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Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer

Caroline Lupini
Updated on: 01/03/2019
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Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer
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"You will also earn cash back when you pay off your balance!"

The Citi Double Cash card is a little bit unusual. Not only do you earn cash back when you spend money, but you also earn cash back when you pay off your balance! You earn one percent back for each of those activities, for a total of two percent back on your purchases. Double Cash rewards can be redeemed for a check, statement credit or gift card, with a minimum redemption requirement of $25.

The Double Cash card doesn’t come with premium benefits, but it also doesn’t come with a premium price tag. With your $0 annual fee, you get good earning, but not a whole lot else. Nevertheless, it’s a good card option for someone looking for simplicity, or for someone who wants to supplement their other rewards cards in order to get more for purchases that otherwise would not earn a bonus.

The biggest downside of the Double Cash card is that it has a three percent foreign transaction fee, making it a terrible card to use while traveling abroad.

Bonuses and Benefits

Knowing what benefits come with a credit card can help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. Here we cover the bonuses and perks that the Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer offers and the value of the Citi Citi® Double Cash Reward Program cashback you earn.


Right now, there isn’t a sign-up bonus for the Citi Double Cash, so you’ll want to take a close look at the ongoing benefits of the card to determine if it’s a good option for you. Even though there’s no sign-up bonus, Citi does offer a few nice perks. First off, you can pay your card late and have your late fee waived, but only once. We wouldn’t recommend taking advantage of this benefit on purpose, but it’s nice to have in your back pocket just in case. Citi also gives customers special access to purchase tickets to thousands of events every year.

What You Get

  • Earn 2% cash back on purchases: 1% when you buy plus 1% as you pay
  • Balance Transfers do not earn cash back
  • 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers for 18 months. After that, the variable APR will be 15.74% - 25.74% based on your creditworthiness
  • Click 'Apply Now' to see the applicable balance transfer fee and how making a balance transfer impacts interest on purchases
  • No categories to track, no caps on cash back, no annual fee

Your Citi rewards will not expire as long as your credit card account is kept open. If you decide you want to close your account, make sure to redeem your cash back first!

Everyday Earnings with Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer

The Citi Double Cash has a simple earning scheme. You’ll earn one percent back for every purchase you make and an additional one percent when you pay your card off. That’s a total of two percent back for every single purchase. You don’t have to worry about category bonuses or categories that rotate throughout the year with this card.

Citi® Double Cash Card Rewards

Your Monthly Charges
Rewards You Will Earn Annually
All Purchases

Travel Benefits

The Citi Double Cash isn’t really a travel credit card, and therefore doesn’t come with travel-related benefits. The Citi Double Cash doesn’t even waive foreign transaction fees, so you shouldn’t use this card abroad!

Foreign Transaction Fee

3% of each purchase transaction in U.S. dollars

Concierge service

Citi Concierge helps you save valuable time with a staff of specially-trained experts who are ready to assist you with your travel, shopping, dining, entertainment and everyday needs.

Earn Elite Status Fast

The Citi Double Cash doesn’t offer a way to earn elite status. It also doesn’t offer any elite benefits or recognition with any airline or hotel program.

Fees: the cost of Having Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer

The Citi Double Cash doesn’t have an annual fee, so you don’t need to spend anything in order to cover it! What you should do is consider how much you could earn for making a purchase with a different credit card; if it’s less than two percent, you are better off paying with your Double Cash.

Annual Fee


Balance Transfer Fee

Either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater

Foreign Transaction Fee

3% of each purchase transaction in U.S. dollars.

Late Payment Fee

$0 for first late payment, up to $39 after that

Does the Card Pay for Itself?

Citi Double Cash is a no-fee card. You do not have to earn a certain amount of rewards in order to cover the cost since it’s free. It’s still good to know roughly how much you’ll be earning, though. We’ve broken out our estimates for the first- and second-year net earnings.

