Avoid the Hassle of Court With Mediation.com

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Occasionally in life we find ourselves in a dispute with another person or company. The judicial system in our country allows for us to right these wrongs by taking it before a judge and having them decide the issue.

But the process can be difficult and long. Taking someone to court can be challenging, expensive and stressful. Mediation.com is providing an alternative to this long, difficult process by providing an independent third party to hear the issues and help the two sides come to a mutual agreement.

RewardExpert recently had the pleasure of speaking with Thomas M. Pronesti, Operations Manager for the online company.

Providing a Platform Everyone Can Agree Upon

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The company started eight years ago to help people resolve differences without the hassle of going to court.

The site was formed for “consumers looking for an alternative to litigation and attorneys looking for someone to mediate their case,” explained Pronesti. “We started with no listings and now have 10,000 listings on our site in both the USA and Canada.”

“We offer listings for mediators and attorney mediators to advertise their practice. We build websites, offer whiteboard animation and e-books to advertise their practices. We offer a Testimonial Review Service Software so they can get their clients to post reviews of their practice and experience.”

How to Find the Right Mediator

While using a mediator to settle your dispute is a great alternative to the headaches of going to court, finding the right person to help you can be intimidating. In order to find the best person to help you, Pronesti suggests the following three tips:

1. Check their qualifications.
2. Research them and their reviews online.
3. Ask for their results on other cases.

“Our website listing accomplishes all of these for the consumer,” he said.

What to Expect With Mediation

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Going into mediation without knowing what to expect can be frightening. It’s important to know what the process is like so that you are prepared.

“The process brings the parties together to define their positions to each other with the goal of a resolution to both parties overseen by an impartial mediator,” explained Pronesti. “In my opinion, it is very fair and much fairer than litigation.”

To learn more about how mediation.com can help you with your disputes, visit their website today.