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The Zales Credit Card: Is There a Better Option?

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When that special occasion rolls around, like a wedding or an engagement, and you need an exceptional gift, like a diamond ring or new earrings, you can’t go wrong with Zales Jewelers. And if you’ve ever been to the store, you probably know that they have their own store credit card.

You may be tempted to apply in-store for their credit card, particularly if you want to spread out the cost of your purchase. Let’s take a look at the benefits that come with the Zales card issued by Comenity Bank and find out if it’s worth filling out the application.

What You Get With the Zales Credit Card From Comenity Bank

The Zales card may seem like a great idea when you’re looking for a way to pay for jewelry, but we need to take a closer look at the card benefits to see if it’s worth getting.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits that come with the card:

  • $50 off on your birthday
  • Exclusive cardholder coupons, email reminders for jewelry inspections and cleaning
  • Free standard shipping
  • 10% off any repair service when using your Zales credit card
  • Promotional financing
  • Zero down payments with promotional plans

what you get with zales credit card
Let’s break down the value of the benefits offered with the Zales credit card.

$50 Birthday Discount

First, getting a $50 discount on your birthday is great, but if you go to the Zales website today, you can receive a $50 discount offer by simply signing up to receive promotional emails.

Exclusive Coupons and Discounts

As far as email reminders and exclusive cardholder coupons go, it’s difficult to put a value on these offers. Email reminders for inspection and cleaning add minimal value.

Exclusive cardholder coupons could have value, but special offers abound at Zales and are frequently offered to the public in their promotional flyers and on their website. For instance, there is currently a sale featured on their website offering 30 percent off of every purchase and sapphire earrings that are normally $99 on special for $19.99.

Getting 10 percent off on repairs has minimal value. How many jewelry repairs do you have in a year? If you have one $50 repair that’s a saving of $5.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is also a positive, but not a big benefit as you’re more likely to purchase an item in store so you can see it in person. Also, their website runs frequent promotions, such as today’s free shipping offer on purchases of $49 or more.

$0 Down

Not having to make a down payment when you purchase an item could be useful. However, there is a service charge of $9.99 for each purchase transaction when you use one of the Zales credit card payment plans for 12 or 18 months, so it would be prudent to have a down payment to at least offset the fee.

One Benefit You Might Use: Zales Payment Plan

If you’re purchasing something expensive from Zales Jewelers, like an engagement ring or even a diamond wedding ring, you’d probably like to spread out the repayment over time. In that case, you may find it worth filling out an application for the card just to get the Everyday Promotional Plans.

The Zales Everyday Promotional Plans allow you to spread repayment over a 6-, 12- or 18-month period with no interest.

Caution! Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if you do not pay the balance off before the promotional deferred interest period expires or if you make a late payment. Not paying off the balance in time or making a late payment could be a costly proposition.

Alternatives to the Zales Card for Fair to Excellent Credit

With a decent credit history, there’s no need to select the Zales credit card with its mediocre benefits. You would certainly fare better securing a card that offers a 0% APR period for purchases and earns rewards for every purchase.

One such card is the Blue Cash Everyday card from American Express. Not only could you spread the repayment of a jewelry purchase over its 15-month 0% APR period, you could be earning cash back on every purchase, too.

Also, the 0% APR period on the Blue Cash Everyday card does not work like Zales deferred interest promotional plan. No interest is accrued during the 0% APR period, so if the balance is not paid off by the end of the period, only the remaining balance will be charged interest. No interest is charged if the balance is paid in full by the deadline.

With a current offer of a $150 sign-up bonus, plus no annual fee, the Blue Cash Everyday card from American Express is a fine choice over the Zales credit card.

Get Double Cashback Instead

Another good alternative to the Zales card would be the Citi Double Cash Card. You’ll not only be earning cash back on all of your purchases, but they will also double when you pay. That means you’ll get 2 percent back for your jewelry purchases!

The card does not charge an annual fee and it has interest-free financing on balance transfers.

For other cashback cards, check out what our experts are recommending.

Alternatives to the Zales Card for Poor or No Credit

If you’re considering the Zales credit card because your credit is marginal and you might want to consider Capital One® QuicksilverOne®. You’ll be earning cash back on your purchases with this card.

A Simpler Alternative

A more basic secured card that does not earn rewards, but certainly one that will help you build a credit history, is the Platinum credit card from Capital One. The card has no annual fee, and you’ll have access to a higher credit limit after you make your first five payments on time.

What to Watch Out for With the Zales Card

Fortunately, the Zales credit card does not charge an annual fee. However, in addition to the hefty APR, you could incur other fees and charges associated with the card.

If you make a late payment on the card or your payment is returned, you’ll be charged a late or returned payment fee for the first occurrence. If you make another late/returned payment within six statement periods, the fee increases.

More Questions About the Card

questions about the zales card

Can I make a payment to my Zales card online?

Once you receive your card, you can register online and access your account 24/7. You can then easily make a payment to your account online.

How can I sign up for the no-interest financing plan at Zales?

You cannot sign up for special financing offers with Zales. Their promotional plans are offered to cardholders or to customers at checkout time when making a purchase.

Can I earn rewards by spending on the Zales credit card?

Purchases you charge on your Zales card do not earn rewards. However, there are special promotional offers and other sales especially for cardholders that may earn reward certificates.

Where can I use the Zales credit card?

Unfortunately, it’s a store-branded card issued by Comenity Bank and is not affiliated with a network such as Visa or MasterCard. It can only be used in store at Zales or online at

How do I login to my Zales card account?

It’s easy to login to your account. Simply go to the Comenity Bank login page for the Zales card and either create an account or fill in your username and password.

Bottom Line – Should You Get This Card?

The only reason you might possibly consider the Zales card is to utilize the Everyday Promotional Plans when purchasing an expensive piece of jewelry.

Even then, deferred interest repayment plans can be expensive if they aren’t managed well. An inadvertent late payment or failure to pay off the entire balance in advance of the promotional period expiration date will result in charges of high APR on your entire purchase.

If you can qualify for another credit card, then you probably shouldn’t get the Zales credit card. There is no compelling reason to incur a hard inquiry on your credit for a card that lacks benefits and rewards.

A cashback card with a 0% APR intro period would serve as a far better choice. Even a QuicksilverOne card could be a better option.

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