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Learn and Earn with Skillshare’s Online Platform

Skill Share

Do you want to pick up a few cutting-edge skills to help you advance your career? Are you trying to start or grow your own creative business? Do you wish you could find a way to earn a living sharing your knowledge and expertise in graphic design, film production, photography, human resources, leadership, management, marketing, data science or IT Security? If so, you need to check out Skillshare.

RewardExpert sat down with Cam Lay, Skillshare’s vice president of marketing, to explore the online community and how it’s helping more than seven million members learn and earn.

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TTEC Gives Back Using Marketing Power to Transform Lives

Global outreach is not only a preference in the business world, but more of a necessity.

Companies like TTEC, formerly known as TeleTech Holdings, offer global customer experiences through the vein of omni-channel customer service, done by captivating designs and operations on behalf of the world’s most innovative brands.

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Cengage to Offer Affordable, Unlimited On-Demand Access to Digital Course Materials

These days, paying for college is not an easy feat. While the cost of tuition and fees continues to rise, household income has actually declined—forcing most students to take out loans in order to complete their education. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, nearly half of student loan borrowers leave school at least $20,000 in debt. Thirty percent of borrowers are unable to make a dent in their loan balance after five years of repayment, and more than 60 percent of borrowers not reducing their balances are delinquent.

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Train Your Brain for a Healthy Financial Future with LearningRx

In today’s society there are so many distractions, making it sometimes hard to focus – whether it be in the classroom or in everyday life. With ADD, ADHD and other disorders, tutoring may not be enough. LearningRx takes learning a step further with brain training. As its website states, the company’s approach goes beyond basic tutoring by improving attention, math, memory and reading skills in ways that last – for both kids and adults. In the company’s 35+ year history, founder Dr. Ken Gibson and his staff have helped over 100,000 individuals with a unique cognitive training methodology.

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Can’t Afford College? You Can Still Enjoy a Career with a Solid Financial Future

While data from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed 33.4 percent of the country’s adult population held a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2016, the number of high school graduates immediately enrolling in college has actually decreased in recent years.

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Advance Your Career with an Affordable Degree from WGU

Overall student satisfaction of 96 percent. Average time to a bachelor’s degree of 2.5 years. Eighty-seven percent employment rate in field of degree. These are just a few of the impressive statistics you’ll find in Western Governors University’s annual report—and just a few of the reasons the online university is the higher education provider of choice of more than 90,000 students nationwide.

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Increase Your Income Potential with Free Online Courses from FutureLearn

If you’ve been thinking about searching for a new job, you’re not alone. According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report, 51 percent of U.S. employees are actively looking for a new position or watching for job openings. What are the reasons? Gallup’s survey results show career growth opportunities as well as better pay and benefits top the list.

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