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Airline Loyalty Programs During the Pandemic: Updates and Changes

Airline Loyalty Programs

The COVID-19 outbreak affected both business and pleasure travel, and losses of the global airline industry will be huge this year. To retain some of their loyal customers, many airlines have updated their loyalty programs. Below are some of the airlines that have updated their mileage rewards programs due to the coronavirus.

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Hawk Incentives Helps Businesses Build Loyal Customers With Incentive Programs

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Customer reward programs are popular with today’s consumers. In fact, a survey commissioned by Hawk Incentives, a division of Blackhawk Network and a leading provider of rewards and incentives to organizations across the globe, found that the average American adult belongs to 6.2 such programs. That number was even higher for consumers in the Millennial generation at 6.5 on average.

We recently spoke with Theresa McEndree, the company’s Vice President of Marketing, to learn more about Hawk Incentives’ reward program services and survey insights as well as how RewardExpert readers can design effective loyalty programs for their own businesses.

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Tips and Tricks on How to Travel Cheaper in 2018

If you want to hit the road in 2018 and make it your best travel year so far, we have some great suggestions for you. These are our favorite tips on how to maximize your credit card benefits and loyalty program perks while also earning and saving miles and points.

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How to Determine Where to Credit Paid Flights

Where to Credit Paid Flights

While we all love award flights, we certainly pay for a ticket occasionally–or even frequently for some. After all, even though flying may not always be the best way to accrue miles anymore, it is still a good way. But should you focus your earning by choosing a preferred carrier and frequent flyer program or do you need more than one?

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Extreme Reward Stacking When Dining Out


Unless you’re a road warrior with elite status, chances are you earn more points and miles through credit card spend rather than actually flying. Hopefully, you have one or two credit cards in your wallet that earn bonus points on dining, but there could be extra points you’re leaving on the table. In the points and miles hobby, the art of stacking is an advanced skill to accelerate your points earning potential, and it might even save you money.

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2016 Major Trends Include Mergers Shaking Things Up and the Spread of Anti-Churning Rules

travel news

The past year was one of non-stop change in the travel rewards industry with huge changes in major frequent flyer programs, bank credit card offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. We saw devaluations continue for all three of the major domestic legacy airlines. And the major travel rewards credit card issuing banks all imposed stricter sign-up bonus rules. There were several mergers between airlines and hotels that also lead to some big changes to loyalty programs.

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How Small Businesses Can Maximize Rewards for Air Travel

Big companies get discounts and special deals for committing their business to one airline. This is often done behind the scenes and is a common and expected practice among airlines. It might even include complimentary elite status and fee waivers for corporate travelers.

But what about smaller companies? Isn’t their business valuable, too? Isn’t that the entire idea behind loyalty?

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15 Mistakes to Avoid When Your Are New to Loyalty Programs

award ticket

If you’re just getting into collecting miles and points for free flights, it can be a bit overwhelming. There’s a lot of information out there and it can be hard to sift through it all. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of fifteen tips for rookies. Hopefully you’ll avoid some of these mistakes now that you know about them.

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Allegiant Gets in the Game, Lie-flat on all AA long-haul Routes and Marriott Partners With TED Talks

Allegiant Gets in the Game, Lie-flat on all AA long-haul Routes and Marriott Partners With TED Talks

It might not be your favorite airline, but there is a new player in the game when it comes to travel loyalty. Allegiant is launching an “infrequent” flyer program while Marriott expands the minds of its frequent travelers with a new TED Talks partnership.

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FF News: Bye Citi Prestige Lounges, Hello PreCheck and AA Changes


Admirals Club access for Citi Prestige

If you hold the Citi Prestige card, you’re about to lose an important benefit. Starting July 23, 2017, American Airlines Admirals Club access will no longer be a feature of the card. Of course, there is still Priority Pass membership as a benefit, which provides access to hundreds of lounges, but there are not as many in the U.S. For the $450 annual fee, this is a big loss for domestic travelers that fly American frequently.

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Loyalty Programs You Should Consider to Boost Your Balance

boost balance

So you’re savvy enough to collect points and miles from airlines and hotels, but did you realize that you might be missing out on other perks by not signing up for some of these lesser known loyalty programs.

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Marriott and United’s RewardsPlus Program Explained

Similar to Starwood and Deltas Crossover partnership, United and Marriott teamed up last year for RewardsPlus,  a joint venture aimed at offering elite members of both programs reciprocal benefits.

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