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Carnival™ World MasterCard® Credit Card

Caroline Lupini
Updated on: 01/03/2019
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Carnival™ World MasterCard®
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"Great card for those that frequently travel on Carnival"

The Carnival World MasterCard from Barclays earns two points per dollar spent on Carnival purchases and one point per dollar for all other purchases. It also comes with a 10,000 points sign-up bonus after making your first purchase and doesn’t charge an annual fee.

The points you earn can only be redeemed for Carnival purchases, including free cruises and onboard activities. The value you’ll get for a Carnival FunPoint ranges from 0.8 cents to 1.6 cents each. The more points you redeem, the higher the value you’ll be able to get for them. You’ll need to redeem a whopping 75,000 points to get the highest value of 1.6 cents per point. Considering how slowly you’ll earn points with this card, it might not be the best option for an everyday credit card unless you’re a committed Carnival customer.

For most people, this card’s best asset will be its sign-up bonus, particularly if you want a little extra spending money for an upcoming cruise. You might consider keeping the card, though, if you frequently cruise with Carnival and can rack up points quickly enough to redeem in large numbers.

Bonuses and Benefits

Knowing what benefits come with a credit card can help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. Here we cover the bonuses and perks that the Carnival™ World MasterCard® offers and the value of the Barclays Carnival™ Rewards FunPoints® you earn.


The sign-up bonus offered by the Carnival MasterCard is 10,000 points, which you’ll get after making your first purchase within the first 12 months of being a card member. Additionally, you’ll receive 0% APR for 15 months on any balance transfers that are made within 45 days of opening your account. If you have another credit card with a balance that you are unable to pay off, this is a great way to lower your interest rate to 0% for 15 months while you pay it down.

What You Get

  • 10,000 FunPoints® after your first purchase
  • 0% APR for 15 months on balance transfers
  • 2 FunPoints® per dollar with Carnival
  • Earn a 10% ReFUNd when you book a Carnival shore excursion on prior to your cruise

Carnival FunPoints expire five years from the date of issuance, so it’s important that you plan to go on a cruise within five years of getting your card. Otherwise the sign-up bonus will expire.

What is the value of the Carnival™ Rewards Funpoints®?

The value of Carnival FunPoints varies depending on how they are redeemed. Points can be redeemed for free cruises and excursions, and for onboard meals, drinks, cocktails, spa services and merchandise.

As a general rule, the more points you redeem at once, the higher the value you will get for each point. For example, $100 in onboard credit costs 12,500 points, which gives you a value of 0.8 cents each. However, a $1,250 credit costs 78,125 points, giving you double the redemption value at 1.6 cents each.

Points must be redeemed 15 days before your cruise begins or you’ll have to wait until the end of the cruise to redeem your points against your credit card purchase. Waiting to redeem might be a better idea because you’ll then earn points based on your onboard purchases.

Sign-up Bonus
cruise type
cpp average
Domestic International 1.00cpp$100

What is CPP and How is it Calculated?

Cents Per Point (CPP) is a way to measure the value of points. It tells you how many cents you get for each point you redeem by dividing the cash price by the number of points of an equivalent award costs. This can be a somewhat subjective calculation because the price in both cash and points fluctuates by season and availability.

How we calculate CPP:

The final result:

The Best Ways to Redeem Carnival Funpoints®

Carnival Points can be redeemed against pretty much any part of your Carnival cruise experience. As a general rule, the more points you redeem at once, the better the value you will receive from each point. For example, redeeming for $1,250 in onboard credit is better value than redeeming for $200, which is still better than redeeming for $100.

The best way to redeem your points is to save up as many as possible before your cruise and redeem the largest increment you can, assuming you actually need that much onboard credit. You can also use your points to redeem against the cost of a Carnival cruise.

