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SkyGuru Gives Anxious Travelers Peace of Mind

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The days of sitting in an airplane and worrying about your possible demise are over.

SkyGuru, a company that provides flight travelers with real-time aviation data, is the first iPhone app that merges mobile technology and professional aviation to analyze and predict fight process. It guides passengers through potential anxieties that come with traveling in the clouds. Denis Frolov, a representative for the company, talked to about the benefits.

One man looked to the skies and started SkyGuru

SkyGuru’s footprint on travel is already well documented. The app’s users have already navigated more than 3,600 flights in more than 60 countries worldwide. That equates to more than 100 airline companies’ users.

Users can thank Alex Gervash, who partnered with Taktik Labs — an IT company that specializes in creating and promoting retail services. Gervash, a professionally licensed pilot, is also the founder of a research and treatment center for those suffering from flying phobia. In a nine-year span, he logged more than 1,500 pilot hours. He also possesses a psychology degree from Jerusalem University.

SkyGuru Features
SkyGuru features include advice and forecasts

“(Gervash) got inspired to help people get over their fear of flying when he decided to help his own girlfriend,” Frolov said. “After a couple of less-than-successful attempts at calming her down and mitigating her aerophobia, it dawned on him how little he knew about this affliction, despite his formal knowledge and experience. When he dug into the literature on the subject, he realized that treating aerophobia was its own full-fledged scientific branch.”

And no matter what solutions those with phobias sought, there was nobody or nothing that could quell their fears in real time. Rather than become victims to their own fears, Gervash wanted these men and women to be able to be their own “virtual pilots.”

How SkyGuru compares to the competition

According to researchers, more than 30 percent of the world’s population suffers from the fear of flying. SkyGuru was invented to provide comfort to passengers during their flights, including weather updates, warning about incoming turbulence and providing real-time commentary.

The process is straightforward: fliers enter their flight number, date and departure time in the app any time prior to the flight’s liftoff. The app will learn to understand the user, offering hints and explanations—such as the best position for the phone on board.

Get rid of fear of flying with SkyGuru

It’s all accomplished via a database that analyzes the last seven flights from the departure location to the destination point. Professional aviation meteorological data is utilized.

“The app provides some information about less shaky seats and explain center of gravity logic,” Frolov said. “In other words, SkyGuru creates the feeling that everything is running according to plan. The level of passenger anxiety and discomfort is significantly reduced when they are well informed.”

SkyGuru improves as information increases

The app is constantly evolving with new features, explanations and even entertainment options. Frolov said that fearful flyers tend to correlate higher ticket prices with better safety, and it diverts people from seeking budget airlines. It’s a big misconception.

“What’s important to know is that nobody saves on safety in the airline industry,” he said. “Low-cost airlines have different revenue models, but it doesn’t mean they earn less, nor does that mean they provide less safety. Even moreso, safety standards are unique and airlines cannot deviate from them.”

The company will begin Kickstarter crowdfunding soon to offer an Android version of its app. They are also hoping to partner with major airlines.

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