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Actual Tools Improves Your Windows PC Experience

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Actual Tools

Working on a slow computer is absolutely frustrating. Actual Tools solves Microsoft Windows problems with software that improves the user experience and speeds up their daily tasks by unleashing hidden features of the Windows operating system.

Their software programs can be purchased as a suite for a comprehensive solution or you can buy the individual pieces for isolated problems.

I sat down with Alexey Fadeyev, the Public Relations Manager at Actual Tools, to discuss how Actuals Tools is helping consumers and professionals enjoy a better Microsoft Windows experience.

How Did Actual Tools Get Started?

Actual Tools was founded by software engineer Michael Tretyakov in 2001. While Michael was working on his computer, he became frustrated with his Windows operating system configuration. The software lacked the ability to customize settings to become more efficient while doing his work.

Michael was inspired to create his own tools that would allow users to access hidden functionality in the Windows operating system. He designed the software so that computer users at every experience level could easily customize their configuration to their liking. The first software solution called Actual Title Buttons was released on May 1, 2002.

 Actual Tools helps people to innovate and increase their computational efficiency
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What Software Solutions Are Available?

Actuals Tools offers users many options to customize their Microsoft Windows computers. Most computer users buy the entire suite to gain full functionality. However, some buy one or two modules to address specific needs.

If you buy the complete suite known as Actual Window Manager, you’ll save 74% over the price if you bought each software application separately.

  • Actual Title Buttons – allows users to optimize daily window management activities with a single mouse click.
  • Actual Window Menu – provides advanced users with alternative ways of organizing and managing windows.
  • Actual Transparent Window – users can easily organize simultaneously opened windows by making them transparent.
  • Actual Window Rollup – lets you roll your windows up like curtains so that only the title bar remains.
  • Actual Window Minimizer – open windows can be minimized to the system tray rather than the taskbar.
  • Actual Virtual Desktops – easily organize tasks by creating virtual desktops for each one that you can seamlessly toggle between.
  • Actual Window Guard – users can position their workspace in the optimal condition that will increase productivity.
  • Actual File Folders – provides quick and easy navigation through the Windows file system in any program.
  • Actual Multiple Monitors – supports up to 64 monitors so users can quickly move between monitors and increase productivity through multi-tasking.

Click here so that you can compare the functionality of each of the software programs listed above.

How Do You Get Ideas For Future Functionality?

Although Actual Tools has many years of experience building Microsoft Windows software, customer needs have guided future development. The team is focused on building software that solves problems for real people.

Computer users often struggle with their default Windows setup. When they complain or seek advice in public forums, developers from Actual Tools track these inquiries. If the problem is widespread, they will consider developing a tool to address those needs.

Additionally, existing customers provide feedback on Actual Tools’ software, which provides ideas for improvement.

And competitor products also serve as inspiration for future software development. Actual Tools strives to stay ahead of the competition in providing efficient Windows management software. But they maintain a close watch on the competition to ensure they aren’t missing anything in their suite of software solutions.

Is This Software For Consumers or Businesses?

The Actual Tools software suite can be enjoyed by consumers and businesses. Anyone who uses a Windows-based computer can benefit from their software solutions.

Partners and customers
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Although many consumers are shifting their browsing and communications to mobile devices, the majority of complex work is still handled on computers. Actuals Tools has customers across a wide variety of professional careers, such as teachers, engineers, accountants, administrators, and digital artists.

Large corporate clients also benefit from Actual Tools suite of software solutions. For example, NASA has been a customer for the last five years. They use the multiple monitor software to keep track of multiple programs across many screens. Other enterprise-level customers include Verizon Wireless, Dreamworks, Intel Corporation, and GE Healthcare. Click here for an updated list.

Is It Compatible With Prior Versions of Windows?

With many versions of the Windows operating system in use around the world, Actual Tools takes great pride in maintaining backward compatibility with previous versions. Their software suite is optimized to work with the latest versions of Windows and Windows Server, yet it also works with operating system versions dating back almost 20 years.

Designing software to have such great versatility is no small task. And that the developers have contained the software suite into a relatively small file size is nothing short of remarkable.

If you would like to learn more about Actual Tools follow this link to find out how their software can improve your Microsoft Windows experience.

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