Popular Carnival Cruise Destinations

  • Seattle, Washington, US - Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    7 Day To Alaska From Seattle, WA
    Miles price
    Dollars price
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, US - Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    10 Day To Hawaii From Honolulu, HI
    Miles price
    Dollars price
  • From - To: Los Angeles(Long Beach), California, US

    2 Day To Baja Mexico From Los Angeles, CA
    Miles price
    Dollars price
  • Baltimore, Maryland, US - Baltimore, Maryland, US

    7 Day To Bermuda From Baltimore, MD
    Miles price
    Dollars price
  • Charleston, South Carolina, US - Charleston, South Carolina, US

    4 Day To Bahamas From Charleston, SC
    Miles price
    Dollars price
  • Barcelona, Spain - New York, NY, US

    14 Day To Transatlantic From Barcelona
    Miles price
    Dollars price

Other ways you can redeem FunPoints®

Cash Back

When you redeem your Points for onboard credit, spa services, excursions, drinks or anything else, you’re effectively redeeming them for cash back. The rate of cash back varies quite significantly from 0.8 to 1.6 cents per point. The more points you redeem, the better redemption value you will get.

Everyday Earnings with Carnival™ World MasterCard®

With the Carnival MasterCard, you’ll earn two points per dollar spent on all Carnival Cruise purchases, including Sail & Sign purchases made onboard. You’ll earn one point per dollar for all other transactions.

Carnival MasterCard Rewards

Your Monthly Charges
Rewards You Will Earn Annually
24,000FunPoints®$240in dollar value
Car Rental
Carnival purchases
All Other Purchases

Travel Benefits

The Carnival MasterCard isn’t loaded with travel benefits, but there are two worth mentioning.

No Foreign Transaction Fee

You’ll never have to pay an extra fee to use your card, even while traveling abroad.

Concierge Service

Enjoy personal assistance via telephone, including recommendations and reservations for dining, hotels, travel, entertainment and more.

Fees: the cost of Having Carnival™ World MasterCard®

The Carnival MasterCard does not have an annual fee. Since there’s no annual fee, you don’t have to spend anything on your card in order to cover the cost. Anything you earn is just bonus return on your spending. However, keep in mind that there could be other cards that give you more back for your spending, so it’s always worth comparing the number of points you’ll earn and the value of those points to other credit cards that are available.

Since there’s no annual fee, you’re automatically coming out ahead in the first year because you’ll earn 10,000 points after making just one purchase within your first year of becoming a card member.

Annual Fee


Balance Transfer Fee

Either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater

Foreign Transaction Fee


Late Payment Fee

Up to $37 Variable±

Does the Card Pay for Itself?

Carnival World MasterCard is a no-fee card. You do not have to earn a certain amount of rewards in order to cover the cost since it’s free. It’s still good to know roughly how much you’ll be earning, though. We’ve broken out our estimates for the first- and second-year net earnings.

These estimates are based on an annual monthly spend of $2,000

First Year

Signup Bonus
Anniversary Bonus
Everyday Rewards
Statement Credit
Free Bags
Foreign Transaction Fees
APRS Charges
Annual Fee
Rewards Earned First Year

Second Year

Signup Bonus
Anniversary Bonus
Everyday Rewards
Statement Credit
Free Bags
Foreign Transaction Fees
APRS Charges
Annual Fee
Rewards Earned Second Year

Top 5 Benefits of the Carnival World MasterCard

While it’s not the most benefit-packed card available, the Carnival MasterCard does have a few nice benefits, including:

  1. Sign-Up Bonus: Earn 10,000 points after making a single purchase. It’s quick and easy to earn this bonus because you don’t have to worry about a minimum spending requirement.
  2. No Annual Fee: You’ll never need to pay anything for this card, which means that all of your rewards are free.
  3. No Foreign Transaction Fees: You can use your Carnival MasterCard on your cruises and other trips abroad without having to worry about paying foreign transaction fees.
  4. Solid Redemption Rates: While not every redemption will give you good value, you can get up to 1.6 cents per point, which isn’t bad.
  5. Bonus Points on Carnival Purchases: You can earn two points per dollar with Carnival. That can add up quickly if you cruise often.

