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Save Time With Taskworld

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For most companies, time is money. And that means that projects have to be completed in a timely manner, otherwise precious opportunities could be wasted. While that sounds simple, it’s easier said than done to get ideas flowing freely and form a plan of action.

That’s where Taskworld can help. The startup offers cloud-based project management software, designed to help companies get projects done on time and under budget.

Shiv Sharma, Head of Marketing, spoke to RewardExpert about the Taskworld advantage. “Our vision is to improve how the world collaborates,” he said.

How Taskworld Improves Collaboration

Taskworld offers a convenient platform where an entire team can monitor a to-do list on an easy-to-use dashboard, available both on desktop and mobile devices. “Taskworld offers project management, reports, team messaging and feedback seamlessly built into one app. This makes it easy for even users that have no experience of using any project management software,” he said.

In a nutshell, Taskworld solves what Sharma calls the seven pain points of project management. They are the following:

  • Organization – “Taskworld offers you the flexibility to organize work the way you want, and make it accessible to you.”
  • Accountability – “By assigning tasks clearly, you can avoid ambiguity about who’s working on what.”
  • Consolidation – “Having a single location where all information is consolidated can help a manager keep track of delegated tasks, access all versions of a task or project and inform all participants of changes.”
  • Follow-up – “Team messaging is a lot more powerful than emails to follow-up with teammates on progress. Task comments allow users to communicate with the right context.”
  • Visibility – “Taskworld creates a culture of transparency where users have full visibility of their company’s projects.”
  • Feedback – “Real-time task-based feedback and performance badges keep employees motivated and encourage completion of tasks on time.”
  • Performance Evaluation – “Real-time feedback along with performance metrics allow users to be aware of their performance at all times.”

Improving Communication

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One of the top features of Taskworld is its emphasis on improving communication. Users can post messages to the entire team and also send direct messages to fellow team members. There is also a real-time chat feature.

“Real-time chat allows you to know who is online, who has seen the message and make file sharing a breeze. Most of our clients use Taskworld chat for internal communication and emails for external communications,” said Sharma.

Time Is of the Essence

The dominant theme throughout all of Taskworld’s features is the emphasis on saving time. Sharma points to a Project Management Institute study that found that companies lose more than $100 million for every $1 billion invested due to insufficient project management.

Taskworld helps companies work smarter with the potential of saving organizations 2 to 3 working days every month. That can add up to a lot of productivity over time.

“Taskworld consolidates your team’s work the way you want, keeps you notified with reports, allows you to be in touch with your team wherever you are. All this saves valuable time that can be used to focus on more pressing issues,” said Sharma.

A Simple Experience

Besides the emphasis on saving time, Taskworld is also designed to be easy to use, simple and clean. After all, convincing companies to adapt and throw their old ways of collaboration out the window can be a challenge.

“We focus relentlessly on clean UI and ease of use so that people prefer it over their existing solutions. That has worked well so far,” said Sharma.

A Growing Company

Taskworld is a fast growing company
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Taskworld has grown quickly since it started in 2006. The company has customers in 80 countries and offices in New Jersey, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok and Berlin, with a second European office in Paris opening soon. Some of its customers include Netflix, Samsung, Roche, Volkswagen, Salesforce, Accenture and Cartier. Pricing for the professional service starts at $10.99 a month, while customized pricing is available for larger organizations.

To see if Taskworld can get your tasks done quicker, check out

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