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Budget Travel: 4 Ways To Cut Costs By Using A VPN

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Searching the web for international flights and accommodations is thrilling — until you reach the checkout and see the final price.

Exorbitant travel costs can’t be avoided, but many people are unaware that with a simple cybersecurity tool, these costs can be greatly reduced.

So today, let’s explore how the humble Virtual Private Network (VPN) can unlock a treasure trove of holiday discounts and savings.

Becoming a VPN bargain hunter…

Getting your new VPN set up

First things first, you’ll need a high-quality VPN. In essence, a VPN reroutes your data through another server somewhere else in the world. Through this process, your real location and personal data are concealed.

Let’s quickly cover how to set up your VPN to start taking advantage of region-specific discounts, sales, and more.

1. Download a premium VPN for Chrome or Safari.

2. Log in to the client software or browser extension.

3. Browse the list of countries your VPN provider offers.

4. Spoof your location by simply clicking on your desired country.

5. In a few seconds, you’re connected and your real location is hidden.


How to find location-dependent discounts and bargains

So which country gives the best discounts? Some blogs will give you a list of countries, but the best choice is often not so simple. Here are a few simple rules that often lead to discounts:

  • Avoid booking tickets to your country’s most popular destinations. Instead, book the same ticket from a country that has less demand for this airfare.
  • Book from the country of origin of the airline, train, etc. Travel companies tend to offer better prices within their home country.
  • Browse ticket prices from a lower-income country. Affluent countries get higher prices as citizens can afford them.
  • Shop during local holiday seasons. Just like at home, every country offers substantial discounts during their popular holiday seasons.
  • Clear your cookies, cache, and browsing history. If the website sees that you’re returning, the same price you saw might spike.

4 ways to save money on your travels with a VPN

#1. Discover discounts on flight tickets

You got that right — depending on your location in the world, you’re not shown the same prices as other countries. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also take advantage of these cheaper flight tickets.

Let’s say you’re booking a flight from London to Singapore on Qantas Airways. There are a few things that may help to find cheaper tickets.

  • Change your location to London or Singapore.
  • Try shifting your location to Australia, the home country of Qantas Airways Limited.
  • Check for surrounding lower-income countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

Each time you change location, make sure to clear your cache, cookies, and history. If you don’t, the website could recognize your device, and the price won’t budge.

#2. Reduce the costs of accommodation

Let’s say you’re booking accommodation in Delhi from your home in Johannesburg. The website will just assume that you’re planning a holiday. To avoid holiday price-gauging:

  • Spoof your location to the destination country;
  • Check the prices from neighboring countries;
  • Book from business hubs like Singapore, the United States, Australia, etc.

Fluctuations in the prices of accommodations are rare and often difficult to find compared with airfares. It will require more trial and error, but the savings you make on your holiday can be massive.


#3. Securing your bank accounts, credit cards, and data

It’s just a harsh truth that vacationers are commonly targeted by cyber crooks and local scammers. Perhaps the biggest savings you could make on your trip is to prevent your savings from being stolen by a cybercriminal.

Only strong personal cybersecurity will ensure this can’t happen, which includes:

  • Modern cyber hygiene practices;
  • Antivirus installed on all possible devices;
  • Using a VPN on all public internet connections.

#4. Possible savings on other modes of transport

Sources from around the internet claim similar benefits of using a VPN for cheaper train, bus, and boat tickets. These discounts are even harder to find but can save you a small fortune in transport costs.

Wrapping up…

Almost everyone loves to travel — what no one loves are the painful sums it can cost to venture around the world.

A VPN opens the door to countless hidden discounts and protections that keep your vacation costs to a minimum.

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