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Southwest Credit Cards: Everything You Need to Know

shows flying southwest plane and 3 main credit cards

Southwest credit cards are among the most popular credit cards to have in your wallet. They may not offer bonus points for dining or free lounge access, but they can provide an easy path to one of the best benefits in the airline industry—the Southwest Companion Pass. In this article, we’ll review everything you need to know about Southwest credit cards and the Southwest Rapid Rewards loyalty program.

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Wayfair Credit Card Review: Are the Discounts and Special Financing Enough? is an online furniture store based out of Boston, Massachusetts, that offers a variety of options for furnishing both your home and office. It’s a popular online retailer known for its frequent and generous sales. Wayfair also offers a consumer credit card which includes promotions, benefits, rewards and access to special financing offers. If you’re wondering whether the Wayfair credit card from Comenity Bank is right for you, our review of the card’s features might help make your decision a little easier.

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Children’s Place Credit Card Review

If you have kids, you live the inevitable truth that they grow fast and that you’re going to spend a lot of money trying to keep up with that growth. Those clothes that you just dropped a lot of money on a month or two ago are now too small, so you might very well be headed to the Children’s Place to buy more.

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The Zales Credit Card: Is There a Better Option?

When that special occasion rolls around, like a wedding or an engagement, and you need an exceptional gift, like a diamond ring or new earrings, you can’t go wrong with Zales Jewelers. And if you’ve ever been to the store, you probably know that they have their own store credit card.

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First Premier Credit Card: A Tool For Improving Your Credit

person holding credit card and ipad.

Credit history is everything. Buying a new car? You need good credit for that. Applying for a mortgage? You betcha! Even renting an apartment or shopping for a cell phone plan requires a credit pull these days.

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Overstock Credit Card: Is This Store Card Right For You? is a billion dollar, tech-driven online retailer offering bargains galore. Shopping on their site is a lot of fun because you can buy anything, even a room full of furniture, and get free shipping as long as your order is $45 or more.

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10 Best Credit Cards for Points

While bonuses are always a big factor when choosing a new credit card, you should also think about the long-term ability of the card to earn and redeem points. There are many things you should consider when determining the value of a card. Credit card promotions and rewards are always changing too, so stay in the know by being up to date on the best credit cards for points that 2018 has to offer.

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Compare Credit Cards and Find the Best One to Earn Cashback or Rewards

Finding the right card can be a difficult task, which is why we’re here to help you compare credit cards. There are a lot of quality cards available for different types of consumers, so we’ve put the best cards in head-to-head matchups in a variety of categories. Whether you’re a traveler, a cashback junkie or a small business owner, we’ve got you covered.

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2018’s Best Credit Cards for Miles: Top Airline and Bank Cards

New travel credit cards loaded with benefits and lucrative rewards are being introduced by banks at a rapid pace. Lucky for us, these include the cards that are best for airline miles. That’s because more and more credit cards are offering flexible, transferable points that can be converted to miles with a variety of airlines instead of just one carrier.

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2018’s Best Credit Cards for Rewards: Get the Biggest Bonuses and Best Offers

If you have a good credit score and zero debt, you might want to consider playing my favorite game. It can be played alone or in two-player mode, and it involves strategy and earning points. The game I’m talking about is the credit card rewards game, and it’s never too late to learn the rules. To get ahead, all you need is a credit card… or maybe five. Simply choose your weapon and start killing it.

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Walmart Credit Cards: Think Twice Before you Click “Apply”

Showing walmart credit cards on the table

You’ve probably been shopping at Walmart for years, but maybe you’ve just realized that they have their own credit card. You may be wondering if you should apply for the Walmart credit card. We’ll tell you how to apply and everything else there is to know about the Walmart Masterсard.

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The Best Credit Card Promotions – Top Deals, Offers and Bonuses (Updated August, 2019)

Many credit card promotions change monthly. The welcome bonus you see today might not be the same tomorrow. I recommend striking while the iron is hot. But how do you know when to apply?

Well, it’s a good thing you have experts like us to alert you to the best promos and offers. Let’s take a look at this month’s best credit card deals.

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Academy Credit Card Review

Holding a store credit card usually offers you, the consumer, a way to save money on merchandise. Almost every store has one these days. Did you know that Academy Sports + Outdoors, the discount sporting goods chain, offers its customers a co-branded Visa credit card?

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Interest-Free Credit Cards: A Complete Guide to the Best Cards

We all carry a balance on our credit cards from time to time. Unexpected expenses come up, like medical bills and car repairs. And sometimes you just can’t find another way to get that big ticket item you want. Unfortunately, this can get expensive fast because of the high interest rates on most credit cards.

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PayPal Credit Card Review: Get 2% Cashback and More

PayPal recently introduced a cashback credit card to their lineup. They’re hoping to attract more customers, but does the new PayPal Cashback MasterCard deserve a place in your wallet?

Once just the banking arm of eBay, PayPal is working hard to become your go-to electronic payment system. With its impressive earning potential and easy cashback redemptions, the new PayPal Cashback MasterCard is their latest step in achieving this goal.

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How to Pre-Qualify for the Best Citi Credit Cards

You know the routine. You come home from work, and before heading inside you check the mail. Along with a bunch of coupons you’ll never use, you find a few bills and, yes, credit card offers.

The envelopes that the credit card offers arrive in are the result of a lot of science. The colors and even the texture of the envelope were created to send the message that you long to hear: you’ve been chosen.

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Credit Score Ranges Explained

Your credit score matters for a lot of things, but it can be difficult to even figure out what a good credit score range is. Not only are there many different kinds of credit scores, but credit score ranges differ, too. What’s considered a good score can vary depending the type of score, the credit bureau and even the lending institution.

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2019 Chase Freedom Calendar (Q4 Revealed to Earn 5% Cash Back)

The Chase Freedom credit card is one of my favorite ways to earn cash back. Each quarter they offer rotating categories that offer 5% cash back on your purchases. This cash back comes in the form of Ultimate Rewards points, which hold even more value when you pair the Freedom card with the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, or the Chase Ink Business cards.

The quarterly bonus categories are capped at $1,500 in spend each quarter. This means that you can earn up to 7,500 Ultimate Rewards points every three months when you max out the bonus opportunity.

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The Best First Credit Cards You Should Apply For

So you’ve decided to apply for your first credit card. But without a credit history, it can be hard to figure out which cards you can get. You won’t qualify for just any card, never mind figuring out the best card to fit your needs.

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Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping in 2019

Every major retailer has an online store these days. That means consumers no longer have to leave their couch to buy clothes, books, groceries and more. But in a sea of credit cards, it can be hard to pick the best one for shopping online.

I’ll tell you how you can maximize your cash back while shopping online. I’ve included our roundup of the most rewarding credit cards. Plus, you’ll learn how to use shopping portals to earn 10 percent cash back or more. I managed to get 17 percent back for a recent purchase!

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