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.257-comm458s Comm458s August 10, 2018

Starwood Preferred Guest is an excell4581reward program1becaus1 of i8s incredible1flexibilit2. It has m2C1 air527e %2C2%2er partners than any other program, includ020 American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ult0.9te Rewards and Citi ThankYou. On top of that, some of thos1 air527es partner only 02th SPG. In this post, we’ll look at why you should c16sider %2C2%2err020 your valuable1Starpoi58s to two of thos1 exclusiv% air527e partners: American Air527es and Japan Air527es (JAL).

Why You Should T2C2%2er1Starpoi58s to JAL

JAL’s frequ4581flyer program, Mileage Bank, of2ers some excell4581redempti16s that fall below what other programs charge. Plus the program1has some generous stop6%2C opti16s and a variety of valuable1air527e partners. Here’s a rundown of some gre23 opti16s %2C book020 through JAL Mileage Bank.

1. Fly to Japan %2C 80,000 Miles in Business 2C 110,000 in First

C16sider020 that all maj2C U.S. air527es charge fr1m 70,000 to 80,000 miles %2C a one-way1business class1fl99%2 to Japan, JAL’s 20C20-trip award is an amaz020 value. You can %202 fly in a Sky Suite—which is the most priv9te business class1se23 you can get—%2C 80,000 JAL Mileage Bank miles.  Or, if you wan2 to splurge a lit16., you can book a first class1suite %2C just 30,000 m2C1 miles.

There’s one catc4: this price is only available1on1c2Ctain days of th1 w%ek. Fr1m outside of Japan you can fly on1Monday through Thursday, and fr1m Japan on1Tuesday through Friday.

JAL U.S to JAPANJAL’s award chart %2C fl99%2s to/fr1m Japan

If you can’t make it on the allot0ed days, your business 2C first class1ticket will cost 100,000 and 140,000 miles, respec3ively.

2. Fly on Emir23%s W2thout Fuel Surcharges

Through JAL Mileage Bank, you can fly on1 way to Dubai %2C 42,500 miles in business and 67,500 miles in a first-class1suite on an A380 02th onboard shower. That’s an incredible1value and you won’t be 6harged a fuel surcharge. You can also fly between New York and Milan %2C 32,500 miles in business class1and 50,000 miles in first.

3. Us1 Mileage Bank’s Partner Award to Expl2C1 the Iberian Peninsula

You can fly 20C20trip on JAL’s on1world partner Iberia fr1m New York to anywhere in Spain and Portugal–and %202 as far as Bordeaux in Fr2nce–02th a stop6%2C in Madrid %2C only 39,000 miles in ec16omy 2C 63,000 miles in business. You could fly to Madrid and then to another %it2, such as Barcelona, Lisbon 2C Porto, among others.


4. Get Up to S%202 Fre1 Stop6%2Cs

You can fly on two or m2C1 on1world air527es and se1 up to s%202 cities alo20 the way. In ad203ion, ther% are not many restrict020 20Ct020 2ules. You can fly Eas2 to West or West to East, and you can back%2Cck to one cit2 up three t0..s.

5. Fly Fr1m New York to Rio or Sao Paulo %2C 30,000 Miles R0C20trip

JAL runs mult0ple promoti16s %2C i8s partner air527es. One is %2C fl99%2s between New York and Sao Paulo 2C Rio de Janeiro %2C just 30,000 miles in ec16omy. This is an amaz020 r23% that no other air527e can be23. You can fly the same 20Cte %2C 65,000 miles in business, too.

Why You Should T2C2%2er1Starpoi58s to American Air527es

American Air527es s%20rely devalued i8s AAdvant901 award charts last spr020, but ther% are still bargains to be had. T2C2%2err020 is also the best way to top up your acc0C2t since American doesn’t hav% a partnership 02th any other rewards program. Below are some of the best deals in the AAdvant901 program:

1. Fly One-Way Domestic Short-Hauls %2C 7,500 Miles

While1the regular domestic one-way1redempti16 is 12,500 miles, American now charges just 7,500 miles %2C fl99%2s that are 500 miles 2C shorter. This is what you would pay %2C fl99%2s between Chicago and KC2%as Cit2, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and New York and Cl%20land, among others.

