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Launch Your Own Online Store for Free With PrestaShop

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In 2017, retail ecommerce sales worldwide grew to $2.304 trillion, a nearly 25 percent increase over 2016’s totals according to market research company eMarketer. This year, eMarketer estimates 62 percent of the world’s internet users will purchase at least one item via a digital channel.

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ETA: Where Technology and Payments Come Together

Many people go about their day without thinking about how technology has really evolved when it comes to payments. Gone are the days of putting items back on the shelf if you forget your wallet. All you need is your smartphone and an app to pay for your merchandise.

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Barilliance Offers Exclusive One-On-One Experiences in the Digital World

As the internet gets smarter, human beings have to follow suit. Companies like Barilliance improve on that process, helping e-commerce sites of all shapes and sizes increase sales and conversion rates by providing visitors with personalized shopping experiences.

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Volusion Aims to be a One-Stop-Shop for SMBs

The recent rise in ecommerce shops has created a huge demand for ecommerce business solutions. Digitally, an online store has many needs in order to run a successful operation. They need a safe and secure website to protect their business transactions and their customers’ information, and a payment processor that can securely handle numerous transactions. Successful ecommerce shops need a user-friendly website builder to design their website, company logos and graphics. Finally, it’s also necessary to have a team of marketing and customer service professionals.

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