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Give Your Business a Competitive Edge With TrueCommerce

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Give Your Business a Competitive Edge with TrueCommerce

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, it’s critical for a company to streamline operations. EDI (electronic data interchange) can help companies hit that elusive goal by improving customer service and transaction time, reducing potentially damaging mistakes and integrating critical functions. One company offering a platform for EDI is TrueCommerce.

“The TrueCommerce Foundry network forms the connective tissue between disparate companies and processes. It simplifies the buying, selling and fulfilling by ensuring accuracy, timeliness and cost effectiveness,” said Ross Elliott, the president of TrueCommerce, who spoke to RewardExpert about the benefits of using his company.

How It Works

TrueCommerce offers a variety of products, including its flagship TrueCommerce Foundry. The foundry works by allowing companies to connect with virtually any partner, turning a mundane supply chain into one that’s hyper connected for the competitive world.

“The TrueCommerce Foundry network operates on an ‘any to any’ concept, meaning that making that single connection between your business and the Foundry network you have access to the global network of Trading Partners,” said Elliott. “A simple way of looking at it is that we ‘onboard’ a new member of the community in order to give them access to the ‘services’ available on the network and access to other members of the community.”

A Connected Company

How true commerce works
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To further break it down, Elliott points to a hypothetical small manufacturing company. If that company signs up with TrueCommerce, it will have access to a robust network that includes some of the world’s biggest retailers, as well as access to shipping, labeling, inventory and other services.

“Having the ability to streamline buying and selling across the supply chain enables a customer to take cost out of the various processes, improve agility and increase their channels of distribution,” he said. Members of the network also have access to a broad selection of supply chain apps and the foundry suite of products, which includes services like product management, order management, inventory management, optimized fulfillment and more.

Cutting the Confusion

In addition, TrueCommerce helps take the confusion out of EDI, which can befuddle many businesses due to varying compliance requirements. “TrueCommerce’s managed services approach ensures that the customer achieves their goals without having to become an EDI expert. And our Integration Gateway makes it simple to get the last mile of the transaction completed,” said Elliott.

Price & Rebate

Besides its connectivity advantage, TrueCommerce also offers a feature called Price & Rebate. That allows a user to establish deals between a buyer and a seller.

“For example, a manufacturer might offer a distributor an extra 10% rebate on a specific product/group of products for a specific customer/group of customers over a specific time period. That deal is then used to analyze point of sale data to determine which sales qualify for the deal and calculate the rebate amount for a given distributor. Our network is used to connect the buyer and seller in order to maintain a high level of visibility for all involved parties,” said Elliott.

Putting the Customer First

Putting the Customer First
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TrueCommerce counts a wide variety of customers from a wide variety of industries. Distributors, manufacturers, retailers, food companies and more make up the company’s client base. No matter who the client is, Elliott said it’s TrueCommerce’s commitment to customer service that makes the company stand out, adding that TrueCommerce places a high priority on providing the best service possible.

“The enemy of the current technology world is the need for too much assembly of moving parts—our job is to do the assembly, the monitoring and the maintenance for our customers so that they can simply run their business and leave the hard work to us,” said Elliott.

“Our network, integration gateway, connected supply chain apps and productivity tools provide our customers with their onramp to the future while continuously improving the experience our customers have every day.”

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