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Whatfix Provides In-App Guidance and Interactive Performance Support for Web Applications

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When learning a new skill, we all could use a hand from time to time. For some of us, this is especially true when it comes to mastering modern-day web applications.

Whatfix is an esteemed performance support solution that enables businesses to extend in-app direction to learners in real time. This SaaS platform cuts training hours and helps indoctrinate employees to navigate applications with ease.

Founded in 2014, Whatfix is a Digital Adoption Platform originated by Khadim Batti and Vara Kumar to assist enterprises, SMBs and SaaS companies to fast track user performance and production adoption on a universal level. Product Adoption Expert, Gokul Suresh, took time to talk to RewardExpert on how Whatfix is effectually optimizing performance support.

Step By Step

Since many enterprises are commonly implementing and updating software, it’s imperative that users can rapidly assimilate any software application in a all-inclusive fashion. Whatfix ultimately augments the interactive guidance process by simplifying product adoption, user onboarding and employee training, as well as self-service and performance support for companies harnessing apps.

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“Whatfix enables the end-to-end management of a user’s product adoption lifecycle within any web application, increasing their performance and productivity on the app without any external training and learning intervention,” detailed Suresh. “We also empower organizations to create a real-time knowledge base with interactive walkthroughs. These walkthroughs provide handheld support for the applications in their stack that is always available to the users.”

To achieve staggering success with web apps, user involvement is of the utmost importance. Whatfix specializes not only in the general comprehension of software, but the immersion and development of operators, as a whole.

“At Whatfix, our primary goal is to help businesses understand how they can impact user engagement in the right way,” specified Suresh. “Starting from their first touch-point, i.e. impression, to the next which is onboarding and to the later stages that is training, consistent support and even the retention; all of it balances on the effectiveness of user engagement.”

Proven Partnerships

Whatfix has formed numerous alliances with a bevy of brand name companies to enhance their product adoption platform. They are typically utilized by service providers like Salesforce, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Cloud and more—standing out in the Banking & Finance, Healthcare and Hi-tech industries, in particular. They’re exclusively invested in their partnerships, authorizing them with keen expertise and assisting them in efficient implementation of up-to-date technology.

Suresh elaborated that Whatfix “has a strong lineup of partners ranging from Implementation Consultants like 3D Results, Icertis to ISVs like Oracle, Wipro, Infosys, iCertis, etc.”

Furthermore, Whatfix is compliant to their clients’ and prospects’ security standards and requirements, through ISO 27000:2013, SOC 2 and GDPR certification. For added convenience, they also comply SCORM 1.2 and DITA.

“Our partnership program spans across 3 categories—OEMs, Referral and Channel partners,” outlined Suresh. “Each program is targeted towards empowering the partners first, helping them achieve full proficiency and Whatfix’s official certificate base on their credentials. Subsequently by combining the capabilities of Whatfix with their own niche capabilities, we work closely to help clients in accelerating technology adoption.”

Age of Automation

Whatfix’s product adoption solutions are more essential than ever as we delve into a technological age of reason. Web applications are the way of the world, and the integration of these resources is crucial in any industry. Utilizing software apps is a vital component for any business looking to elevate customer relationship management (CRM), and streamlining that process is conducive to owners and employees alike.

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“We are now in the fourth industrial revolution, which can be aptly called the ‘Intelligence Revolution,’” proclaimed Suresh. “The intelligence revolution is all about intelligent, automated systems capable of performing tasks that we, as humans, have been doing for years. The quintessential feature of the Intelligence Revolution is that it’s not defined by individual skills anymore but by individual intellect. Which means that expertise in a particular CRM is not a really great skill anymore, it is the ability to use that CRM to drive more business outcomes that matters.”

Especially for larger organizations, time-to-productivity ratios make all the difference with implementing new concepts to staff. Through the use of widgets and real-time walkthroughs, Whatfix holds users’ hands to assimilate essential platforms with the motto of ‘learn by doing’ and helping onboarding to become an all-in-one process.

“Whatfix’s offering is dedicated to accelerating the product adoption of any web platform by providing end-to-end contextual support in the form of help guides, workflows and widgets that’s pertinent to what the user is trying to do in the system,” stated Suresh.

“Every individual within organization will have increased efficiency in completing each of their tasks, reduce support costs at large and streamline onboarding-training process without much of a hassle. This translates to tangible gains in terms of hours of time saved in ineffective training of employees and reduction in handling support tickets as employee struggle to learn a new system.”

To learn more about Whatfix’s product adoption solutions, go to to receive a personalized quote for your business.

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