October 12, 2017

RewardExpert Ranks 2017’s Best Halloween Cities

Analyzes major cities in each U.S. geographical region to find Halloween vacation spots that are so good, it’s scary!

New York, N.Y.RewardExpert – a free service that helps travelers take full advantage of travel and credit card rewards – today released its ranking of 2017’s Best Cities for Halloween. The data report analyzes the top 20 most populous areas in each region of the country to determine the five best Halloween vacation destinations, based on Halloween activities, climate, safety, price and ease of transit.

“Being a shoulder season, fall travel can be a bit of a middle child,” says RewardExpert CEO and co-founder Roman Shteyn. “Sandwiched between beachy summer holidays and merry winter festivities, it can get overlooked. Halloween is a fall holiday that kids big and small can enjoy, making it a  perfect reason to travel and celebrate in a new destination.”

These are the top cities by region in RewardExpert’s ranking of 2017’s Best Cities for Halloween:

  • St. Paul, Minnesota takes first place in the Midwest. St. Paul is a great place to go in the Midwest for Halloween travel. You can enjoy the crisp autumn weather just about every day, with highs staying strictly in sweater weather territory in the low 60s, and lows seldom dipping below 45. The weather is textbook Halloween, it’s safe and easy to get around and there’s a surprising amount of activities for visitors. On top of all of that, scare seekers can get some hair-raising fun checking out the Wabasha Street Caves: a haunted mobster hideaway.
  • Austin, Texas is number one in the South. First and foremost, Austin TX is a solid place to travel for Halloween, no matter what you’re looking for. It’s fun, cheap, safe, temperate – just about everything you could want. The city scored in the top half of every category, except transport, and was in the top three in a number of other categories. With a lively downtown area and a breadth of family-friendly options, there is something to do for every Halloween traveler  in Austin.
  • Portland, Oregon is tops in the West. “Keep Portland Weird” is a good slogan, but “Keep Portland Spooky” also wouldn’t be too bad. There are more per capita family-friendly and adult-focused activities to do for Halloween in Portland than any other city in the region. To top that, it’s a safe, cheap, and pleasantly climatic place to spend the holiday, if you don’t mind the temperature fluctuations. There’s plenty to do for families and the Shanghai Tunnels are an excellent spot for scare-seekers.
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut takes first place in the Northeast. Pristine autumnal climate, low prices and high safety indices are to be expected for this seaport city. Overall, it’s one of the best cities to spend Halloween in throughout the country, though it doesn’t offer too much in the way of parties. However, the kid-friendly haunted attractions are some of the best rated in the nation. A night out for two only runs 40 bucks and the city’s price indices are on the top half of affordability rankings in every category on our national list.

“These cities strike a balance between safety and affordability, while making sure there’s no lack of Halloween-themed things to do,” shares Shteyn. “Whether you’ve got young trick-or-treaters in your group, or you’re traveling with a pack of Halloween party animals, these destinations offer something for everyone.”

For more information and to view the full report, visit the RewardExpert website.

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