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Iberia Plus Program Review

Who Is Iberia Good For?

Iberia Plus is a reward program that many casual awards travelers don’t consider, but should. Iberia and British Airways are actually one and the same. But like the Air France/KLM/Delta relationship, Iberia/British Airways operate their flights and their frequent flyer programs somewhat independently.

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Lufthansa Miles & More Program Review


Who Is Lufthansa Miles & More Good For?

For many North American frequent flyers, Lufthansa is best known for its uber-luxurious first class, but in Europe, it is actually the largest airline, and it has the largest frequent flyer program on the continent. The program has more than 25 million members.

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JetBlue TrueBlue Program Review

Who Is JetBlue TrueBlue Good For?

One of the newer players in American aviation, JetBlue started right at the end of the last millennium as part of a new wave of domestic low-cost carriers, but has blossomed into a serious player in the last 15 years.

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Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Program Review

Who Is Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Good For?

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan has an intriguing fan base. People who live in the Northwest, near the airlines hubs, love its availability, perks and pricing. But many people who don’t live near or regularly fly Alaska Airlines routes are also devoted Mileage Plan members.

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Capital One Venture Rewards Program Review: The Best Ways to Use Your Miles

Capital One Venture Rewards are ideal for people who are NOT loyal to a particular airline or hotel and don’t want to spend time sifting through award inventory or waiting for award seats to open up.

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American Express Membership Rewards Program Review

amex rewards

Who Is American Express Membership Rewards Good For?

Like Chase Ultimate Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards is a transfer program. It’s not intrinsically tied to any one hotel or airline, so accruing points with it allows you to redeem for a wide variety of travel options.

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American Airlines AAdvantage Program Review

Who Is American Airlines AAdvantage Good For?

Long a favorite among frequent flyers, American Airlines AAdvantage has garnered the Freddie Awards (the top honor for frequent flyer programs) for the Program of the Year and the Best Elite Program for three years straight. But it’s in a really interesting position these days for two reasons: its merger with US Airways and the huge changes going on with the United and Delta programs.

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Starwood Preferred Guest Program Review

starwood preferred guest rewards

Who Is Starwood Preferred Guest Good For?

Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) is much more than it seems. On the surface, it looks like a simple hotel program, not much different than the reward program run by other industry heavyweights like Hyatt, Hilton or Marriott. But Starwood’s currency, Starpoints, actually unlocks a world of travel far beyond hotels.

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Barclaycard Arrival Program Review

Who Is Barclaycard Arrival Good For?

The newest travel award program on the scene, Barclaycard Arrival, takes a very different approach than Chase Ultimate Rewards or American Express Membership Rewards. There are no transfer partners. No bonuses when you redeem for travel with airlines or hotels. Just use your miles to pay for travel directly.

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Delta SkyMiles Program Review

Who Is Delta SkyMiles Good For?

Delta has been taking flak from frequent flyers for years, for a variety of valid reasons: Their awards are much harder to come by than those of most major domestic airlines; you cant book one-way awards without a huge penalty; and its often a huge time suck to find the award you want to book on their website.

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British Airways Executive Club Review

Who Is British Airways Executive Club Good For?

If you take a lot of flights around America (North, Central or South), Avios may be the best program for you. Because of its close partnership with American Airlines, you can use Avios to book pretty much any American flight for a fraction of the miles, since the Executive Club uses distance-based awards rather than zone-based awards.

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Chase Ultimate Rewards Program Review

Who Is Chase Ultimate Rewards Good For?

Unlike many airline programs that have been around for decades, the Chase Ultimate Rewards program is very new on the scene just five years old this month which may explain part of why it is such an attractive offering.

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United Airlines MileagePlus Program Review

United Airlines has good domestic coverage, with several hubs in the middle of the U.S. for varied domestic and international routing options, and a very wide network of international air and hotel partners through Star Alliance and individual partnerships.

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Membership Rewards vs. Ultimate Rewards

Airline and hotel programs are designed to get you to fly on their planes and to stay in their hotels. But we all know its not an exclusive relationship for many. While these programs are great for collecting miles and points for your low-cost travel, they are not the only programs you should be considering if you trade in your rewards for travel.

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