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Gap Visa Credit Card

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Updated on: 01/03/2019
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Gap Visa® Card
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"Cardholders get a quick 20 percent off their first purchase and 5 percent back at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta."

The GapCard has been a customer favorite for decades, making it one of the classic store-branded credit cards still on the market today. Gap Visa cardholders can use their card across the entire Gap family of stores, including Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta. You can also use the card anywhere Visa is accepted.

Apply for the card at any Gap location or online. If you’re approved, you’ll get 20 percent off your first purchase, as well as free shipping if it’s an online transaction. You’ll also earn five points per dollar on every purchase at any of the Gap Inc. stores and one point per dollar everywhere else.

You’re essentially getting 5 percent back on every Gap purchase and 1 percent back everywhere else you shop. But like many store rewards cards, you can only use those rewards toward a future purchases. They can’t be used toward statement credits.

All your accumulated rewards are turned into coupons that are automatically sent in your monthly bill. They can be used at any Gap family store. Rewards start at just 500 points worth $5.

If you earn 5,000 points or more in a calendar year, you’ll be awarded Gap Silver status, which comes with a variety of perks and benefits. We’ll get into the details later.

If you’re not a big fan of the Gap and its related stores, this card isn’t for you. Like most store cards, the GapCard has its pitfalls and is generally not a great option for everyday spending. We’ll review all the pros and cons of this card below.

Gap Credit Card Features and Benefits

New Gap Visa card members get 20 percent off their first Gap purchase, plus free shipping if it’s an online purchase. On that purchase and every subsequent visit to a Gap Inc. store, you’ll earn 5X points when using your GapCard, and you’ll earn one point per dollar on all other purchases.

Plus, you’ll get 10 percent off of every purchase at the Gap made on Tuesdays, which could lead to some serious savings. You’ll also get access to special sales held throughout the year.

Another Gap benefit that’s just for cardholders is the ability to earn Gap Silver status, which includes added benefits when shopping at the Gap or Banana Republic. In each calendar year you earn 5,000 points, you’ll get this extra status. Note you need to earn 5,000 points total, as opposed to spending a set dollar amount. Those points can be earned at Gap or non-Gap stores.

As a Gap Silver customer, you’ll get a 20 percent bonus on your points each quarter, free shipping with any online purchase, free basic alterations on basic Banana Republic purchases and access to a priority customer assistance phone number. You also get an annual Choose Your Own Sale Day, where you choose which day you get extra discounts, plus invites to exclusive, non-publicized shopping events.

What You Get

  • 20 percent off your first purchase and free shipping if that purchase is from
  • 5 points per dollar at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta
  • 10 percent off every Gap and Gap Factory purchase on Tuesdays
  • Access to exclusive Gap sales and bonus point shopping days
  • Annual birthday gift
  • Gap Silver status after earning 5,000 points in each calendar year
  • No annual fee
  • No-receipt returns

Regardless of where you shop and earn your rewards, all your points are good as discounts on future Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta purchases. Rewards are redeemed automatically, starting at just 500 points for a $5 coupon, and mailed to you each month in which you’ve earned enough points. Unredeemed points expire after 24 months of no activity on the card, so make sure you make at least one purchase every two years.

In-Store Financing

Your GapCard does not come introductory 0% APR or any special financing offers. However, you are eligible for certain sales when offered which could save you money. In reality, getting a discount is better than simply having a longer period of time to pay off a purchase and not accrue interest charges. Remember, interest only accrues if you don’t pay off your balance in full each month.

Customer Perks

In addition to the rewards you can earn on every Gap and non-Gap purchase, Gap Visa holders also get extra perks. You can get 10 percent off every Gap and Gap Factory purchase on Tuesdays.

What’s more, Gap will offer additional discounts or sales solely for card members, some of which allow you to earn even more points when shopping with your card. This can help you build up your point balance fast, as well as save money while clothes shopping.

Plus, each year on your birthday, Gap will send you a special gift. It’s usually an extra coupon or a limited time piece of merchandise. If you’re a heavy Gap shopper, the rewards with the GapCard can be very beneficial.

What is the Value of Gap Credit Card?

All the points you earn using your GapCard can be redeemed as coupons on future Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic or Athleta purchases. You can redeem your reward coupons at any time. They’re combinable with sales and other Gap Inc. offers, but they cannot be used at non-Gap family stores. This rewards program is great if you shop often at the Gap, but less than ideal if you’re only an occasional Gap shopper.

