Hi there, welcome to RewardExpert Updates. It’s nice to see you here! This is the place where you’ll hear all the latest news about releases, new features and enhancements we have come up with at RewardExpert.

RewardExpert 1.3.4


New Features

  • RewardExpert Concierge, our booking-assistance service, is now available in the "Book Trip" section.
  • We've established a scholarship page to help students pursue higher education.
  • The "Details" section now displays routes on inner pages, providing better visuals for an improved user experience.
  • We've removed the green flash messages.

Bug Fixes

  • The Reward Wallet now automatically synchronizes data when working in multiple tabs.
  • The award cost in the "Details" section of bank programs now matches the price stated on the program overview.
  • Fees now round upwards instead of downwards.

RewardExpert 1.3.3


New Features

  • Improvements have been made to the strategies steps.
  • Routes data has been updated.
  • Speed performance has been improved, especially when loading strategies data.

Bug Fixes

  • A range of minor bugs discovered throughout the site have been fixed.

RewardExpert 1.3.2


New Features

  • New sorting options are available on the routes shown in Tell Me More section of all programs.
  • Frequent flyer programs now have a Details section that show dates for off-peak awards.
  • An Auto Update button has been added so all programs with that option enabled can be updated at once.
  • Capital One accounts can now be automatically updated using the Auto Update option.
  • Wallet data processing is optimized to increase speed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Promo section so expired promotions do not display.
  • Fixed minor bugs in both the Mobile and Tablet apps to provide better functioning and improve the user experience.
  • Program logo proportions on the credit card selection step have been adjusted so the display is consistent on all supported devices and performance is improved.