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Transparency & Customer-First Approach Drives Sales

The launch of ecommerce has been a game-changer across the globe and is now something most people can’t live without. It has simplified lives and how we shop by saving us time and money.

For many years, ecommerce megastores dominated the online space, but the availability of ready-to-launch ecommerce platforms and services now make it possible for any company of any size to launch an ecommerce store. (PF) is a health and supplements ecommerce store that officially launched in 2009. We spoke with Daniel Moure, CMO of PureFormulas, to learn more about how they got started and to understand their unique selling proposition.

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RetailNext: Creating a Better Retail Experience for Everyone

In the era of online shopping, buying items at brick-and-mortar stores can sometimes seem a bit stale and behind the times. In fact, many retailers struggle with the fact that shoppers go to stores, do their research, look for the best price and then go home and buy the same item at a different retailer online.

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Avoid Black Friday Lines and Save Money on All Your Holiday Shopping with eBay

If you love buying holiday gifts at deep discount but hate dealing with Black Friday crowds, you’re not alone. According to an eBay Holiday Shopping Survey, 72 percent of shoppers start buying gifts early in order to find a better selection. However, 76 percent would still rather give something up—such as social media for a week (38 percent), sugar or carbs for a month (35 percent), or caffeine for seven days (32 percent)—than stand in line on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. One in four (26 percent) would even rather have a root canal than line up in the hopes of scoring a holiday bargain.

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FatWallet: Hand-Picked Deals on Travel and More

PwC, a leading professional services network, conducted its most comprehensive retail survey to date in 2016, reaching out to nearly 23,000 online shoppers from around the globe to learn more about their interests and habits. Among the findings was the insight that affordability figures heavily into shopping decisions, with 60 percent of those surveyed choosing a favorite retailer because of its prices. Many are increasingly using their mobile devices while shopping as well, with 31 percent accessing coupons or promotional codes on their smartphones.

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Unclaimed Baggage Center: Lost Luggage Gets a Second Chance

The more often you travel by plane, the more likely your chances of having to deal with a delayed, lost, damaged or otherwise mishandled baggage incident. At its best, such an occurrence is inconvenient. At its worst—maybe you packed your all-time favorite outfit or your great grandmother’s prized silver—it’s downright heartbreaking.

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