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How to Predict and Avoid Fuel Surcharges on Award Tickets

In addition to saving up miles for a “free” trip, don’t forget to consider the taxes, fees and fuel surcharges you may have to pay. It’s impossible to avoid government taxes and fees, but the fuel surcharge is very dependent on the specifics of your ticket.

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The True Price of an Award Ticket and How to Avoid Fuel Surcharges

If you’re collecting miles and playing the frequent flyer awards game, you’re probably already familiar with the airport taxes, fuel surcharges and other fees that often get added to your ticket. So when you finally earn that “free” flight you’ve been saving up for, you don’t expect it to be completely free.

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The Full Monty on Fuel Surcharges

Ever looked for an award ticket, thought you had found a great deal, and then were shocked when the taxes and fees cost hundreds of dollars?

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