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There are ways to become financially free, even with all of life’s challenges. The secret is a relentless focus on growing your wealth, according to Todd Tresidder, creator of

Tresidder is a self-made millionaire who shares his tips and tricks with anyone who wants to listen. He’s coached and mentored hundreds of people, and believes that anyone can become financially independent if they do their homework.

Finding Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom for Smart People is the tagline of “I wanted to create an educational resource built around what’s valuable and what actually works,” said Tresidder. He says most people who read his site have enough money pass through their hands that they could achieve financial independence if they managed their money properly.

Tresidder believes that people are smart, but only if they know what to do and why to do it. “They’ll actually do it if you can unlock them. That’s what I try to do is provide the education, the resources and the skills to unlock that so they can make consistently more intelligent decisions so they can support their goals rather than run away from their goals.” homepage
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After working as a successful hedge fund manager, Tresidder retired at age 35. He raised his net worth from less than zero at the age of 23 to a self-made millionaire in just 12 years. He says the key is commitment. “Success is in the minority. It’s relatively simple, you just have to want it enough to prioritize it and make it happen.”

Standing Out from the Crowd

According to Tresidder, there are three asset classes in which one can build wealth:

  1. Paper – which he did as a hedge fund manager by building wealth for his clients
  2. Real estate – using the money he made as a fund manager to invest in real estate and build wealth
  3. Business – building wealth through business with his financial education business

Tresidder said that there are very few people who have built wealth in all three asset classes. “The way I stand out is I actually have the experience and I’ve actually walked the talk,” he said. “Most people that write about finance are writers, they’re not financial experts.”

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While he has more than 43,000 subscribers, he also provides information for people just looking to get started on their journey to financial independence. This includes a plethora of free articles on the site, as well as one of the largest collections of financial calculators available online.

In addition, Tresidder is diligently working on expanding his educational component. “We’re building out the courses now that are comprehensive educational solutions for specific problems when you’re pursuing financial independence,” he said. It’s “not a generic cookie cutter plan limited to paper assets like a financial planner will do for you,” he added.

Being Financially Free

Tresidder is one of the lucky ones who has been financially free for decades, yet he feels he has much more to give. “Giving all this knowledge back is what I do to have a life of purpose,” he said.

After writing five successful books, he’s working on his sixth and says that what he wants people to realize is that his method is a scientific, rational, realistic, practical, well-researched, proven approach to achieving financial independence. It’s just all about the time and energy you want to spend on making it a reality.

“I’m not here to make billionaires out of millionaires,” said Tresidder. “I’m here to help normal people achieve extraordinary financial results so they can get off the treadmill and lead lives of contribution, satisfaction, and fulfillment.”

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