Whether you earn 5X at Gap stores, outlets or online, or you earn 1X everywhere else, your points are worth a flat one cent each. Rewards start at 500 points, which are worth $5 off your next Gap Inc. purchase.

You cannot stretch the value of these points, use them toward gift card purchases or redeem them outside of Gap Inc. stores. Basically, these points have a fixed value across the board. You can, however, mix and match where you redeem your rewards.

Earned Points
500 points
$5 discount of your next Gap Inc. purchase
Average CPP
Dollar Value
Earned Points
4,000 points
Brushed-Knit Coat for Women from Old Navy
Average CPP
Dollar Value
Earned Points
6,000 points
Twill skinny fit pants from GAP
Average CPP
Dollar Value
Earned Points
13,000 points
Ponte Fit-and-Flare Dress from Banana Republic
Average CPP
Dollar Value
Earned Points
9,000 points
Laser Cut Salutation Tight Pants from Athleta
Average CPP
Dollar Value

What is CPP and How is it Calculated?

Cents Per Point (CPP) is a way to measure the value of points. It tells you how many cents you get for each point you redeem by dividing the cash price of the hotel room by the number of points of an equivalent award stay costs. This can be a somewhat subjective calculation because the price of the stay in both cash and points fluctuates by season and availability.

We use the following formula to calculate the CPP:

The final result:

Should You Get the Gap Credit Card?

Like with any store credit card, whether you should apply or not will primarily depend on how much you shop at that store or its sister brands. As alluring as the initial sign-up discount may be, the GapCard is best for frequent Gap shoppers since only those customers will get any serious value out of the card.

Essentially, the Gap Visa is a 5 percent cashback card when used at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta, earning 1 percent back everywhere else.

There aren’t any special financing offers, but additional sales are sometimes extended to Gap Visa cardholders. Also, remember that all of the rewards you accumulate can only be used for future purchases at Gap Inc. stores.

That’s not to say the GapCard doesn’t have its perks. If you spend a serious amount of your clothing budget at the Gap Inc. brands, you might earn Gap Silver status, giving you extra discounts and perks like free basic alterations at Banana Republic.

Thinking of signing up? Here’s a word of caution. Store credit cards have become extremely popular over the years because multiple studies have shown that shoppers who have and use a particular store’s credit card are more likely to shop and spend more at that store compared to customers who do not have the card.

If you love Gap’s clothes, this card may be for you. But, if you shop at the Gap family of stores or their online counterparts only once or twice a year, you should definitely consider a different no-fee, cashback card, like Citi Double Cash, which offers 2 percent back on every purchase.

If you’re interested in a better all-around card that you can reap benefits from wherever you shop, check out our comparisons below.


Need more info? Check out our frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please click on “Ask Now” below.

  • I already have a Banana Republic card. Should I get a GapCard, too?

    Probably not. While Synchrony Bank allows customers to hold more than one of their Gap Inc. cards, the differences between the cards are minor and the benefits overlap quite a bit. You earn the same rewards at the same rate, and they’re worth the same amount that can be redeemed at the same stores.
    So while the 20 percent discount you receive for signing up may be tempting, you’re probably better off getting a different card with benefits at other stores. But yes, you’re certainly eligible to have multiple Gap-branded cards.
  • Is there an advantage to signing up for this credit card in-store versus online?

    Chances are that you first heard about this card when an eager Gap cashier offered to save you some money for signing up for the GapCard. Frankly, this is where we usually hear about store credit cards, but in the age of the Internet, you can apply online as well.
    No matter where you apply, the sign-up offer and ongoing benefits are the same, but to sweeten the deal, offers free shipping on your first card purchase. Our advice, if you’re considering this card, is to wait and apply when you make a big purchase. You only get the 20 percent discount once, so you might as well make the most of it.
  • What happens if I’m only approved for the Gap store card and not the Gap Visa?

    Synchrony Bank issues and manages all Gap cards, which includes a Visa and non-Visa version. If your credit isn’t strong enough to be approved for the Visa, you could still be approved for the store-only card. This card will still earn five points per dollar on all Gap Inc. purchases and can be used at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta. The biggest difference is that you can’t use the non-Visa version at non-Gap Inc stores.
    The account will still show on your credit report and will continue to help build your credit with responsible usage. Aside from not earning points outside the Gap, all the other benefits are the same.
  • How does the GapCard compare to other store cards?

