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Business Finances: Saving Time and Money with Deputy

What if you could manage key aspects of your business while lying on the beach? Create schedules or finalize payroll while sipping an exotic beverage, or even get the low down on how the weather will impact your scheduling back home while watching the sunset?

If any of that sounds good to you then Deputy might just be up your alley. It is software designed to streamline scheduling and workforce management. Companies like Amazon, Nike, and McDonald’s are already using Deputy, and so is NASA, along with local mom-and-pop stores looking to get the most out of their money and time.

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Save Money with Hidden City Ticketing and Other Tricks Using ITA Matrix

ITA Matrix is popular among frequent flyers and travel hackers because it provides so much control over the parameters of your search. You can force connections in a certain city, exclude airlines, and even pick exact flight numbers. Some of these functions are possible with other websites but can be extremely cumbersome. Finding a great itinerary with ITA Matrix can make it easier to reconstruct elsewhere for cash or award tickets.

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Find Better Flights on ITA Matrix with Advanced Routing Language

The best feature of ITA Matrix is the advanced routing language that can be used to specify a traveler’s exact needs. Many other airlines and online travel agencies use the same technology as ITA Matrix precisely because of powerful abilities like this.

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How to Use ITA Matrix: The Most Powerful Airfare Search Tool

There are many ways to search for flights: airline websites, online travel agencies (OTAs), search aggregators like Kayak, and even visiting a human travel agent. However, many of these tools are trying to sell you something — a ticket for your next business trip or vacation — and may not always provide the most useful information.

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Flying Apps and Programs That Will Make Your Journey Smoother

Zipping through the sky in an aluminum tube is standard procedure for many travelers, but some find it as thrilling and exciting as ever.

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