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10 Ways to Redeem Miles on Delta Air Lines for Maximum Value

redeem delta miles

You can redeem your frequent flyer miles for some amazing trips, but just how much value are you getting? This post examines ten great ways to redeem miles through the Delta SkyMiles loyalty program.

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Six Great Ways to Redeem Your Delta SkyMiles in the U.S. and Abroad

delta skymiles

Delta’s frequent flyer miles have been derisively nicknamed “SkyPesos” for their low value, but in fact there are still many good opportunities to redeem them for valuable awards. Unless noted, all rates below are for round-trip travel.

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How Many Ways Can I Use My Award Miles?

Let’s face it, some of you are mileage hoarders. You’ve earned all those miles and you don’t know what to do with them. Or you are saving for that special trip. Some people even end up letting miles expire unknowingly. Then you have to contact the airline and beg for forgiveness. Sometimes that works, and other times it doesn’t.

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How to Make the Delta SkyMiles Program Work

Delta SkyMiles members have been jerked around a lot over the past few years. Delta was the first of the major airlines to go revenue-based creating a domino effect with other airlines and limiting the mileage-earning potential of frequent flyers.

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The Insider Guide to Delta Sky Clubs

A tip of the hat is deserved toward Delta Air Lines for being the first of the major North American carriers to heavily invest in reinventing its lounge network.

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Platinum Delta SkyMiles Business Card from American Express Review

Who is the Platinum Delta SkyMiles Business card from American Express Good For?

If you are a business owner who values Delta SkyMiles and who needs a boost to achieve or maintain the elite Medallion Status, the Platinum Delta SkyMiles Business card can be the cornerstone of your strategy. Sure, the Platinum Delta card is not the only Delta business card out there.

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Elite Status: Delta SkyMiles Medallion Program

skymiles medallion program

Delta Air Lines completely reshuffled its program in 2014, turning its earning component into a revenue game. If you are chasing elite status, being in that seat is not going to be enough — you also have to pay more for the ticket. A lot more in fact.

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Delta Reserve for Business from American Express Review

Who is the Delta Reserve for Business from American Express Good For?

There is only one type of traveler who can benefit from this rather expensive credit card — a status chaser. But if you need to run business expenses and you do seek elite status with Delta, you won’t just benefit, you will benefit greatly!

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Delta and Virgin Atlantic Partner Up and Add More Flights

Delta Air Lines, in a partnership with Virgin Atlantic, is launching two new routes across the pond—a nonstop flight between Salt Lake City and London, and another from New York to Edinburgh. The new routes will start in May 2016.

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Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Review

Who Is the Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card From American Express Good For?

If you fly on Delta and are trying to reach or maintain elite status, the Platinum Delta SkyMiles card can be a great tool. This premium card offers a welcome bonus that includes Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) that count toward elite status.

Although the Platinum Delta card does come with a higher annual fee than both the basic and Gold Delta SkyMiles cards, it offers a greater potential for earning miles, with a slightly higher welcome bonus, as well as the ability to earn more bonus miles if you spend more.

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Delta SkyMiles American Express Credit Card Review

Who Is the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card From American Express Good For?

The Delta SkyMiles credit card is an entry-level card that allows you to earn SkyMiles without flying. Although it doesn’t have a large sign-up bonus, or as many of the bells and whistles of its more celebrated cousins—the Gold Delta SkyMiles, Platinum Delta SkyMiles and Delta Reserve cards—it does have the lowest annual fee.

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East Meets West in the Ancient City of Istanbul

East Meets West in the Ancient City of Istanbul

Istanbul, founded in 657 B.C. as Byzantium, is an ancient transcontinental city. The historic city center lies in Europe, while a third of the city’s population of 14.4 million lives in Asia. Because of its unique location, it’s the largest city in both the Middle East and Europe. Located between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, Istanbul straddles the Bosphorus Strait in Northwestern Turkey.

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Delta Reserve Credit Card From American Express Review

Who Is the Delta Reserve Credit Card From American Express Good For?

Delta has gotten its share of groans in recent years from points and miles enthusiasts for the difficulty involved in redeeming Delta miles, but now the airline has cleaned up the long-standing issues with its website and pledged to make more award seats available even at the lowest redemption level.

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Program Devaluations for 2015

Program devaluations are the bane of every frequent flyer. You go into this pastime with your eyes open. You study the program rules and award charts and make a plan to earn the miles that will net you award flights to your dream destination.

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Gold Delta SkyMiles From American Express Credit Card Review

gold delta skymiles

Who Is the Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card From American Express Good For?

Delta is a polarizing airline for many travelers. It is known for its limited saver award availability and an award booking website that is not always accurate, so many frequent flyers scorn the airline on principle.

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Delta and SPG Crossover Rewards Explained

When the Crossover Rewards program offered to Starwood Preferred Guest and Delta SkyMiles elite members debuted last year, it was the only program of its kind. It offered elite members of both programs reciprocal benefits that took membership perks to a whole new level.

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Delta SkyMiles Program Review

Who Is Delta SkyMiles Good For?

Delta has been taking flak from frequent flyers for years, for a variety of valid reasons: Their awards are much harder to come by than those of most major domestic airlines; you cant book one-way awards without a huge penalty; and its often a huge time suck to find the award you want to book on their website.

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How to Find Award Flights on Delta

Among award travelers, Delta is somewhat notorious. You can’t book one-way awards. Inventory at the lowest redemption rate is known to be limited to the point of non-existence.

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