot of thoughts, feelings, and prior experience that goes into it. Young + Scrappy seeks to foster a positive money mindset with their clients. Understanding the emotional and cognitive biases helps ensure that positive money behaviors stick.

Who are Young + Scrappy’s target clients?

Although Young + Scrappy would love to be able to help everyone, they understand the need to focus on certain demographics that can benefit the most from their services. Michelle focuses on three distinct types of clients: young investors, entrepreneurs, and the LGBTQ community. Some clients even fit two or three of these categories, which makes Young + Scrappy’s framework even more imperative to build a positive money mindset.

You don't have to it alone
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What services does Young + Scrappy provide?

Young + Scrappy offers several financial services that cater to the needs of their clients. Some clients need ongoing advice on a regular basis, while others need targeting advice on an irregular schedule. Young + Scrappy has plans to address all of those needs.

Fee-only financial planning

Fee-only financial planning consists of ongoing money management for clients. Again, no commissions are earned for any product recommendations. Clients receive regular communication and ongoing advice in exchange for a flat fee or percentage of assets under management.


Even the best professional athletes have coaches to help them achieve greatness. With that in mind, Young + Scrappy offers various coaching services to clients. Budget coaching emphasizes establishing a money mindset to help clients stay within their budget while allowing for a weekly allowance for the fun stuff.

Small business owners may be great at their craft, but they may not have mastered the business side of their venture. Small business coaching from Young + Scrappy is designed “not just to help you set goals, but to provide regular education, accountability, and mentorship to help you actually achieve them.”

Student Debt Action Plan

Some experts comment that student loan debt is holding back an entire generation from reaching their financial goals. It is difficult to buy a house, start a family, or launch a business with a student loan burden. Young + Scrappy offers a comprehensive evaluation of your student debt repayment options.

I won’t sell you crap you don’t need.
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A professional will analyze “which repayment plans align with your goals, how your payments will change over time, how to plan for the tax considerations associated with loan forgiveness, and the opportunity costs” of the options available to you.

Financial Focus Sessions

Financial focus sessions are 50-minute financial coaching sessions that focus on a singular topic. A majority of these sessions are performed virtually to allow them to fit into today’s hectic schedules.

Topics for these sessions include budgeting basics, debt & student loans, beginner investing, improving your credit score, money mindset, and personal finance for entrepreneurs.
If you’d like to speak with Michelle Waymire about your money mindset to develop your plan for prosperity, visit Young+Scrappy on their website.

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