These estimates are based on an annual monthly spend of $2,000

First Year

Signup Bonus
Anniversary Bonus
Everyday Rewards
Statement Credit
Free Bags
Foreign Transaction Fees
APRS Charges
Annual Fee
Rewards Earned First Year

Second Year

Signup Bonus
Anniversary Bonus
Everyday Rewards
Statement Credit
Free Bags
Foreign Transaction Fees
APRS Charges
Annual Fee
Rewards Earned Second Year

Top 5 Benefits of the Citi® Double Cash Card

The Double Cash is a pretty simple card. Nonetheless, it has some great benefits!

  1. No Annual Fee: You’ll never have to pay anything for this card. That means all of the rewards you earn are pure bonus!
  2. 2% Cash Back on Everything: You don’t need to keep track of specific categories that earn more or less cash back; everything earns 2%!
  3. No Caps on Your Earning: Some credit cards that offer higher cash back have a cap on how much you can earn, but not with the Citi Double Cash.
  4. Late Fee Pass: If you accidentally miss a payment, Citi has you covered and won’t charge you a late fee–but only once.
  5. Citi Price Rewind: Since this is a Citi card, it participates in Citi Price Rewind. That means if something you purchased becomes less expensive within 60 days, you will receive the difference between the two prices.

Should You Get the Citi Double Cash Card?

The Citi Double Cash mostly makes sense under two circumstances. The first is for someone who is seeking simplicity. Since the Double Cash card doesn’t have rotating or any other type of bonus categories to worry about, all you have to do is swipe, pay off your card and reap the benefits!

The second type of person that the Double Cash makes sense for is someone who has a few other rewards cards that cover popular purchase categories, like groceries, gas and travel, but they’re looking for a card for other purchases that otherwise would not earn a bonus. The Double Cash is a great option for that!

Another thing that is great about the Double Cash is that it doesn’t have an annual fee. You don’t need to worry about whether or not you are spending enough to make it worth keeping; the Double Cash is always a keeper because it’s free.


Need more info? Check out our frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please click on “Ask Now” below.

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Compare Citi Cashback Cards

Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer
This offer is
For Excellent/Good Credit
Check which Citi card is the right fit for you

Other Citi Cashback cards

If you’re thinking about getting the Double Cash, don’t forget to compare it to other Citi credit cards. Other cards worth considering are the Costco Anywhere Visa card and the Costco Anywhere Visa Business card. None of these cards offer sign-up bonuses and they all have no annual fee.

Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by CitiCostco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi
Sign-up bonus$0$0$0
Annual Fee




APR On Purchases17.49% (Variable)15.74% to 25.74% (Variable)17.49% (Variable)
Foreign Fee0%3%0%
Bonus Value$0$0$0
Second Year Value$240$480$240

The Costco Anywhere Visa offers four percent cash back on gas purchases on the first $7,000 in annual spending, three percent cash back on restaurant and travel purchases, two percent cash back on other purchases from Costco, and one percent back for all other purchases. The Costco Anywhere Business card earns the same bonuses for spending.

Both of the Costco cards would be great if you don’t have a card that earns bonuses for gas, dining, travel, and you do most of your grocery shopping at Costco. These are the major categories that most people make regular purchases in, so it could be worth it to earn only one percent on purchases that fall outside of these categories in order to earn four percent and three percent in frequently visited categories.

If you already have cards that offer bonuses in some or all of these categories, it likely does not make sense to get one of the Costco branded cards. Additionally, you could get both a Costco card and the Double Cash and use the Double Cash on purchases that would otherwise earn just one percent with the Costco card.

Compare Citi Double Cash Card to Other Cards

It’s also worth comparing the Double Cash to other credit cards that earn cash back or a currency that can easily be redeemed for cash back. The Discover it, Quicksilver from Capital One, and Barclaycard CashForward are all such cards that also don’t have annual fees.

2.0%back on all purchases
Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer

Check if Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer is the best option for you

The major difference that is evident right away is the amount sign-up bonus each card offers. The Quicksilver offers $150, the Uber Card offers $100, the Double Cash has $0 and the Discover it doubles all of the cash back earned in the first year.

