You can fly almost free to anywhere on the planet. Just plan it.

We help you craft a strategy using points and miles to get you where you want to go sooner than you think.
9.3K miles
80K miles
125K miles
Rio de Janeiro
80K miles
35K miles
Costa Rica
60K miles
Easter Island

We promise to change the way you look at miles and award tickets.

Our service is about getting an airline ticket to anywhere you want to go and not having to pay the airfare. You tell us what miles you have (or not), and we tell you the best strategy to get there in the least amount of time. On average you can earn a ticket in 5 months. And when you're ready, we have all the resources you need to book your flight all in one place. And it's free.


Picking the right frequent flyer program is as easy as:


We grade the programs that will get you where you want to go based on miles or points needed as well as all fees

Yep, we include taxes and surchargesin the fees so you see the full cost. We also look at how long it will take you to earn enough miles or points to get there.

Oh, and we look at how convenient the flight is. We make our recommendations based on the best route, which means you won’t be on the plane forever and stop in four countries on the way.

Keeping track of your miles and points is also easy.

We will create an award wallet for you so when you pick a new destination we can quickly make recommendations.

You simply have to tell us which frequent flyer programs you belong to and which travel credit cards you have, and we build your wallet.

We'll also keep track of the new miles you earn with automatic updates. We use all of this information to find the best use of miles and transferable points for the flight you are planning.

When you are ready to book, we will show you all the possibilites.

Yep, that's right. We have a tool that will show you all the airlines and their partners that fly to the destination you picked once you have earned enough miles.

You'll need this info when it's time to make your reservation. And you can pick a few places to stop along the way.

No need to go to multiple sites anymore to find the best options. And if there is no award seat available, you have

a Plan or a Plan


Join our community to become an expert on miles whether it's a hobby or a lifestyle.

  • Share your experiences
  • Experts will share theirs
  • Keep up to date on news


Give your mileage balance a boost anytime you need one.

  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Daily promotions
  • Customized strategies


Keep all your miles and points in one place with automatic updating.

  • Create an award wallet
  • Monitor your balances
  • Check progress on your goal


When you've reached your goal, we'll walk you through the booking process.

  • Phone reservations
  • Online bookings
  • Or we'll do it for a fee

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