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SmashFly Helps Companies and Candidates Find the Perfect Match

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Looking for a job is often a job in itself. And it’s a two-way street for both recruiters and job applicants. Finding the perfect fit isn’t always easy. SmashFly’s founder, Mike Hennessy, sought a better way to recruit, and thought there had to be something that could be done to connect people with organizations based on shared missions, ethics, values and goals.

RewardExpert spoke with SmashFly’s Vice President of Marketing, Robert Mattson, about how the company saves businesses and candidates time and money by finding the right people for the right jobs.

Connecting People and Companies

Mattson said that the best way to look at job recruitment is to ask yourself if you are finding the right people. “It’s about finding them quicker and getting the right people that connect with you, which can ultimately lead to them staying longer and performing better.”

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SmashFly has been around since 2007, and since then they’ve helped revolutionize talent acquisition. As the site states, founder Mike Hennessy believed organizations should proactively engage with people they want to hire before they hire them. In turn, this helps save time and money for both the company and the individual.

“When you do recruitment marketing and find the right people, things like Glassdoor scores go up and business performance will increase because you’ve got the right people in the right jobs that want to be there,” noted Mattson.

SmashFly’s Unique Platform

SmashFly got its name from the expression ‘breaking through barriers.’ “Everyone hits a barrier as an organization. In our specific situation, that could be the number of people you hire because you haven’t created a prior relationship with them,” explained Mattson. “We should be able to break through that and start flying.”

The company boasts that it offers the only Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform that helps businesses find, initiate and nurture relationships with potential candidates so both sides can determine if there is a potential fit before the hiring option is even on the table. At the moment, SmashFly has over 100 customers, and 25 are Fortune 500 companies.

It’s something that Mattson feels every company should have. “People especially are getting the benefit of businesses that are using SmashFly. And for organizations, this gives them a tool to be organized, consistent, proactive and to make the connections they’re going to need before they actually need the body in the seat.”

SmashFly’s technology helps companies manage their recruiting events, career sites, talent forms, talent networks, candidate relationships and more.

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The Evolution of Recruiting

In today’s world, there’s a different way of doing things because you’re competing even harder today than you ever have before when it comes to talent. Mattson said that it used to only be your company that was the source of information about what individuals do and who they are.

“That’s not the case anymore now that there’s social media, and we handle that well within our platform. You have to be better at communicating the benefits of working for your organization now than you ever have been because there’s so much noise out there,” stated Mattson.

Creating the Relationship

When it comes to saving time and money in the recruitment process, it’s all about having the right timing, even if there isn’t a job opening readily available. “It’s more important to find people at the right time, so just like in a very tight housing market where people go out and look at a house and it’s gone the next day, the same is true when you take a look at the right talent,” said Mattson. He continued by stating that you want to make sure when that switch is flipped in their head from listener to looker, they think of your company immediately.

Mattson believes it’s all about the relationship. “Creating that relationship has become more important to the organizations that we work with and to organizations overall.”

So if you’re a business owner or an individual looking for a job, check out the benefits that SmashFly has to offer. It may just be the perfect fit for both you and the company. Visit today for more information.

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