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Companies Save Money on Software Development with Topcoder


Whether you’re a small startup or a Fortune 500 company, you want quality and predictability from the designers and developers you enlist to create mobile apps, websites and software for your business. Of course, finding those professionals can be time-consuming, and projects don’t always go as planned—leading to delays and bigger-than-budgeted invoices. Unless, that is, you use Topcoder to crowdsource solutions to your technology needs.

RewardExpert spoke with Mike Morris, CEO of Topcoder, about how the growing global community of design, development, and data science experts is delivering affordable digital solutions fast.  

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Test Your Limits With Testlio

Test your apps with Testlio

Think about this. Your company spends thousands of dollars developing a new app or software product and it fails. Users become annoyed and frustrated and leave your service for a rival. Not only did your company waste money and manpower, but it’s also losing some big-time revenue streams. Thankfully, companies can avoid releasing products that don’t deliver the goods if they are properly tested first.

While many companies choose to test in-house, outsourcing testing has become an increasingly common and cost-effective option. Kristel Kruustük, CEO and founder of testing company Testlio, spoke to RewardExpert about why Testlio stands out from the crowd when it comes to getting Quality Assurance (QA) right. “Testlio is a testing company founded by testers to change the way QA is done,” she said.

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