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Hired Helps Candidates and Employers Find the Perfect Match

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Hired Helps Candidates and Employers Find the Perfect Match

In today’s ultra-competitive world, it’s becoming harder for companies to find good talent and candidates to find the right fit for their own skills. Hired is a career marketplace that matches tech talent with the world’s most innovative companies.

RewardExpert had the opportunity to speak with Grant Battle, director of HRBP at Hired, who discussed the company’s unique way of matching the right organizations with the right people.

Finding a Solution to Hiring Problems

Hired is the brainchild of three friends who saw a problem with the overall hiring process. “From the candidate’s perspective, looking for a job is almost like shopping for a house with a phone book,” explained Battle. “The founders lamented that challenge and came up with a solution to ultimately make the hiring process more candidate-friendly.”

The company focuses on matching tech talent like product management, developer operations, quality assurance, information technology, and software engineering roles, just to name a few. “Hiring, in general, is super challenging, but if you look at all of the open roles out there, technical talent is really a situation where the experience ultimately needs to be more candidate-friendly because that gives companies a massive competitive advantage.” Battle said that the founders of Hired “saw it as a niche opportunity to really fill a void.”

Hired Works for Both the Employer and Employee

As the Hired website states, the three founders started the company with “a simple mission – to make getting hired (and hiring) less painful.” There is a dedicated section for both candidates and employers to make it easy in finding a good match.

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Job seekers have the opportunity to go onto the Hired site and create profiles where they can tell potential employees all about themselves. Battle said candidates discuss, “what they’re interested in, where their skill sets lie, things that are going to make them excited about a company, what sort of mission they’re looking to go with, what size organization, etc. It puts them in a position where they can really get their whole résumé out there.”

In turn, companies can go and check out the candidates and bid on them. “It really is very much a situation where companies are having to make calls depending upon what the candidates want,” described Battle. “And it’s very much a candidate-centric experience versus the standard hiring approach, which is really more favoring the organization or the company.”

By the Numbers

While the hiring is more focused on candidate, it’s really a win-win for the employer, as well, as companies are able to reach good talent in less time (saving organizations money one new hire at a time). Battle said Hired has had a lot of success with many of the companies on the platform such as Dropbox, WeWork and “We get pretty much a 95 percent response rate to interview requests that come through. Then from those interview requests, responses of about 66 to 70 percent actually convert to onsite interviews.”

Battle stated that the biggest thing for Hired is reducing the amount of time it takes to make the right hire. “That’s a massive competitive advantage for an organization because the time where you have basically a role that’s open – whether it’s engineering, product or design – milestones aren’t being hit for the company, which can impact revenue. So for us, for companies on the platform, they’re cutting down their time to hire by two-thirds. I think right now about 25 days. The normative time for some of these technical roles can be upwards of 60 to 90. So it’s a huge win.”

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Future Plans for Hired

Hired has seen significant growth since it began, and Battle said the company is going to continue to put its efforts into making things simple for both the employer and candidate. “Right now we’re really laser-focused on creating the best possible experience on both sides of the marketplace. One thing we are looking to do is leverage a lot of the data that we have access to in putting people in a position where they have more insight into everything – like the company’s brand health, which organizations are most desirable for candidates, what wage inequality looks like throughout the country in both tech and non-technical sectors, etc.”

The company also hopes to continue to grow and match the right people with the right organizations. A main advantage of Hired is that companies are getting candidates who have already been pre-vetted. “You are getting better quality talent and you also know you’re ready to move because there’s that focus and matching of interests and desires.” Companies are able to put people in a position where they’re more likely to stay for a longer period of time, which saves both the employer and employee money and resources. For more information, visit

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