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Comparing Premium Economy Products on the Domestic Legacy Carriers

Over the past several years, airlines have taken steps to differentiate their classes of product segment in order to maximize revenue. Cabin configurations traditionally consisted of either two classes (economy and business class) or three classes (economy, business and first class).

Now planes are configured with four or even five cabins, with the more recent additions being premium economy. In many cases, premium economy has become the new “middle class” as airlines have done away with first class, and are flying with planes that have standard economy, premium economy and business class.

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Two New Airlines Enter the A350 Space

Singapore Airlines and TAM became the newest airlines to join the A350 flying family, taking delivery of their aircraft on March 2, 2016 and December 17, 2015 respectively. Singapore Airlines is the second airline to fly the planes in Asia and TAM is the first in South America.

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Travelers On Board with Premium Economy Perks

Premium economy is more expensive than coach, less expensive than business and far cheaper than first class. It’s becoming a popular choice among airline travelers.

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