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Guard Your Company With UpGuard

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Companies are constantly facing evolving cyber threats, and suffering just a single data breach can change a company forever. Therefore, businesses must constantly upgrade and improve their cybersecurity defenses. One way to do this is through a company called UpGuard, which offers the world’s first cyber resilience platform.

Dan O’Sullivan, a cyber resilience analyst with UpGuard, says his company’s platform offers the only comprehensive solution available for identifying and mitigating cyber risk. He told RewardExpert that the risk is simply too great not to take action. “With one breach capable of forever making a company’s name synonymous with a massive data exposure, this is one mistake no enterprise can afford to make,” he said.

The Cyber Resilience Difference

UpGuard combines asset discovery, security ratings and vendor questionnaires for the only complete cyber risk solution. UpGuard Core, UpGuard CyberRisk, UpGuard BreachSight
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Cyber resilience starts with first accepting the truth that any system hooked up to the internet is vulnerable to a data leak, and that no system is 100% foolproof.

“By viewing cyber risk as a diffuse but omnipresent factor in any enterprise environment, and following processes designed to mitigate such risk every day, organizations can begin achieving cyber resilience—the ability to reduce and even withstand the worst effects of cyber risk,” said O’Sullivan.

He also points that data breaches affect virtually every type of industry, as there is no apparent limit for what can be left exposed in cyber space.

What Is Risk?

When you say cyber attack to someone, most people will think of an outside hacker sitting at a computer somewhere, breaking into another company’s systems. And while those kinds of attacks certainly happen, O’Sullivan says that mentality gets the reality of data breaches flat wrong.

“Given that the overwhelming majority of cyber incidents occur due to internal error, the biggest challenge facing companies is actually one they have control over—devoting the resources, manpower, and attention to doing the daily validation, configuration management, and information security work necessary to foster cyber resilience,” he said.

How UpGuard’s Products Help

UPGuard cyber security web solutions
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Using UpGuard’s products can help companies get control over their cyber systems and build a culture of cyber resilience. UpGuard offers three core products: UpGuard Core, Upguard CyberRisk and UpGuard BreachSight. “We feel there is no single solution that can affect real cyber resilience for an enterprise; organizations need a toolkit,” stated O’Sullivan.

UpGuard Core – UpGuard Core does just what the product says. It forms the bedrock core for building a cyber resilient company. It monitors all of a company’s systems in one interface and immediately checks for harmful actors.

“This ability to instantly detect any potential misconfigurations enables the easy remediation of cyber risk before it causes an incident,” said O’Sullivan.

UpGuard CyberRisk – UpGuard CyberRisk takes the technology of UpGuard Core and extends it to external parties, which are often a critical weak point in the IT chain since it’s very possible that third parties can end up sharing data for whatever reason (think Facebook-Cambridge Analytica).

“UpGuard CyberRisk eliminates this opacity, providing real-time cyber risk monitoring of your vendors, enabling swift action on any cyber risk thus discovered,” explained O’Sullivan.

UpGuard BreachSight – The final member of the trio is UpGuard BreachSight, a recently launched product. BreachSight works by patrolling the internet for actual data leaks.

“BreachSight enables enterprises to continually monitor for any relevant exposures of their own data, empowering them to secure these leaks before malicious actors can exploit them,” said O’Sullivan.

If a Breach Happens

Should a breach occur, UpGuard works hard to mitigate any damage quickly and effectively. “Swift and informed remediation can protect consumers and businesses alike, ironically burnishing a company’s reputation for behaving transparently and responding quickly to an exposure,” said O’Sullivan. He points out that UpGuard empowers its clients, by showing them to quickly determine the source of the breach and the options available for response.

The UpGuard Advantage

With cyber attacks being a risk in every industry under the sun, it’s no surprise that UpGuard’s clients come from all business sectors. To find out if UpGuard offers the right solutions for your company, check out

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