Should You Get the Carnival World MasterCard?

The Carnival MasterCard is a no annual fee card that comes with a 10,000 points bonus after your first purchase. If you don’t mind an additional credit inquiry and you have a Carnival cruise coming up, it could make sense to get the card, make one purchase, and redeem your points for onboard credit for your upcoming cruise.

Going forward, it might make sense to use the card for Carnival purchases, but keep in mind that FunPoints expire after five years no matter what. If you’re not planning to go on additional cruises, your points will go to waste.

While the Carnival World MasterCard may seem appealing to someone who spends regularly on Carnival cruises, remember that there are many other cards out there that have the potential to earn more and won’t require high redemption amounts in order to get the best value.


Need more info? Check out our frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please click on “Ask Now” below.

  • Will my Carnival FunPoints expire after a certain time if I don’t use them?

    Points expire and are forfeited five years from the date they are issued.

  • Where can I book a cruise with my points?

    First, you’ll want to book your cruise directly with Carnival or through or a travel agent. Within 180 days of booking your cruise, you can redeem your points.

    Log into your account and choose the redemption option you prefer. You can either redeem for full or partial statement credit or redeem for onboard amenities.

    Remember, if you want to redeem for onboard amenities, you’ll need to do that at least 15 days before your cruise departs. If you’ve waited too long to redeem, you can still use your points against your cruise purchases after your cruise ends in the form of a statement credit.

  • Are there other credit cards that earn Carnival FunPoints?

    At this time, there are no other credit cards that earn Carnival points. If you’re looking for a card with better earning rates that you can still use on cruises, there are many cashback card options, including the Barclaycard Arrival Plus® World Elite Mastercard®, that are worth looking into.

  • What credit score do I need to be approved for the Carnival credit card?

    You’ll need good to excellent credit to be approved for the Carnival MasterCard. Most successful applicants report having a score over 650. Keep in mind that your credit score does not guarantee approval. Barclaycard will evaluate your entire application before making a decision.

  • Can the Carnival MasterCard help me earn Carnival Platinum status?

    Unfortunately, the Carnival credit card won’t do you any good when it comes to earning status. If you want to earn Platinum status, Carnival’s second highest status level, you’ll need at least 75 points. You earn one point for every day spent on a Carnival cruise. To find out more about Carnival status, including benefits, check Carnival’s website.

  • How can I redeem my Carnival FunPoints?

    If you want to redeem your points, log in to your Carnival credit card account and click the Rewards tab. Select Redeem Points. From there, you can look at all of your purchases with Carnival and choose how you would like to redeem your points.

  • How many Carnival points are needed for a free cruise?

    The number of Points needed for a free cruise depends on how expensive your cruise is. A cruise that costs about $1,500 is around 89,000 points. Again, the more points you redeem at a time, the better value you will get out of each point.

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Carnival™ World MasterCard®
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Other Barclays Co-Branded Rewards cards

It’s worth comparing the Carnival MasterCard to other cruise and travel credit cards issued by Barclaycard including the Holland America Line Rewards card and the Priceline Rewards Visa. All of these cards have no annual fee and offer some kind of sign-up bonus.

Holland America Line Rewards Visa® CardHolland America Line Rewards Visa® CardPriceline Rewards™ Visa® CardPriceline Rewards™ Visa® Card
Sign-up bonus5,000 points10,000 FunPoints®10,000 points
Annual Fee




APR On Purchases15.49% to 25.49% Variable±15.49% to 25.49% Variable±16.49% to 26.49% Variable±
Foreign Fee0%0%0%
Bonus Value$50$100$111
Second Year Value$240$240$267

The Priceline card offers the most flexible earning, awarding five points per dollar spent on purchases and one point per dollar spent on all other purchases. It offers 10,000 bonus points as a sign-up bonus, which is enough to redeem for a $50 statement credit.