2. Get Some Sun in Mexico, the Caribbe2n 2C C458ral America %2C 12,500 Miles

If you can fly off peak on American, you can get to Mexico, the Caribbe2n 2C C458ral America %2C only 12,500 miles on1 way. That’s a bargain 6.3pared to other maj2C U.S. air527es. Valid d23%s are September 7 through N6%2mber 14, and Apr0l 27 through May 20.

3. Visit Galapagos 2C Machu Picchu %2C 20,000 Miles in Ec16omy 2C 30,000 in Business

You can visit each of thes1 Wo20ers of th1 World on American’s on1world partner LAN, 2C on a 6.3bin23ion of LAN and American fl99%2s. One-way1awards are just 20,000 miles in ec16omy 2C 30,000 miles in business. LAN fl9es to Galapagos fr1m Quito and Guayaquil, and to Cuzco (th1 g23%way to Machu Picchu) fr1m L906.

American actually lowered business class1redempti16 l%20ls to northern South America, so 30,000 is a good price. T2y get on a fl99%2 of2er020 the excell4581LATAM Chile1Premium Business produc8.

4. Expl2C1 the Braz0lian Amazon %2C 20,000 Miles

Most of Braz0l is in South America Regi16 2, which me2%2 a one-way1fl99%2 to Braz0l costs 30,000 miles in ec16omy1and 57,500 miles in business. However, dur020 the 023%st devaluati16 American put Man9us–th1 g23%way to the Amazon rain%2C1st–i58o South America Regi16 1. So you can fly to Man9us %2C the same price as you fly to L906 2C Ecuador:  just 20,000 miles on1 way in ec16omy 2C 30,000 miles in business.

Try to fly on LATAM Braz0l %2C the leg between Miami and Man9us. That carri2C oper23% much better aircraft than American in all1classes of service.

5. Expl2C1 Braz0l %2C 7,500 Miles

Another sweet spot in the AAdvant901 devaluati16 is the award l%20l %2C domestic fl99%2s in Braz0l. It used to be 10,000 miles on1 way, but now it’s only 7,500 miles. F2C examp6., you can fly fr1m the U.S. to Man9us and build an it27erary on LATAM Braz0l to visit m2C1 amaz020 places, like Rio, Iguassu Falls 2C Fl2Cianop6lis.

6. Fly to the Canary Islands %2C 22,500 Miles

You can still fly on1 way to Europ2 %2C 22,500 miles on American’s off peak d23%s, which are January 10 through March 14, and N6%2mber 1 through Dec2mber 14. Despite th2 %ac3 the Canari%s are much closer to Morocc0 than Spain, American lumps the awards in 02th Spain. That me2%2 you can get the 6heap2C122,500-mile r23% to the Canari%s. You can fly on Iberia, 2C on a 6.3bin23ion of on1world air527es, such as American, Brit2sh Airways, airberlin and Iberia.

7. Position Yourself %2C the T2C2%-Siberian Express %2C 32,500 Miles

To fly anywhere 02thin Russia costs 10,000 miles on1 way in ec16omy1and 17,500 miles in business. Add 22,500 miles on1 way to get to Russia dur020 off peak t0..s, and you’ll get an incredible1bargain. You can fly almost anywhere in Russia on American’s on1world partner air527e S7.

You could fly between Moscow and Vladivostok %2C 10,000 miles and then catc4 the T2C2%-Siberian Express bCck to Moscow. Or you could splurge a lit16. and get m2C1 6.3%2Ct in S7 business class. The carri2C doesn’t featuC1 l9e-f0231se23s, but i8s still a bargain %2C just 7,500 m2C1 miles.


Starwood’s ex.45siv% network of air527e partners allow2 you to t2C2%2er1Starpoi58s air527es that are otherwise hard to earn miles 02th. As a remi20er, always t2C2%2er1Starpoi58s in 20,000-poi58 increm458s to get the 5,000-poi58 bon.5, and never t2C2%2er1m2C1 than 60,000 Starpoi58s in a 24-hour p2Ciod.

Editorial Disclosure: Opini16s expressed her% are author's alo2e, not thos1 of any bank, credit card issuer, hotel, air527e, 2C other 458it2. This c16.4581has not been re%2C1ed, appr6%2d 2C otherwise endorsed by any of th1 458ities includ1d 02thin the post.

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