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Curb: Making Taxis as Convenient as Ridesharing

When driving oneself isn’t an option, and taking a bus, train or subway is either impossible or inconvenient, an increasing number of travelers are turning to ridesharing solutions to find transportation to where they want to go. But what if you could avoid the safety concerns of Uber and Lyft without sacrificing their convenience? You can—if you use Curb to hail a taxi instead.

RewardExpert recently spoke with Jason Gross, the company’s head of product and marketing, about how Curb works, new developments expected this year, and his best tips for using the app on your next vacation.

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Tips for Dealing with Airline IT Problems

mobile app

Delta became the latest airline to succumb to a massive IT failure last month. It was a total meltdown for all platforms as and the Delta app were both inaccessible which led to a nationwide grounding of all Delta domestic flights. Late that night, operations gradually came back online, but updates were being announced individually for each airport, still leaving many travelers confused and without flight options.

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Transit: An Easier Way to Navigate Public Transportation


Smartphones have become essential to navigate unfamiliar places. Thanks to global positioning systems (GPS), getting to a destination without getting lost is easy.

But you don’t just need to see where you’re going, you need to see how to get there. In cities with multiple modes of travel, travelers complain that it’s hard to find a navigation app that includes all the options.

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DUFL Can Help You Overcome The Stress of Packing for Your Next Trip

dufl app

In the two years since its inception, DUFL has changed the way savvy professionals travel for business. Voted Best New Travel App of 2015 by USA Today, this unique company eliminates the need to pack for a trip, check or stow luggage, even do laundry and visit the dry cleaner. They do it all for you.

Thousands of executives, salespeople, athletes, celebrities and others who use DUFL’s services enjoy a stress-free journey while the company’s staff carefully packs and ships their clothing, toiletries and personal items to their destination.

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GateGuru: The Yelp of Airports

gateguru app

A mobile phone is a traveler’s most trusted resource. Before settling into your seat and setting your phone to “airplane mode,” there are many logistic hurdles to overcome.

GateGuru has created a mobile app that guides you through major airports. While other apps focus on booking a fight, this app is all about the airport experience.

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The Best Apps for Tracking Miles and Points

The Best Apps for Tracking Miles and Points

One of the first things you need to do when you start collecting points and miles is get the right app to keep track of your accounts. You’ll never have to worry about points expiring, forgetting passwords or losing account numbers again, and you’ll always know how many points and miles you have. And while some apps are dedicated to tracking, you might be better off with an all-around good travel app like Tripit, which offers miles tracking in its pro version.

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Hilton Partners With Uber to Expand Its HHonors App

Members of the Hilton HHonors program can now use the HHonors app to find popular destinations in the cities they’re visiting, thanks to a new partnership with Uber. Hot spots most visited by Uber riders can now be accessed through the Hilton app, allowing users to enjoy the city like a local.

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United Airlines App Revamped to Make Airport Living Easier

Have you ever wished you had a map of the airport when you were on a layover, in the midst of a delay or, worse yet, dealing with a flight cancellation? Or maybe you just wanted to know which restaurant had the best food, or where to find the nearest ATM? With the new features integrated into the United Airlines app, you can have all that, plus self-booking options, in the palm of your hand.

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Must-Have Apps for Air Travel

The smartphone has revolutionized the way we travel. Having a few killer apps installed on your phone can help you find your way around the airport, get delay and gate change notifications, track flights in the air and know exactly when a flight has landed. Here are a few awesome apps that you should download and start using the next time you head for the airport.

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