These cards are also all different in terms of the way rewards are earned. The Discover it card offers bonus categories that earn five percent cash back and rotate every quarter and all other purchases earn one percent cash back. The Quicksilver card earns unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases. With Uber Visa Credit Card you can earn 4.0 percent cash back at restaurants, 3.0 percent back for certain major travel expenses, 2.0 percent back on most online and mobile purchases (including Uber rides) and 1.0 percent back everywhere else.

If you’re looking for simplicity, the Double Cash offers a higher return than the Quicksilver. You’ll get a two percent for every purchase. The Discover card does potentially offer an even higher return, but only in specific, rotating categories. That adds a bit of work to maximize your rewards.

Card Overview

Whenever you apply for a credit card make sure you read the terms and conditions of the card and the rewards program to find out about minimum spend requirements and any restrictions to ensure you can successfully obtain the card and earn the rewards it offers.

Card Details

Excellent credit score
From 700 to 850
Use miles
Pay with points

Flight Features

Available airline
Loyalty Program
Citi® Double Cash Reward Program
Flights Type
Domestic and International
Star Alliance, SkyTeam, OneWorld

Travel Partners

Car Rental

Card Terms and Conditions

While it's easy to focus on the rewards offered by the Citi Double Cash card, it's worth taking a closer look at the terms and conditions. There's a lot to consider as you think about how you're going to use the card. Will you carry a balance, get a cash advance or maybe make a big purchase? Below is a rundown of the various interest rates, purchase protections, security features and mobile banking options that come with this MasterCard.


Intro APR:
Intro APR for balance transfers:
0% 18 months on Balance Transfers
Ongoing APR:
15.74% to 25.74% (Variable)
Minimum Grace Period:
See terms
Extended Warranty Protection:
Extends the manufacturer’s warranty so you can feel more confident when you make purchases with your Citi card.
Purchase Protection:
Purchase Protection may cover you for repairs or a refund if purchases made with your Citi card are damaged or stolen within 120 days of purchase (or 90 days for New York residents)..
Citi Price Rewind:
This price protection benefit searches for a lower price on the registered items you pay for with your Citi card at hundreds of online merchants. If the same item is found at a lower price within 60 days of your initial purchase date, you may receive the difference between the price you paid and the lower price found by Citi Price Rewind.

Cash Advance Features

Ongoing APR:
27.49% (Variable)
Cash Advance Fee:
Either $10 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater

Security and Protections

The Double Cash card offers a handful of security features, including EMV Chip Technology, account alerts, $0 liability for unauthorized charges and more.

24 Hour Fraud Protection:
Citi will alert you if unusual activity is detected on your account.
Banking On the Go:
Track your account while on the go with Citi’s mobile app
EMV Chip + Signature Technology:
Get global acceptance and enhanced security at merchants that use chip enabled terminals.
The Lost Wallet Service:
Get a card replacement, usually within 24 hours, if you lose your card.
$0 Liability for Unauthorized Charges:
You’re protected against unauthorized credit card charges on your account.
Citi Identity Theft Solutions:
Assistance should you become a victim of identity theft.

Mobile banking

Citi offers a mobile banking app, which allows you to check your spending and monitor your account while you’re on the go. The Double Cash card is compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

Additional Cardholder Benefits

In addition to the benefits listed above, the Citi Double Cash card offers more benefits that could be valuable while you’re traveling or at home.

Master Card Travel Benefits

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver:
If you pay for your car rental with your card and decline the rental company’s insurance, you’ll be covered for most car rentals around the world at no extra cost.
Travel Accident Insurance:
Receive accidental death or dismemberment coverage for any air, bus, train or cruise ship transportation paid for with your card.
Trip Cancellation/Interruption:
If you have to cancel your trip due to injury, illness or death, some of your expenses may be covered.