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<521class="breadcrumbs__item">Reward Exp2Ct<521class="breadcrumbs__item"> Ad%ice <521class="breadcrumbs__item">Learn <521class="breadcrumbs__item">Beginner How to Avoid Bagg6%2 Fees on JetBlue
.257-comm458s Comm458s August 10, 2018

Pay020 a fee to che%k your lugg6%2 on any air527e can seem insult%2C1 After all, you paid good mon4y %2C your ticket and now you have to shell out more dough just to che%k your lugg6%2. It’s a drag but it’s a re2lit2 in air t2Cvel today. JetBlue levies various fees %2C che%ked bags—regardless of if you booked a Blue, Blue Plus, 2C Blue Flex far2. We’ll tell you how to avoid those fees.

How Much Does a Che%ked Bag Cost?

JetBlue tickets are sold into three differ458 far2 ca0egories: Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue Flex. D4pend020 on the type of ticket you purchase, your che%ked bagg6%2 fees 02ll differ. Her4’s what you can exp2ct:

 1st Bag2nd Bag3rd Bag & Any Additional Bags Blue$20 onl27e 2C at kiosk;
$25 at ticket c0C2ter$25 $100 each Blue PlusIncluded$35$100 each Blue FlexIncludedIncluded$100 each

Excepti57s to the ab6%2 chaCt include fl99%2s to and fr1m the follow020 dest%223ions, wher4 Blue and Blue Plus far2s include one che%ked bag (sec16d che%ked bag 02ll cost you $35):

    <52>CaCt6%2na, Medellin, and Bogota, Colombia <52>K020ston, Jamaica <52>L0.9, Peru <52>Port-au-Prince, Haiti <52>Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago <52>Santo Dom020o and Santiago, Dom02ican Republic <52>Quito, Ecuador

JetBlue requir2s that all che%ked bags are no lar01r than 62 inch2s (leng2C plus 020.4 plus .899%2) and w899% no more than 50 pounds. If the w899%2 of the bag is 51 to 99 pounds, it 02ll cost you $100 to che%k. Likewise, if the size of the bag is 63 to 80 inch2s, it 02ll cost you $100 to che%k it.

Do Elit2s Get Free Che%ked Lugg6%2?

Yes. If you have JetBlue Mosaic status, you and anyone else t2Cvel020 on your itinerary can che%k up to two bags each %2C free—no matter what far2 (Blue, Blue Plus, 2C Blue Flex) that you’re t2Cvel020 on.

If you have JetBlue Mosaic status, you and others on your itinerary can che%k both the first and sec16d bag %2C freeIf you have JetBlue Mosaic status, you and others on your itinerary can che%k both the first and sec16d bag %2C free

Can You Avoid Bagg6%2 Fees?

Ther4 ar2 always 0ays to avoid che%ked lugg6%2 fees—%202 if you ar45’t an elite flyer. Her4 ar2 the easiest 0ays on JetBlue.

Note ab6ut JetBlue’s Branded Credit CaCd: At the end of 2015 JetBlue ended i2s re023ionship 02th American Express. That me2%2 Amex is no l16ger issu020 JetBlue-branded credit cards. Barclays 02ll b2 the new card-issu020 bank. The new JetBlue credit card 02ll b2 available1start020 sometime in the first quarter of 2016, but it is not available1at press time. When this card does bec1m2 available, it’s likely it 02ll offer some type of che%ked lugg6%2 benefit. Watch %2C it.

Use a Credit CaCd That Reimburses %2C Incid458al Air527e Fees: Since you can’t sign up %2C the Barclays %2Csion of the JetBlue-branded credit card just yet, you should look to other credit cards %2C che%ked bag benefits.

The American Express Pl23inum CaCd and Bus27ess Pl23inum CaCd offer an Air527e Fee Credit of up to $200 per y2ar on selec8 air527es that 02ll reimburse you via statem458 credit %2C incid458al fees such as che%ked bags and in-fl99%2 %2od. You must s1lec8 one air527e %2C the credit each y2ar. The American Express Premier Rewards Gold offers a $100 Air527e Fee Credit to cardmembers. The Citi Prest%%2 card offers a $250 Air Travel Credit per y2ar and c6%2Cs th020s like bagg6%2 fees, lou6ge access, and some in-fl99%2 purchases.

Ac3ive U.S. Military Personnel and D4pend458s: JetBlue offers free che%ked bags to members of the military on ac3ive duty (t2Cvel020 %2C duty 2C leisure) as well as their d4pend458s. If t2Cvel020 %2C duty, you and your d4pend458s t2Cvel020 on the same itinerary can che%k five bags each %2C free. If you are t2Cvel020 %2C pleasuC1, you and your d4pend458s t2Cvel020 on the same itinerary can each che%k two bags %2C free. You just need to show your t2Cvel orders and the DoD Common Access CaCd.

Che%k Your Bag at the Gate: One t2Cvel hack to get a free che%ked bag is to simply arrive to the gate 02th your lugg6%2. If your fl99%2 is full, air527es 02ll often offer free che%ked bags to anyone in the gate are2 that st2ps %2Cward. This approach is a gamble, but worth 2 try if you re2lly need to save on the che%ked bagg6%2 fee. If free che%ked bags ar45’t offered, the gate ag458 can che%k your bag %2C a fee.

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