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Train Your Employees for Success With Tooling U-SME

Train Your Employees for Success with Tooling U-SME

With daily operations being so busy and time consuming at many organizations, training oftentimes goes on the backburner. Instead, it should really be the backbone, as a successful employee is a trained one. RewardExpert spoke with Vice President of Tooling U-SME, Jeannine Kunz, about the importance of well-trained employees and how her company is the leading provider of learning and development for the manufacturing industry.

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WebJaguar: All Your E-Commerce Needs in One Place

WebJaguar provides all your company's marketing and e-commerce needs. It can customize a specific plan to fit any company and help bring in more profits.

If you’re looking for a better way to operate and promote your business, look no further than WebJaguar. Its highly customizable e-commerce platform offers solutions for just about every business need when it comes to online selling.

“Currently three-quarters of our clients are B2B customers and one-quarter are B2C,” stated WebJaguar Founder and CEO, Bachir Kassir. “But we offer a full-fledged platform that can help any business meet their goals.”

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Ensure a Healthy Financial Future With Personal Capital’s Free Software and Tools

If you’re juggling multiple debts, you’re not alone. According to data from the Federal Reserve’s recent Survey of Consumer Finances, as analyzed by TIME magazine’s Money, the average American under the age of 35 carries $67,400 in debt.

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Forter Leads the Way in Fraud Prevention

Forter Leads The Way In Fraud Prevention

E-commerce has created endless opportunities for merchants to reach customers and grow their businesses online. But along with that boom in business, it has also opened up a new avenue for cyber criminals to defraud consumers and merchants alike.

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Lendio Matches Small Businesses With Nearly $1 Billion in Capital

get a quick business loan with

When you need a place to stay, booking a room through AirBnB is as simple as a few taps on your phone. If you need a ride, you open your Uber app and a car pulls up within minutes. Want to find the cheapest airfare for a weekend getaway? Online marketplaces like Kayak will show you a list of options, and all you have to do is click through to secure your seat.

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Uno Helps Australians Find the Best Mortgage Rates

The woma is sitting at the rerrace

The old ways of securing a home loan have gone the way of the Dodo. Nobody has time to sit at a bank and pour over mountains of paperwork and data, let alone work around their schedule. Uno, an Australian-based online mortgage broker, is on a mission to meet the technological demands of mortgages by offering a service that will help its customers get the best rate possible.

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True Blue Life Insurance Finds the Right Policy for You

True Blue Life Insurance Finds the Right Policy for You

Life insurance is something that is always on our minds. Getting the right policy for you is literally a life and death decision. But this is the type of lifelong assurance that should be an easy decision to make. True Blue Life Insurance is a different kind of insurance provider who puts their customers first, and makes a normally painstaking process more pleasant and personal to all.

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LegalShield Provides Peace of Mind During Turbulent Times

Three colleagues are standing at the street

Imagine getting into a terrible car accident and barely having enough money to cover your medical bills, let alone legal assistance. Whether the accident was your fault or not, these types of situations rarely go in your favor if you don’t have proper representation. This is the situation that Harland Stonecipher found himself in 1969. Fortunately, he managed to scrape together enough to cover all of his bills, but he felt that others should not have to face the same burden.

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FoundersCard: The World’s First Membership Community for Entrepreneurs

The view from the luxurious hotel

What do preferred rates at top hotels, elite status with leading airlines, valuable business-service discounts and exclusive networking events have in common? They’re all benefits enjoyed by FoundersCard members. RewardExpert spoke with FoundersCard’s creator and CEO, Eric Kuhn, about the inspiration behind this first-of-its-kind membership, the advantages offered, and how our entrepreneurial readers can join the community.

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Improve Your Financial Situation With Clarifi

Businesswoman is explaining an important case to the young couple

Everyone could use a little financial advice from time to time. But sometimes that information can be confusing or difficult to understand. Clarifi is there to help those of us who need a little guidance with our finances.

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Avoid the Hassle of Court With

Business meeting at the office

Occasionally in life we find ourselves in a dispute with another person or company. The judicial system in our country allows for us to right these wrongs by taking it before a judge and having them decide the issue.

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RAIN Group Will Send Your Sales Numbers Through the Roof

Being a dynamo salesperson is not necessarily something you’re born with—it’s a honed skill that can be taught. When companies need to boost their bottom line, RAIN Group is the leading global sales training and consulting firm that teaches how to convert leads into customers.

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Finding the Perfect Purse Can Be Worth Its Weight in Gold

Finding the Perfect Purse Can Be Worth Its Weight in Gold

Women with a superior taste in fashion know that some of the finest bags available today are very difficult to come by. If you can find a good deal on a Hermes or Chanel bag online, chances are it might be a scam. The internet is flooded with people trying to make money off of unsuspecting shoppers who trust that the product they are paying thousands of dollars for is genuine and real.

Read more Helps Students Across the Nation Get into Their College Program

the students are sitting on the green grass

According to a report from the Council of Graduate Schools (co-published with the Graduate Record Examinations Board), there were 2.25 million grad school applications in 2016. That’s an incredibly competitive pool! So how do you stand out from the crowd? What’s the secret sauce to receiving an admitted status? Enter:

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Gateway Bank Caters to All Ages

the man is signing an important document

Who Is Gateway Bank?

Gateway Bank is an Australian-based financial institution serving more than 30,000 members across the country. They take pride in putting their customers first by providing friendly customer service and offering a wide range of financial products and solutions. Some of their lending products include home loans, personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts, which essentially acts like a line of credit.

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DepositAccounts: The Information You Need for Faster Growing Savings

a man is holding big sum of money

Once the two most powerful words in the lexicon of saving and investing, ‘compound interest’ has lost some of its mojo in the low-rate environment of recent years. However, in the early 1980s, when DepositAccounts’ founder, Ken Tumin, was a child, its potential was awe inspiring. So much so, in fact, that it instilled within him a lifelong passion for maximizing savings.

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Experience Atlanta by Exploring Its Booming Film Industry

the bus with lots of people sitting and listening to the travel guide

With a flair for the arts and a thriving business community, Georgia’s state capital, Atlanta, has emerged as a powerhouse in recent decades. Some of the country’s greatest golf courses can be found here, along with major sports teams and an exciting nightlife. It is no wonder that the film industry has taken notice of this charming southern city.

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SSA UK: Keeping Your Most Prized Possessions Safe and Secure

the room with the variety of different stuff

Many people use self storage facilities these days. They are easy to use, convenient, relatively inexpensive and sometimes necessary when you just can’t find the room for certain things. But how safe are they? How do you know that your most prized possessions are going to still be there, undamaged, when you return for them?

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Impinj Is Keeping People Connected to What Matters

High tech design of a dressing room

Have you ever gone out to eat at a restaurant and noticed that your waiter took your order, a different person brought you your drinks and yet another person delivered your food?

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Save Time With Taskworld

Office worker is doing his job

For most companies, time is money. And that means that projects have to be completed in a timely manner, otherwise precious opportunities could be wasted. While that sounds simple, it’s easier said than done to get ideas flowing freely and form a plan of action.

That’s where Taskworld can help. The startup offers cloud-based project management software, designed to help companies get projects done on time and under budget.

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