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Business Class Comparison: Qatar vs Emirates to the Middle East

Who has a better business class product between Qatar Airways and Emirates? Let’s compare the two airlines on flights from the U.S. to the Middle East in two broad categories to figure that out. Wed’ll look at:

  • Hard product: Planes, seats and entertainment
  • Soft product: Service, food and amenity kits

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How to Get Free WiFi in the Air


Hurdling through the air at 500 miles per hour at an altitude of 35,000 feet is a marvel in itself, but today’s on-the-go society wants more. Airlines are responding by adding new-fangled entertainment systems and wireless internet access. But, that isn’t enough. Passengers don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. Luckily, there are some airlines that connectivity is a modern-day necessity, not a luxury, and they provide free Internet to help pass the time. Hop aboard one of these airlines to take advantage of it and remain productive inflight.

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How to Book Emirates Skywards Awards

emirates award ticket

Emirates is perhaps best known for its flashy and luxurious first class cabin. It’s one of only two airlines in the world that offers in-flight showers. And if first class passengers don’t find what they want in their personal in-seat minibar, they can head to the lounge which has a full bar, including a bartender.

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The Seven Longest Flights By Distance And How To Fly Them Using Award Miles

Longest flights have been a thing since the Wright Brothers flew 852′ in 1903. A few years ago, Singapore Airlines flew the longest flight in the world which was Newark, New Jersey, to Singapore for a distance of 9,539 miles, the longest scheduled route in the world ever flown commercially with passengers. They plan to reinstate this route using the new Airbus A350s at some future date yet to be announced.

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How to Fly In a First Class Suite With Miles

First class suites take the premium cabin experience to the next level. Passengers can enjoy over-the-top luxury with privacy doors, proper beds, gourmet food, excellent service and many entertainment options.

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Emirates Skywards Elite Status: How to Get it and What’s in it For You

One of the best and most glamorous airlines in the world, Emirates, isn’t a member of any alliances, but it is a transfer partner of American Express Membership Rewards and SPG programs, and it has a number of partners that you can earn and redeem miles on.

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The Best Cities to Find Emirates Award Space in North America

Unlike many domestic airlines with hub-and-spoke systems in the U.S., Emirates is a long-haul carrier with routes to and from its Dubai headquarters. This central location in the Middle East makes it an ideal connecting point between North America and destinations in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. It’s not a bad choice to visit Europe either, if you’re originating on the West Coast.

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Alaska Airlines and Emirates Are Flying Together

Alaska Airlines has been busy this season. After recently announcing a codesharing agreement with Icelandair, which includes reciprocal frequent flyer perks, the carrier is now expanding its relationship with Emirates, a Dubai-based airline.

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Earn Bonus Miles From the Middle East to the Far East

You’re probably already planning your annual summer vacation. Have you considered going someplace you can’t drive to? It might be time to think outside the box and visit a far-flung destination.

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Have a Few Minutes? Click Your Way to More Miles and Points

In the beginning of the year, airlines and partners like hotels and dining programs offer great bonuses so they can stimulate travel in the dead zone between New Years and February.

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Join Emirates Skywards for up to 5,000 Bonus Miles

Get bonus miles using frequent flyer programs

If you’re not already a member of Emirates Skywards, you’re missing out on some of the most luxurious cabins in the sky. They were the first to launch the in-air shower cabin, and their first class seats recently named the best in the sky by industry watchdog SkyTrax have their own personal mini bar.

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Emirates Skywards Program Review

emirates skywards program review

A good way for North American frequent flyers to understand Emirates is to think of it as akin to Alaska Airlines. They are both hometown airlines that have slowly grown through strategic partnerships and smart market choices into major global forces. But they always put the expectations of local passengers first. In the case of Emirates, that means impeccable style and service.

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