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Find Out Where the Smart Money Is With

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The New York Stock Exchange started with trading five securities under a buttonwood tree in the 1800s, but since the late 1990s, online trading has taken over the world of investment. How do investors find the right broker to do their bidding? It’s a veritable ocean of online possibilities out there, so having the resources to make the right choices for your personal investing is second to none. rigorously measures up brokers to find the crème de la crème for any retail investor’s needs. To do this correctly, they publish the toughest and most comprehensive review in the brokerage industry and stand steadfast behind it’s sterling results. Since their research findings aren’t slanted or biased, the shareholder can make an informed verdict on who best to handle their money management.

Vested Interests

From it’s origins in 2009, the company’s managing director, Blain Reinkensmeyer, a former trader and financial blogger, quickly saw through the plethora of lowbrow and self-aggrandizing broker appraisals that weeded the web. From then on, his hallmark was clear—to conduct impartial reviews that would actually be advantageous to personal investors.

RewardExpert recently had the chance to chat with Brandon Reinkensmeyer, managing partner of, on the accomplishments and open culture of the company.

Stokebroker is the best online brokers company for 2018
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“Since inception, has helped over 4 million investors research and compare online brokers,” outlined Reinkensmeyer. “We believe by extensively testing and reviewing each broker in an unbiased manner, and then compiling that information into an easy to comprehend format, the investor is empowered to move forward with their decision in confidence.”

The outfit was originally called, but rebranded as in 2011. They are also a proprietary company of Reink Media Group.

“Reink Media Group has enabled the continued growth of by providing the necessary operational and financial resources needed,” detailed Reinkensmeyer. “Our portfolio includes sites like, and, wherein these assets can utilize our custom content management systems or get unique opportunities with advertising partners.”

A Review to Be Reckoned With

In 2011, published its first review and has released eight annually since, garnering them the universal clout of having the toughest review in the industry. These assessments encompass 292 variables spanning over 10 core categories, and shelters more than 5,000 data points, creating an invaluable guide used to compare and contrast brokers. Consequently, with their array of appraisals, they can offer accurate, honest and intelligible facts to new investors.

Testing brokerage reliability is done with the utmost scrutiny. Each broker that submits to the evaluation is required to finish a laborious profiling process and reconvene for a yearly meeting. All this amassed data is then authenticated, with a startling less than .001 percent error rate, earning them the right to stamp it with their “Verified Quality Data” seal, initiated in 2016.

Reinkensmeyer elaborated on this testing process by saying, “We take a close look at the validity and applicability of each variable, how we can conduct our testing better in each category, and what we can do to improve the user’s experience on our site to absorb all of this deep editorial and data-based information.”

Tricks of the Electronic Trade

Tricks of the Electronic Trade of stockbrokers company
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Electronic trading can change on a dime, literally. At times, keeping up with the technological trends can be just as taxing as it can be exhilarating. Smartphone dependency and the rise of “robo-advisors” (nonhuman, algorithm-based financial advisement) pose challenges in the online trade marketplace. Planning for this requires the adaptability and resilience to be constantly reassessing stakeholder needs.

“In order to continue our mission of empowering self-directed investors, we have to decide when and how to cover these various changes in technology,” affirmed Reinkensmeyer. “Then, execute on that plan knowing it could change in an instant.”

Since there are over 100 robo-advisory services, and to stay at the forefront of the times,’s Michigan-based parent company, Reink Media Group, published the first annual robo-advisory review in early 2017. also took the liberty of evaluating eight robo-advisors in their recent “2018 Online Broker Rankings.”

Rewarding Work Worth Doing

The air at is a grateful and determined one, and the company proudly assumes their vital effect on the industry’s standards and practices. Their dedicated team members share a hunger and responsibility for guiding retail investors down the right roads for their securities management—and to ranking brokers’ proper execution of their fiduciary duties.

“It has been a humbling journey we take very seriously,” admits Reinkensmeyer. “We operate under a ‘Results Only Work Environment’, use standing desks, and always have a Red Bull on hand.”

This fall, will release their ninth annual review, outlining new movements in online trading. That’s something for which all potential investors should be on the lookout.

To find out more about how this company’s trusted online trade guidance can benefit your personal investment, visit

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