AirGrub Comes to New York and Boston Airports


When you’re home you can order food from GrubHub or Seamless, but have you ever wished you could do the same thing at the airport? If you’re in Kennedy Airport in New York or Logan Airport in Boston, you can. AirGrub has opened up shop in both airports.

AirGrub is an app that lets you order food and skip the line whether you’re looking to get a bite during a layover, or ordering food so it’s ready when you get to the airport. It has been operating in the San Francisco Airport since June.

Order Up!

How does it work? Download the AirGrub app and start menu hopping and ordering food. The app lets you pick which terminal you’re going to be in and your flight time. It will then give you the lay of the culinary landscape by telling you which restaurants are in your terminal.

Just pick a restaurant, check out the menu, decide what you want to eat, order and pay directly through the app. You can schedule a pick up time, too, if you want to plan ahead. You will find a wide variety of menu options, ranging from trendy gluten free and low carb options to vegetarian fare.

The Airport Restaurant Round Up

That’s all fine and good, but you probably want to know exactly what restaurants you can order food from before you download the app. AirGrub is currently working with a total of eighteen restaurants in Boston, San Francisco and New York.

You can now use AirGrub at Kennedy and Logan
You can now use AirGrub at Kennedy and Logan

If you’re in Terminal 1 in San Francisco, you can order from Perry’s Restaurant and Perry’s Grab and Go. In Terminal 2, you can check out Napa Farms Market and Andale Mexican Restaurant. If you’re up for some sandwiches from Klein’s Deli, you better be in Terminal 3, where you can also order from Andale Mexican Restaurant, Yankee Pier and S.F. SoupCo. Last but not least, Andale Mexican Restaurant is also available in International Terminal G.

What about Boston? If your flight’s leaving from Terminal A, then you can choose from Friendly’s, Fresh City and Market Fresh Kitchen. In terminal C or E, you can grab a Whopper and some onion rings at Burger King. Terminal C has GoGo Stop.

Heading in or out of JFK? Then you can order from Bar Veloce in JetBlue’s Terminal 5. And starting December 1, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse will go live on the AirGrub app.