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By offering tools that streamline and simplify social media marketing, makes it easier for brands to connect with customers.

For any company that wants to compete in today’s marketplace, having a social media presence is no longer optional. But keeping up with the fast-moving and ever-shifting nature of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms can prove to be a challenge.

Branding and messaging consistency can easily get lost in the shuffle, and the wrong post at the wrong time can do serious damage to a company’s public profile. On the other hand, an engaging, on-brand social media presence can go far in growing a business and elevating their profile.

That’s where comes in. Ulrik Bo Larsen, a self-taught software engineer, started the company in 2010. Originally known as Falcon Social and based in Copenhagen, now has offices in New York City, Berlin, Budapest and Sofia, and its staff members represent 40 different nationalities.

They provide a software platform for social media marketing and customer experience management, and serve a range of clients across all industries. “Basically, any company in any line of work should be on top of social media these days because that’s where the modern consumer expects to be able to engage them,” says Chris Sugrue, content and communications team lead at

Where Consumers and Brands Meet

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“Today, a company’s front office is actually a digital one. That’s where people and brands now meet,” explains Sugrue. However, he says most companies haven’t yet adapted to this new reality, leaving their “digital front office” fragmented and underperforming. “We aim to be the platform that fixes this with a single, turn-key product.”

“You hear a lot about ‘connected consumers’ these days, and that’s not just a buzz term. Customers expect to be able to get the same level of service and turnaround time, no matter which channel they use to reach out to a brand. The only way companies can meet this expectation is to implement a tool like Falcon. This ensures they can streamline their channels to offer great service and experiences everywhere.”

Saving Time and Simplifying Social Media

“The beauty of Falcon is how much time it saves and how it simplifies social media marketing, which remains rather intimidating and just ‘too techy’ for many. The average social media manager is inundated. Falcon has been designed to allow them to perform their basic tasks more easily, while giving them the tools to raise the quality and impact of posting,” says Sugrue.

“Any company not using social media monitoring is losing out on a continual source of insight and inspiration. Social media, along with smartphones and similar devices, has completely transformed the consumer-brand dynamic. Word-of-mouth is now a make or break factor for companies, and it’s only by using a platform like Falcon that a brand can take back the initiative.”

Measuring Social Media’s Impact

“Like any marketing activities, social media is pointless if its effect can’t be measured,” Sugrue says. “That’s why the platform allows performance tracking at both an individual post and higher aggregated level. You can basically see if that post or campaign was worth the effort, and how it could be improved.”

One way to make campaigns more effective is to engage with customers on a more personal level. To that end, is one of the only platforms of its kind that includes integrated tracking of customer profiles. “Anyone who has interacted with a brand on social media is given an individual profile card,” explains Sugrue. “This automatically logs every further interaction, and the card will appear beside their social messages so community managers and other customer care people have a record on which to base their customer service.”

A Social Media Toolbox

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Of the various tools offers, Sugrue says the most popular one is their content publishing calendar. “Our customers use it to develop, schedule, and post all their social media content, across all their channels and markets,” he explains.

Built-in collaborative functioning gives users centralized control over the reliability and quality of the content they publish. “That matters a lot to bigger, multi-site companies, where brand and messaging consistency can easily get lost in the rapid-fire, real-time realm of social media.”

Other popular tools include a social media inbox, which features filtering and teamwork functions that allow social media teams to quickly prioritize and respond to comments and questions, and a social monitoring capability that lets companies track specific topics, hashtags, and competitors to stay on top of how they are being discussed online.

“In light of infamous incidents, such as the Fyre Festival or United Airlines’ passenger mishandling last year, it’s easy to see why social listening should be part of any brand’s PR toolkit,” says Sugrue. And editing tools allow clients to refine content stored in a shared pool, making it possible for local campaigns to fine-tune posts for a specific audience.

Whatever the size and budget of a company, can work for them. Their Starter, Pro and Premium products offer comprehensive packages at varying levels of service.

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