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Dealspotr Brings Brands, Influencers, and Consumers Together

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Dealspotr works with three distinct customer bases and offers them a safe place to do business with each other. Brands connect with influencers to help promote their products to consumers that want to buy. Influencers receive product and compensation for honest reviews of products and an opportunity to connect with new audiences. And consumers uncover valuable coupon codes that actually work and detailed reviews from influencers so they can make the right choice. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

Jimmy Doheny Partner Marketing Manager at Dealspotr
Jimmy Doheny
Partner Marketing Manager at Dealspotr

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jimmy Doheny, the Partner Marketing Manager at Dealspotr, to learn more about their marketplace and why it is such a thriving destination for brands, influencers, and consumers.

Why Was Dealspotr Created?

Leaders at ZipfWorks recognized that finding valid discount codes for online shopping was frustrating for consumers. Recent studies show that 65% of all promo codes are expired or don’t work. Zipfworks runs a media lab dedicated to creating innovative shopping applications to help consumers discover and buy products they’re going to love. In 2015, Zipfworks launched Dealspotr with the goal of becoming the internet’s largest and most reliable database of promo codes.

Dealspotr works through community-driven feedback to ensure that coupon codes are working for the next consumer that is searching. Dealspotr initially began working with influencers to publicize their database of coupon codes. The feedback from brands and consumers helped them realize that influencers were an important piece of the shopping puzzle. Dealspotr crafted a plan to incorporate influencers into the process.

Why Would A Brand Work With Dealspotr?

Brands enjoy working with Dealspotr because it offers a free shopping social network offering low-cost influencer marketing with a high return on investment. There is no cost to a brand to claim and curate their dedicated page on Dealspotr. Dealspotr requires that the brands offer a unique deal that consumers can only find on this site.

Influencers petition to work with brands to help them advertise their products and services through blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media. The influencers can be paid via product for the review, sponsored content, or a combination of both. And brands can see an influencer’s verified followers ahead of time, so they know the reach of who they are partnering with.

How Do You Work With Influencers?

Influencers offer brands a reach into their followers via video, audio, blog posts, and social media. Based on the number of monthly page views to their site, followers on social media, and views of their videos, Dealspotr assigns a score to every influencer.

The Social Network for Shopping
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These scores determine the compensation that an influencer will receive for working with a brand. Brands can choose the type of exposure they would like to have, usually a blog post or YouTube video, and offer compensation accordingly. The brands can also set minimum influencer scores so that they are not inundated with applications from influencers who don’t have the right following they are looking for.

At any time, influencers can update their settings to designate which brands or niches that they are interested in promoting. This helps to curate the deals that are presented via regular emails or when an influencer searches through the marketplace for opportunities.

In the near future, influencers will actually begin to receive a portion of the sales that they generate from working with these brands, rather than just a flat fee or free product. This pay-for-performance is a win-win opportunity for everyone.

Why Do Consumers Come To Dealspotr?

Consumers are increasingly frustrated with trying to find the best deal. They often know the product they want, but don’t want to pay full price so they search the internet for coupon codes for discounts and free shipping offers. Dealspotr was started to address this issue for consumers and now offers more than 10 million verified coupon codes. And these coupon codes are being tested and updated on an ongoing basis.

As Dealspotr has evolved, they realized that consumers want more. By partnering with brands and influencers, Dealspotr has created a Facebook-like environment. Consumers see a stream of deals, written reviews, and videos of the brands and products that they like. When a consumer has questions or is undecided between brands or products, they can interact with brands and influencers to get their questions answered and see reviews from people who have actually used the products.

How Are The Coupons Verified?

The Dealspotr community is set up to crowdsource deals. There are over 200,000 dedicated deal editors that are constantly testing and evaluating coupon codes in the Dealspotr database.

Dealspotr is like LinkedIn for shopping.
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These editors test the codes and share screenshots showing whether the codes are working or not. Every code on the Dealspotr website shows a history of how the coupon code has performed. And each coupon code receives a health score to give consumers the information they need about the code’s performance before they click on the code and try it for themselves.

Anyone Can Receive Rewards From Dealspotr

There are rewards for everyone when you use Dealspotr. Brands find new customers and make sales they otherwise wouldn’t have. The brands can effectively use their marketing budget to work with influencers to create reviews and reach new audiences.

Influencers earn money and receive product from the brands that they work with. And they get exposure to new followers from working with these brands and being part of the Dealspotr deal feed.

Consumers can find working coupon codes for the products they want to buy and learn about products they are unsure about. And while they are on the site, they’ll have the opportunity to interact with brands, influencers, and other shoppers in a social network setting.

But that’s not all. Dealspotr offers a robust rewards program that rewards all three for their activity on the site. They can earn points for checking deals, adding valid coupon codes, and designating coupon codes that no longer work. This activity helps Dealspotr maintain an accurate database that helps the entire community. As points accumulate, they can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.

To learn more about Dealspotr as a brand, an influencer, or a shopper follow these links to find verified coupon codes to help you save money on your next online purchase.

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