    It has similar benefits and limitations. The GapCard has been around for quite some time, and it’s features and benefits are largely unchanged. Most store credit cards offer the most benefits when shopping with that store, and this credit card is no different. And, like most store cards, the APR is high, there’s no annual fee, rewards can only be redeemed at that store and cardmembers are eligible for exclusive sales. One less common benefit is the ability to earn Gap Silver status. Other store cards may not reward customers solely based on how much they use their card.In the world of rewards credit cards, store cards generally aren’t as good as other travel rewards and cashback cards. That being said, you don’t have to have just one credit card. If you love the Gap, this card may be perfect for you.
  • What happens to my rewards if I return some clothes?

    Sometimes you get home and the clothes just don’t look as good as they did in the store mirror. It happens to everyone. If you spent $100 at the Gap, you would earn 500 points. If you return $50 worth of merchandise, your points balance will reduce accordingly.
    But let’s say you spent that $100 in February, but you didn’t make the return until April. You likely already received a coupon based on your first purchase by the time you make your return. Your coupon is still valid, but your points balance will go negative until you make enough additional purchases to cover the coupon.
  • Do I need to carry my GapCard in my wallet to take advantage of special sales or other benefits?

    One nice benefit for cardmembers is that store employees can look up your account number at any Gap Inc. store. If you forget your card at home, you can still use your Gap account and earn your normal rewards. You’ll still be eligible for sales, too. If you pay with cash, check, debit or another credit card, you will not earn your normal Gap rewards.
  • Gap Inc. has a lot of stores. Which ones can I earn bonus points with?

    All of them! The Gap family of stores has multiple brands. Here is the full list of stores that qualify to earn five points per dollar: Gap, GapBody, babyGap, GapKids, Gap Maternity, Gap Outlet, Gap Factory Store, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory Store, Old Navy and Athleta.
    This also includes the related online websites for the stores listed above. Keep in mind that you’ll earn bonus points only at stores within the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Shopping at Gap Inc. stores outside of these areas will only earn one point per dollar.
  • Tell me more about how my rewards are automatically redeemed.

    It’s important to know how you can use your rewards. Synchrony Bank will automatically send your rewards with your bill for any statement period that you qualify for a rewards coupon.
    For example, if you earn 400 points in one month, you won’t have enough for a 500-point ($5) reward. So, your points will roll over to the next statement cycle. Let’s say you earn 200 points the next month. Your balance of 600 points will turn into a 500-point ($5) reward, and your remaining 100 points will continue to roll over until you’ve earned enough for your next rewards coupon.
    Your coupons will always reflect Gap (since this is the Gap Visa card), but they can be used at any store in the Gap family. Also note, Synchrony issues a maximum of $250 in rewards each month, so if you earn more than 25,000 points in a month, the amount over that limit will roll over.
    Lastly, you can combine reward coupons together, and they can be used in conjunction with sales and other discounts. However, only three coupons can be used at one time for in-store purchases, and only five coupons can be used simultaneously online or via phone orders.
    A couple final notes. When you redeem your rewards, you are required to put any remaining balance on your Gap credit card. Also, if you purchase a $4 item with a $5 reward, you will forfeit the remaining $1 as it will not be credited back to your account. And finally, rewards are intended for the cardholder only and cannot be given to other people or used as gift certificates.
  • Are there other ways to earn points?

    Yes, but extra bonuses don’t come often. When you apply for the Gap Visa, you can earn an extra 500 points for joining Gap’s email list, as well as another 500 points for choosing paperless billing statements. By doing these two things, you’ll earn 1,000 points worth a $10 coupon.
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Compare Cards

Synchrony Bank is the issuer of all the credit cards for the Gap family of stores. Each card earns rewards that can be used at any store that’s a Gap Inc. brand. None of the cards have an annual fee.

Gap Visa® Card
For Excellent/Good Credit
Check which SYNCB card is the right fit for you
Compare now

Compare Cards in the Same Lineup

Old Navy Visa® Credit CardOld Navy Visa® Credit Card
Sign-up bonus0 points3,000 points3,000 points2,000 points
Annual Fee





APR On Purchases26.49% Variable±26.49% Variable±26.49% Variable±26.49% Variable±
Foreign Fee3%3%3%3%
Bonus Value$0$30$30$20
Second Year Value$240$240$240$240

These credit cards are all very similar. The biggest difference is that the Athleta card does not come with a 20 percent discount on your first purchase. Instead, you’ll earn a $20 reward. While the rewards you earn can be redeemed at any of these stores, your initial discount can only be applied at the brand of the store that matches your application.