The Holland America Line card is very similar to the Carnival card in that it earns two points per dollar spent on all Holland America purchases and one point per dollar for all other purchases. The sign-up bonus for the Holland America card is 5,000 points after making your first purchase.

The Priceline card would be better for most people as it allows you to earn points on a much larger set of travel purchases, including cruises booked through The Holland America and Carnival cards only offer bonus points for purchases with their respective cruise lines. Redemptions are only allowed on those cruise lines as well.

Compare the Carnival World MasterCard to Other Cards

It’s also worth comparing the Carnival World MasterCard to cruise credit cards offered by other banks, including the Norwegian Cruise Line World MasterCard, the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature card and the Celebrity Cruises Visa Signature card. Each of these cards offers a sign-up bonus of 10,000 points for use within their own rewards program.

10,000FunPoints® offer
Carnival™ World MasterCard®

Check if Carnival™ World MasterCard® is the best option for you

The Norwegian Cruise Line credit card earns two points per dollar spent on Norwegian purchases and one point per dollar spent on all other purchases with no annual fee. The Royal Caribbean credit card offers the same spending bonuses except with Royal Caribbean.

The Celebrity Cruises credit card offers two points spent with Celebrity but has a $69 annual fee. The Celebrity Cruises card also offers a handful of discounts, like 10 percent off a Private Journeys short excursion and $300 discount on a cruise of at least seven nights if you make $5,000 in purchases within your first 60 days as a cardholder.

If you’re set on a cruise line card, you should get the card for the company you prefer to cruise with. If you’re flexible about who you cruise with, the Celebrity card offers the most benefits of these four cards.

Card Overview

Whenever you apply for a credit card make sure you read the terms and conditions of the card and the rewards program to find out about minimum spend requirements and any restrictions to ensure you can successfully obtain the card and earn the rewards it offers.

Card Details

Excellent credit score
From 700 to 850
Barclays Bank DelawareBarclays Bank Delaware
Use miles
Pay with points

Flight Features

Available airline
Loyalty Program
Carnival™ Rewards
Flights Type
Domestic and International
Not a member

Travel Partners

Car Rental

Card Terms and Conditions

While it's easy to focus on the rewards offered by the Carnival World MasterCard, it's worth taking a closer look at the terms and conditions. There's a lot to consider as you think about how you're going to use the card. Will you carry a balance, get a cash advance or maybe make a big purchase? Below is a rundown of the various interest rates, purchase protections, security features and mobile banking options that come with this World MasterCard.


Intro APR:
Intro APR for balance transfers:
0% introductory APR for the first fifteen billing cycles following each balance transfer that posts to your account within 45 days of account opening
Ongoing APR:
15.49% to 25.49% Variable±
Minimum Grace Period:
23 days

Cash Advance Features

Ongoing APR:
26.74% Variable±
Cash Advance Fee:
Either $10 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater

Security and Protections

The Carnival MasterCard has standard security features, including EMV Chip + Signature Technology, a mobile app and zero liability.

Mobile App:
Track your account activity and spending with the mobile app while you’re on the go.
EMV Chip + Signature Technology:
Get global acceptance and enhanced security at merchants that use chip enabled terminals.

Mobile Banking

Barclaycard offers a mobile banking app so you can monitor your spending and account activity while you’re on the go. The Carnival MasterCard is also compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

Additional Cardholder Benefits

The Carnival credit card is issued by Barclaycard as a World MasterCard. That means it comes with some additional cardholder benefits not offered with a standard MasterCard.

Master Card Travel Benefits

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver:
Coverage for theft and collision for most rentals in the U.S. and abroad. Coverage is secondary to your personal insurance.
Baggage Delay Insurance:
Reimbursement for essentials in the event that your bags are delayed.
Travel Accident Insurance:
Receive accidental death or dismemberment coverage for yourself and your family when you use your card to purchase common carrier tickets.
Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance:
If a trip is disrupted for an eligible reason, MasterCard provides reimbursement for non-refundable costs. Some eligible reasons include severe weather and sickness.

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