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Mailbird Provides Organization for Email Productivity With Style

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Mailbird offers its clients simple and beautiful e-mail client

Having all-in-one access to our different emails, messengers and calendars is central with a busy day-to-day schedule. Mailbird is an award-winning desktop email client for Windows which sleekly supports several accounts and identities, while integrating with productivity and communications apps, such as Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive and calendar, and more. Say goodbye to checking different inboxes one at a time with its seamless, simple and speedy design.

Mailbird was a forerunner in Windows-based mail user agents (MUA) and is commonly coupled with Sparrow for Mac OS X. But, despite correlations in the press, they are not to be dubbed “The Sparrow for Windows.”

To clarify, when they first launched in 2012, there was no other platform of its kind for PCs; not long after that, Google acquired Sparrow due to its interface solely for Gmail users. Not only does Mailbird cover all email providers and technologies in a singular user-friendly tool, its cutting-edge customization options and features far surpass Sparrow for what lies ahead in online correspondence.

RewardExpert had the pleasure of talking to Andrea Loubier, Co-founder and CEO of Mailbird, about how their platform is designed for the future of work, communication and productivity.

Time Is Precious

Mailbird is a top quality email client designed for Windows PC
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“Mailbird unifies every type of messaging protocol, from any type of email provider from all over the world, no matter what,” stated Loubier. “You no longer have to log in and out of many different email browsers or apps—you only need one, that is Mailbird.”

Mailbird’s motto is a concise one: email made easy and beautiful. In addition to managing your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and iCloud accounts—and incorporating well with social and service apps—it’s software program also outshines in its personalization attributes, like striking layouts and a swift usability throughout communication channels.

Loubier elaborated on how Mailbird has “the ability to fully customize your email client by size of the interfaces and texts to the themes. People also choose us because we have awesome shortcuts and features that help people spend less time with their email, while keeping them organized. Features like in-line reply, Snooze, Linkedin Lookup, fast search, a killer contact manager, drag and drop, and the first email speed reader all save you time.”

Wide Wingspan

Merit is first and foremost in Mailbird’s determined mission to be the best united email platform in the world. Thus, they are hands-on in their approach—utilizing their ever-growing user base as a focal point. By regularly interacting with them, they discover what is being done right and wrong; therefore, building a superior piece of software.

“We are actually close to 2 million accounts managed from Mailbird!” exclaimed Loubier. “We are so excited about this, as it’s huge for any tiny email company that is going up against the email tech giants out there today. To ensure quality, we have several lines of defense from a stellar engineering team, a detail-oriented testing and quality assurance team, alpha testers and our agility to make changes and adjustments quickly.”

This year, Mailbird’s fully distributed international lineup of talent has a lot in the works. Thanks to their shrewd and skilled staff, there’s a joint love of devising a remarkable technology solution as a whole. New happenings include their website refurbishment, an improved calendar to be mixed in to the email platform and many other exciting product offerings bound to deliver a wow factor.

“One of our big milestones for 2018 is launching Mailbird for Android, which has been highly requested and long-awaited in taking our unification technology and strategy to the next level,” declared Loubier. “We are also building AI into our email technology from smart folders, rules, filters, advanced searching and sorting. Finally, we plan to start Mailbird 3.0, which is a mega overhaul in unification and customization for all different types of people and their unique preferences.”

Humble Acclaim

Mailbird has lots of awards starting from 2013 till nowadays
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Mailbird has had superlative consistency with taking home awards since their inception. Out of the gate, in 2013, they won Best Free Stuff & Best Email Client for Windows by PC World, the latter of which they were accoladed again in 2014-15 from IT World. On a roll from there, they won the Rising Global Star and Best Email Client award for Windows Report 2016-17, and, most recently were crowned Best Email Client by Clearly, they’re doing something right.

“We’ve won many awards over the years which came down to putting in the grind, the users who love us, partners, and a strong team,” confirmed Loubier. “The road in getting to where we are today has been an exhilarating rollercoaster ride, which I value so much, given the leveling-up of experience, knowledge and business savvy. I’m so incredibly thankful for the people behind this team, and the hard work and dedication they put into building an incredible email platform for the future.”

To have a look into the vast benefits of Mailbird’s desktop email client software platform, check out for a free download.

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