Let’s say you planned to spend $200 at one of these stores. Your 20 percent discount would equal $40 off. But at Athleta, you’ll simply get $20 toward a future purchase, regardless of the amount you spend.

Another difference between these cards is the elite status you can earn with your specific Gap Inc. brand. While you can’t earn status with the Athleta card, you can get Gap Silver, Old Navy Navvyist or Banana Republic Luxe status by earning 5,000 points within a calendar year. The elite benefits that you’re eligible for differ slightly by brand.

All offer basic alterations at Banana Republic, but the BR card will earn triple points on special days, while the GapCard has a special Choose Your Own Sale Day opportunity. The Old Navy card’s Navyist status does not come with extra bonus point days or extra sale days.

As with all store credit cards, you should probably go for the card associated with the store you frequent the most.

Some Alternative Cards for Gap Credit Card

While earning extra rewards at your favorite clothing store can be great, the Gap Visa card is not the best credit card for everyday spending. We’ll look at some other no-fee cards that earn cashback to see how they compare.

3,000points offer
Gap Visa® Card

Check if Gap Visa® Card is the best option for you

Best Card for Everyday Spending

Citi’s Double Cash card can earn 2.0 percent back on every purchase. This is a great deal for a card with no annual fee, but this card does have a small gimmick for earning rewards.

With each purchase, you get 1 percent back, but you earn the other 1 percent back when you pay your bill. If you spend $100, that’s 100 points when you spend, then another 100 points once you send Citi a payment for that purchase. Still, 2.0 percent back on all purchases is a great rewards program.

Best Card to Maximize Rewards

Discover it is a cashback card with a base earnings rate of 1 percent, but it also offers rotating 5.0 percent categories. Like the GapCard, it does not have a sign-up bonus, but it does offer a unique benefit.

All the rewards you earn the first year, no matter where you use your card to earn them, are doubled through Discover’s Cashback Match. And because these rewards can be redeemed in any amount toward just about anything, you’re not limited in how you can use your cashback.

Most Flexible Rewards

While the Chase Freedom Unlimited may not earn as much cashback as other cards at 1.5 percent back for all purchases, the rewards it earns could potentially be much more lucrative.

The Freedom Unlimited’s Ultimate Rewards points can be combined with Chase’s premium Sapphire or Ink cards. You could then transfer your rewards to those cards and get more value out of them. You could either redeem points at a higher rate for certain travel purchases (either 1.25 or 1.5 cents per point), or transfer them to one of Chase’s travel partners.

None of the other cards we’ve discussed have this potential flexibility, and that’s why the Chase Freedom Unlimited is a popular no-fee card for customers that value Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program.

Card Overview

Whenever you apply for a credit card make sure you read the terms and conditions of the card and the rewards program to find out about minimum spend requirements and any restrictions to ensure you can successfully obtain the card and earn the rewards it offers.

Card Details
Good credit score
From 700 to 749
Synchrony BankSynchrony Bank
Rewards Currency

Card Terms and Conditions

While it's easy to focus on the benefits of the GapCard, it's worth taking a closer look at the terms and conditions. There's a lot to consider as you think about how you're going to use the card. Will you carry a balance, get a cash advance or maybe make a big purchase? Below is a rundown of the various interest rates, purchase protections, security features and mobile banking options that come with this Visa card.


Intro APR:
Intro APR for balance transfers:
Ongoing APR:
26.49% Variable±
Minimum Grace Period:
23 days

Cash Advance Features

Ongoing APR:
28.49% Variable±
Cash Advance Fee:
Either $10 or 4% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater

Security and Protections

Synchrony Bank is a smaller bank with fewer ways to manage your account compared to bigger banks like Chase or Citi. While they do monitor your account for suspicious activity and offer zero fraud liability and chip protection, they don’t offer alerts or even a mobile app.

Account alerts:
Set up alerts to get notified when a large transaction posts to your account, there is an unauthorized withdrawal, or if your bill is due.
EMV Chip Technology:
Chip cards provide greater security against fraud and are commonly accepted worldwide.
Zero Liability:
You’ll never be responsible for fraudulent charges made to your card.

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